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  1. When he was young, Stan Ryder grew up on a farm where he was used to working long hour days doing chores for the family. At the age of 10 his father taught him how to fire a gun and he was a natural. Stan's accuracy with a weapon was Impeccable and he went on to join the military at the age of 18 where he was deployed overseas. He spent 4 years in the military and once he had left the military all he had was his family over In Chernarus who he frequently visited despite living in the Kunar Province of Ghuram. When the outbreak happened Stan was visiting his family on a one week holiday from his job as a mechanic back home. He adapted quickly to the apocalypse as the skills he had learn't growing up fit in perfectly with the current state of Chernarus and he was quick to learn of what was to come. He is very open minded and listens to everyone's opinion also he is very smart and carefully thinks out each scenario before taking action. He takes the opinion of others to heart and in the more hostile situations he prefers the outcome to be peaceful.