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  1. So far the only game (don't know about star citizen or the forest as they are new) that utilises high speed memory is bf4 but with a 150 pound budget you might find it pretty difficult to fit in memory in that 2133-2400mhz category with a decent sized ssd. So if you can only afford 1600mhz don't feel like it is a downgrade as you would probably never notice the difference anyway in just real world usage and gaming. oh ok then , its just a little confuing for me , like I know the pc is gona be really good because of the parts , but I just dont want to f**k things up by getting something really stupid when it comes tot he things I dont really know about i.e the ram and the ssd, this will be my 1st ever high end pc build and defos need to make it a good one aw yee , check this card out , was thinking about this instead of the ti , a guy gave a rated comment on it saying he has a titan and this card was out doing it in most things constantly http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-051-KF&tool=3
  2. yeah lie I play allsorts of games , like arma 2 and 3 , and when dayz standalone comes out properly I want to play that a lot , and star citizen for sure is going to be on my game list , I also play battlefield 4 , gona be playing the forest etc etc , so yeah , its not just arma 2 and 3
  3. you think I should maybe get a higher PSU then ? hmmm , nice one I never thught of this , and well yeah I kinda wanted to just get a 780 and pass on the ti , but was looking into the future proofy stuff why bottleneck your pc with 1600 mhz ram when you can get 2400mhz? If you're going to spend that amount of money, you might as well add in a little extra for 2400mhz ram sticks. so you think im better just beefing my ram up as good as possible within compatibility ? what ram would be ok to get then ?
  4. decided after sitting with nothing more than an unstable 40 frames at best almost anywhere dropping to 20 fps if someone farted I decided it was time to spend a lot of money on something decent but need a little help , not really massive help but just even maybe an opinion. I just got an Intel Core i7-4770K 3.50GHz (Haswell) Socket LGA1150 Processor & Corsair H60 Basic CPU Cooler Bundle and an Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 3 Intel Z97 (Socket 1150) DDR3 ATX Motherboard both of these came all in at the decent price of 400 GBP, good right? now im gona get myself some RAM and an SSD , what do you guys think I should get , im wanting to spend around 100 to 150 at the very most for both of them together , but I just dunno what to get after I have bought the RAM and SSD im gona put a 700 watt PSU in there and then put it all together with a finishing touch next month in the form of a 780 ti witch really should just put the iceing on the cake tell me what you think of the build and please help me out with maybe a UK link for the SSD and RAM best for my setup. cheers!
  5. ahh I see , I was doing something slightly wrong , this walk through worked perfect thanks man and yeah battlefield 4 is by no means any bad company 2 but I was surprised at how good it plays in my own opinion its pretty fun once you figure out the traffic on the bigger maps , its a pretty decent game when you loook by it without the negative and yeah battlefield 4 is by no means any bad company 2 but I was surprised at how good it plays in my own opinion its pretty fun once you figure out the traffic on the bigger maps , its a pretty decent game when you look by it without the negative EA hate band wagon , not that EA still are not complete dicks though haha
  6. its just when I go on battlelogs multyplayer selection screen , I try to join any of the expansion servers and a little box pops up and informs me that I have to buy it , but I have all of them installed fully , it came with the premium pack I bought 2 days ago now , so its just stumped me for things to do because the only solution I have been told works and does seem to work for most is the hkey local editing tricks , but I have re-installed it and changed it 3 times now with no luck .
  7. yeah so has anyone else had any problems with installing and playing any of the battlefield 4 expansions after buying premium? I tried allthe little soulutions like going into hkey local machine and making the little folder by yourself (something you really shouldnt have to do for a game of sutch price) haha yeah so done that and a few other things only to try and get help by EA who gave me the most stupid soultions I could have ever being given so I just ignored the guy that was helping me haha anyone?
  8. If you think less serious and more hilarious then you are onto a winner , like even in normal rust the whole thing with all your neghbours and new people moving in next to you was comical as fuck , like your just going about ur biz and then you look out ur window and see this naked guy standing on a foundation next to you like SUP im your neighbour hahhaha like GTFO! ahhahah I had like 15 neghbours and they where all proper characters , like I can only imagine what some folks from this would be like if they did have an RP server on that shit . the rules yes would need to be figured out a little but if it didnt get taken as serious as the real RP mod in the sense of having the odd battle with folks for a laugh then I dont see how it wouldnt be good. but my ten cents are out there , I think it would be funny
  9. name says everything really , dunno if its been said before but that shit would be hilarious I think , only costs 15 buks for a server with 100 playes plus in it , I actualy have a server on it just now
  10. sorry for the late reply , but GREAT ! looking forward to epoch )))
  11. not been on in a while , is there servers still kinda empty or has it been busy ? when the dayz standalone came out everyone seemed to hop onto that and didnt see anyone on for a good few weeks.
  12. Thanks fora ll the answers guys , defos think im jus gona get a better PSU to future proof my system and just get an even better card
  13. wanting to buy a really nice graphics card soon , but I dont know if my power supply can handle it , I have a CX 500 power supply , would I be ood to put anything in I want within reason like a GTX 660 series card in without it not working ?
  14. scottish

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    one of my mates has a server for the standalone and so for Ive been alive for 5 days and got into around 7/8 fights and they have all ended in their deaths not mines so im happy , I think the mechanics make this shit a lot more real , as in every single bullet isnt going to hit your target in the exact same place , so it does feel like a proper heated battle if you get into a big fight ,I like it , all Im waiting for is the cars and the hunting to come out , that shitis gona be amazing , then hopefuly they bring out the dev tools for it so dayZRP can get their hands into it and start shaping it already , but it looks very distant with the way they are progressing things
  15. this game I have been waiting for since renegade if anyone remembers that , I played that game to the death as a kid on my old shitty PC then gave up gaming almost fully after it , and to see that the same developer that made that game is making what he really wanted to do back then has me fucking hyped bigtime !!! im pre ordering my ship in the coming week for sure , it would be really funny if dayzrp bought a ship and only dayzrp members could board the ship ! haah it would be like the starship enterprise RP hahaha