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  1. IGN: ( In - Game Name) Daniel M. Kazakov Age: 21 Country: Australia English skills: First language DayZ Experience: 2+ years What kind of role best describes you: Support, tactical player. I would use an assault rifle over an m24 anyday. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Have been with the Watchers and Volki for a short time at end of 2013. Playing as a new Australian character with no ties/enemies. Additional notes: Not necessarily looking for a clan at the moment, maybe just a few players to roll with. Preferably people in my time-zone. Best way to contact you: Forums via PM.
  2. After watching this i will be returning to DayZRP. Amazing work dude.
  3. Yeah, don't trust CRA. Unless you're playing a Chernarussian character. Welcome brother, be safe out there in the wasteland.
  4. Yeah, it was a great documentary. 7/10 is a fitting score.
  5. Camel Hat Gang. Met you guys at Prud yesterday. Very cocky haha, especially when you were hovering around a civilians military offroad, but it seemed as though you guys quietened down a little bit when the other civilians decided not to take your crap. Best of luck with the group dudes.
  6. Awww hellyeah. Been checking your channel every week for updates. Always great stuff to watch man.
  7. Jack Briggs

    Alessandro Decosta's YouTube Channel.

    I laughed so much at your random high-pitched screams when you were running at him. You seem like a great role-player too man, Billy is glad that you won.
  8. I made my first report tonight against a guy that shot into Prud Lake camp at civilians tonight for no reason at all. Even though he didn't harm anyone, and was killed subsequently because of his uninitiated engagement, i felt as though it was necessary to make a report so he could see that his actions are not allowed on this server and so he can double check the rules and make adjustments to his role-play. Those kind of reports are needed i feel, though not to get someone banned, but to make them understand that this is ultimately an RP server. However, i do admit there are a lot of reports that are fueled by some OOC hatred, gear and frustration. Reports are needed for people that break the rules that are stated. That's all they should be used for. People in this community shouldn't seek to punish someone for their actions, but help them understand the rules better and make sure that they learn from their mistakes and become better at RP.
  9. Jack Briggs

    Alessandro Decosta's YouTube Channel.

    Was a good hatchet fight. Hope to see more!
  10. Message a community helper (Orange names) for help with this issue. One of them or a mod/admin should see this thread soon and help you out. Edit: Rolle beat me to it.
  11. Jack Briggs

    You find a paper lying on the ground...

    Billy is interested.
  12. Jack Briggs

    Official CS:GO Thread

    As much as i'd love to get into Global Offensive, i just can't. Used to play in Cevo-I back in the day on Source, and i couldn't get used to M4s without silencers haha. Still, it's not a bad game to come back to casually though and still beats Call of Duty.
  13. Mace: Haven't played too much with you, Mace, but your text role-play is brilliant. I remember being in the red shed at Stary with you and a few others, and whilst everyone was standing around not doing a lot - You kept running out and looking for supplies for the group, finding Vincent a better Mosin and taking down zombies with your crossbow. You've helped me become a better role-player and use text a lot more to describe emotions, actions. And also i loved how when it was time for you to log off, you wrote out how you were running low on your Morphine supply and thought it was best to take a nap so you wouldn't be cranky. It's the little things, that makes me feel way more immersed in the role-play and the apocalypse world. Characters like yourself, Vincent, SweetJoe and many other people that i have come across have made me believe that you are real characters, with flaws like anyone else. Instead of seeing these generic spetzsnaz uber special forces soldiers that have no fear or sense of self. It also makes me IC and OOC miss you guys a lot when i haven't seen certain people in a while. I wonder how you're doing, and if you're surviving. I don't think twice about other characters who don't bring a soul to the person they're portraying.
  14. Take care, brother. Real world is a scary place. o7
  15. Beautiful shots, makes me want to play some standalone.