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  1. As I recall, part of having a settlement is to RP on your own terms. Therefore, I would agree with you. I understand that as a faction you don't want to stay 24 hours in your settlement and meet/ rob other people, but at least let someone maintain your base. Then again, good luck proving someone is not maintaining their settlement.
  2. joyvercauteren

    Community TS Meeting @ 1/4/17 22:00 Server time

    I would have loved to join, however I can't make it. Maybe next time . Will you guys post a conclusion to your questions on the forum as well?
  3. @SavageHippie I remember that me and Stan were collecting gear in the back of the compound and I heard something about the guy in the prsion who had killed another person but I heard on the radio, he was not one of us. However, I have no clue who this person was. @Great Khan I truly want to believe you, when you say you might have said something. However, six people (including me) are saying they heard nothing. That makes you somewhat unbelievable, the only reason we cannot proof it, is because no one of us were recording. So next time, if this kind of situation happens again, you won't be lucky because all of us are recording now. @Caesar I can live with an apology from the opposing side. However, I have heard nothing so far. Just a few misdirected words towards Savage. Without any problems or developments this will be my closing statement. Y'all have a nice day
  4. @Dusty There were three people left in the compound, not two (just saying). Since me and Stan were taking gear in the back of the compound. I assume it was Valkyr. However, I hope that whoever is in charge will show some leniency. I mean it was a natural reaction, we just got shot at with no initiation. It was a wrong reaction, that I will admit, however we are all humans no one is perfect. Moreover, @Great Khanyou may have initiated properly on the hostage and his friends, that I do not know. But all of us were near the wall or gate, not a single person heard you saying something. The only reason Lisa rushed in was because our spotter saw someone and then later she heard you breathing. You may find it hard to believe, but it is the truth. Maybe your mic was muted or you didn't press the VOIP button or something like that. Like I stated before, we are all humans we tend to make mistakes. I have no recordings whatsoever, however our group has decided to record our next sessions, so we can proof any wrongdoings in the future. My apologies for no evidence.
  5. joyvercauteren

    Favourite/Unfavourite Town

    I don't really have a particulare favor for one town or city. However, I like towns Dolina, Staroye, Shakhovka and Gorka. Because of the nice area and terrain such as seen below in the picture. The most disliked town would be Rogovo, but is solely because of events with my characters.
  6. Joy Vercauteren POV: Me and our group had been scavenging all day, so a logic place to go and loot was VMC. When we first arrive at the gate, we see a guy running away. I guess he was one of the hostage's fiends. However, we didn't know that at the time. We leave a spotter behind since we saw this guy and didn't know if he or a someone else could come back. We enter the compound and the spotter says on the radio that he sees someone, since Lisa was the closest to his or her position. She decided to check it out and she gets shot point-blank with no initiation. After that we had no clue what was going on, everyone on the radio is talking about what just happened and there is a bit of chaos, but then roughly two minutes later another friend of ours Julian got shot and then of course we decided to kill everyone who killed our friends (this was a quick, natural reaction) and we "take over" the compound. However, I see a guy running away from the compound and I inform my group that I will run after him to see who this person is. The guy turns out to be my friend Stan, who informs me he killed a guy prior in the compound. Both of us decided to stick together (you know, strength in numbers). At this moment when we return to the compound, Lisa tells us on the radio, that she talked with someone about the situation and what exactly happened. It turns out to be Mis-Id, these people thought we were the hostage's friends and that's why they shot Lisa and Julian without initiation. So we first decided to take our gear and leave, me and Stan we take gear of the people who died, whilst someone of us (I think Valkyr) is talking with the hostage taker in the building since he is the only left and all his friends are presumably dead. We inform the hostage taker that we just want to take our gear back and then we leave. The guy responds with: yea right. (we didn't want to make the situation worse, since this was a mis-id). However, their back-up arrived and NOW properly initiate on Valkyr, so he complies. Since me and Stan are in the back of the compound. I decide to flank them, however shortly after I get spotted and killed. My kill was done fair and square. Stan then decided to flee the scene. EXTRA: - First of all, my apologies for the first post (the cancer and all). We talked about your group after it on the radio and I told The Great Khan the same. We don't think you are cancerous, on the contrary your group has so much potential. It is only a shame that this happened, when it could all been avoided with proper initiation. - Secondly, I tell Khan that someone is pushing him and so he tries to initiate on them. I'm not sure what happened there, but Khan killed them, which turned out to be Lisa I think. Let me first say there was no initiation (not even a try, just point-blanc fire) neither on Lisa, nor Julian and secondly while Lisa was on TS with The Great Khan, he informed Lisa that he shot my friend, because he thought we were friends of the hostage. - The Great Khan told me on TS that they started to shoot, because they got initiated on in the compound. However, just to clarify you shoot two of our people without initiation before everything went down. - I'll say it again, your group has a great potential, however these moments are stains on your potential. - My kill was done faire and sqaure and I don't complain about it. EDIT: STand changed into Stan.
  7. *When Joy hears the voice of Kirov he grabs his radio and holds the PTT button and starts talking with a high-pitched voice* *Click* Hello knight Kirov hehehe, there is no better moment than rolling in the flowers heheheh.*Click* *Joy starts to think about yesterday, when he met King Arthur and Queen Lisa and travelled trough the lands* *Click* Knight Kirov, it is our duty to protect the King, the Queen and the flowers at all cost heheheh. Of course we should meet again. Maybe today, however the king has given me an important mission. I will take the heavy burden of that mission first and then we can meet hehehehe. *Over* *Joy releases the PTT button and puts his radio back in his backpack and starts to look at some beautiful flowers*
  8. *Joy hears the voice of Ewan and quickly grabs his radio and hold the PPT button* *Click* Ye... Yeee... Yes, Ewan it is me heheheh. I had to be alone for a while, when you told me my wife was not real. I just lost it. *Click* *Joy thinks about the moment he was holding a shotgun to his head and was ready to kill himself* *Click* But everything is fine now heheheh, I have found a bat, I named her Ane, after my wife, I talk with her sometimes and we roll a lot in the flowers heheheh, however sometimes she can be very rude to me. *Over* *Joy releases the PTT button and starts talking to Ane, about his day and starts laughing hysterically.
  9. *Joy is again looking for his radio, as he does not remember where he left it yesterday. He finds it under his bed and holds the PTT button and talks with a high-pitched voice* *Click* He... Hell... Hellooooo stranger, I guess you heard my broadcast. I do not wish to kidnap anyone, nor is this some weird code heheheheh. Me and my wife were rolling in the flower fields for 45 minutes. Shame you were not there, we had some much fun hehehehe *Click* *Joy is thinking about the friend that left him yesterday, because of his wife and holds the PTT again and talks again in a high-pitched voice* *Click* I.....I.....I have an awkward question hehehheeh, Sir. You see my best friend I met yesterday, left me. Apparently, talking to a baseball bat and naming her after my wife is too crazy for him heheheheh. Can we be friends, sir? You can be my new best friend. All of us (you, me and my wife "the bat") could roll in the flowers. It will be an amazing moment heheheheh. *Over* *Joy releases the PTT button and sees flowers in the distance and starts running towards them, he then rolls in them together with his wife*
  10. *Joy looks for his radio in his backpack and finds it, then he holds the PTT button* *Click* Hello ? .... Hello ? Is this thing working* click* *Joy is becoming angry and shakes his radio a few times* *Click* If this thing is working and you can hear me, me and my wife are rolling in the flowers between Stary and Novy Sabor. Feel free to join us. *over* *In the distance, you can hear Joy laughing hysterically*
  11. *Joy wakes up in a house and a bed he found last night, when he hears a strange voice on the radio and then holds the PTT button* *click* I hope the lord is watching over you and protects you, whilst you are sacrificing your life for mankind. A piece of advice for your noble endeavour, cut the heads of the dead off, to make sure they remain dead. *over* *Joy releases the PTT button and goes back to his bed and starts thinking about this stranger, a smile appears on his face.
  12. There was a moment when I had hypothermia. It did not look good for me, until I found a heatpack. I barely survived by running around in a town. However, my worst death would be a moment where I fell off a rock and broke my legs and was bleeding like a pig (I had no bandages or rags). While crawling to the closest town some zombies enjoyed my flesh.
  13. joyvercauteren

    What has this come to?

    I do not wish to believe this is a waste of time and effort otherwise, we might as well give up already. I sincerely hope the staff will learn something from this exodus. This does not mean they need to alter all the rules or that the whole staff needs to be axed. Firstly, both sides need to admit that they have made mistakes (I am sure, certain staff members are willing to admit that they have made mistakes, we are after all just humans) . Only then can we move forward and leave the past and the hatred behind us. Secondly, I know for some members it is difficult to remain positive, because they have lost plenty of friends. However, to those I say: Keep your heads up high, better times are coming soon. Moreover, what is wrong with a harsh punishment? Sometimes it is necessary in order to show someone he or she has been acting wrongfully. However, the key to these punishments is consistency and torough explanation, which I heard has been lacking for some time now. Thirdly, if you disagree with me. Feel free to message me or write something in a mature way. I do wish to add that I am not trying to convince anyone that I am right and the rest is wrong. I just gave my opinion and I want to hear yours as well. We are a community, where we all have different opinions.
  14. I am happy that I am not the only one who feels like this. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a few military characters. However, it seems like Chernarus these days is a breeding ground for military people, who have no fear whatsoever. To me, it makes little to no sense. But that is my humble opinion.
  15. My character used to be a simple, humble teacher before the apocalypse. But like Dusty said due to the lore it now gives everyone a possibility to pick up an armed gun, myself included. However, I try to avoid to be military as it is so commonly used within the game. For example, I have an improvised fishing rod on my back instead of a M4.