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  1. Sebastian was raised in a small Vermont town north of Montpelier. When he was 8, his abusive father shot him in the head, then killed himself. Miraculously, Sebastian survived but lost all memory of his life before the accident. In need of professional help, him, his mother and his younger brother John, who was an infant moved to Newark, New Jersey. As mark grew up, he made a near full recovery and excelled in school, and dreamed to join the airforce. Sebastian was accepted into the United States Air Force Academy, even with his mental history. He worked hard and his mother was proud. However, his younger brother John, who was 16 at the time was sent to prison for killing two people while driving drunk. Sebastian visited him everyday, until he was sent to Chernarus during the outbreak. He was sent on a rescue mission to Zelenogorsk, to rescue an important military General. His rescue helicopter was shot down, leaving only him and a young soldier alive. The young soldier, Will became unable to walk and Sebastian had to care for him as he also looked for help in the town of Pavlovo. After weeks, Will unexpectedly killed himself and Sebastian was left by himself. Devastated, Sebastian roamed the wasteland with no purpose other than to survive. However, when a pack of wolves saved him from a group of soldiers trying to kill him, he related to them and found purpose. He realised that good people are too often punished for doing nothing. When he was a child he was shot, his brother was only 16 and sent to prison. Will was killed in the helicopter crash. The bad people are the ones who needed to be punished.