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  1. Zman44

    People watcher

    Where I post pictures of my people watching and other creepy stalker stuff.
  2. I know this is a minor thing but I really enjoyed the fly sound on dead bodies in the dayz mod and I think it was very immersive. I'm not a Modder by any means but I assume it wouldn't be too hard to add to the game and I think it would be really nice to have back.
  3. Zman44

    Expand night time.

    If it was up to me I would go 1/2 day 1/2 night I mean its a survival game and we are on an rp server. Personally I feel like my most enjoyable rp is at night.
  4. Zman44

    Community opinion

    I watched the video again and I have to say it is rather hard to hear Jim over scar and is all rather confusing with the sonic the hedgehog running. It seemed as if they were more focused on getting them on the radio then on one hand up so I think using that as them being disobedient is a little of a stretch(Also multiple commands from two people in a situation like that is rather confusing). I would also like to point out that I don't believe jim ever raised his weapon or even initiated. Meaning he would have no kill rights (I could be wrong but I encourage people to watch the video and see for themselves)
  5. Server and location: Outside pustoshka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20:36 - 28-04-2019 Your in game name: Pasha Novak Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: General Rickets Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: (This was the same situation as this report https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/96590-s1-rdm-badrp-baiting-nlr-ruleplay-around-pusthoska-2036-28-04-2019/) I was Outside Pustoshka Watching as two of my allies were initiated on and I saw one of them shot dead. I took a shot towards the executer and missed my shot so I started to fall back. I started taking shots from the two initiators so I continued running into the trees. Upon entering the trees I took a potshot back at my followers. I was hit and ran farther into the tree line into a bush to bandage and hide. I sat in the bush for about a minute and a half. The two pursuers ran past me and I stayed in the bush to watch. I did not shoot as I knew I had no chance in close range combat with my Winchester. After they passed I moved out of the bush and was shot by Generel Rickets. I Posted my Pov in that report but I feel like it was ignored and not looked into. I just recently realized that no punishment was dealt out for this situation And felt that I needed to make another report as the previous one was closed and for some reason this rule break was ignored. Based of the attached image of a verdict from this report (https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/96593-s1-attempted-rdm-pustoshka-2040-ish-28-04-2019/) General rickets did not have Attacker rights on myself as he did not initiate on me and as a dynamic group they do not share Attacker rights.
  6. Zman44

    Community opinion

    I think the false report was a little over the line he obviously believed there was a break in the rules and put a lot of effort into making the report. I Can understand why they were both shot but at the same time I think more rp could have been had before just blasting him in the field. Im also confused how it could not be discovered if ZorrullRP broke NLR. - USER HAS BEEN WARNED FOR THIS SECTION OF THE POST -
  8. I could care less what words people use on an online server and believe they should rp however they want, yet at the same time I do find it strange having a bunch of people repetitively drop hard n words on the internet for their roleplay. Almost as if they cant say it in real life so they come online to do it for the edgy memes and to be cool. But once again it doesn't bother me at all I just think it is a little funny.
  9. Zman44

    James Blacks Story

    This shit looks sick man I'm excited to meet you In game. You can film my sacrifices to the babayaga and document the life of a cannibal.
  10. Zman44

    New Weapon Sounds

    Wow this is some really impressive work Big +1
  11. Sad to see the group go I had some of my most enjoyable rp here with these boys spreading the good word of Communism. Hopefully we can all come back soon to continue where we left off when we feel that RP on the server is enjoyable again.
  12. Andrei Grew up in an orphanage until the age of 14 when he ran away. He lived in the woods occasionally coming into large towns to beg for scraps. He liked this way of life as it allowed him to live closely with nature. He grew to hate people who trashed nature and had no respect for it. He lived this way for years up until the zombie outbreak. After the outbreak he headed north into the black mountains. One day while foraging for food he stumbled across a camp. The people of the camp accepted him and brought him in. He was soon indoctrinated into their belief in The Babayaga and joined them in worship. He believed that the babayaga was responsible for the apocalypse and they must please her with sacrifices of human meat as well as protecting her forests. He lived with the people of the camp for months until he decided to go on a missionary trip of sorts to fulfill the babayagas will farther in south Zagoria and to spread the word looking for more loyal followers.
  13. Zman44

    S1 - RDM / Baiting - Around Green Mountain - 18:30/19:00 - 28-04-2019

    I was not a part of this specific scenario My POV about the next scenario which I was killed by Rickets was also reported and was posted @RandyRP
  14. Zman44

    S1 - BadRP/ trollRP - Pustoshka barn - around 00:00 27-4-2019

    My POV: I went up to the barn with jackfish to RP with some people. I tried to talk to some people who I believe were asylum members who I met before and talked to about supporting the Chedaki. Our RP was continuously interrupted by troll rp. For example a man running up and yelling "Whos tryna rape my daughter over here" while we were talking to a man and woman. We later moved into the barn where people were monkeying around blatantly breaking character and immersion screaming about Chediki So I just went ahead and left as I realized any Rp I tried to have would be interrupted by people trolling.
  15. Zman44

    S1 - RDM / BADRP / Baiting / NLR / Ruleplay - Around Pusthoska - 20:36 - 28-04-2019

    Sorry for taking a while I was gone for a few days and didn't see that I had been called in POV: I was sitting in a bush watching our two boys in the field when they were initiated on. I saw one shoot jackfish so I took a shot at him. I missed and started to back off as I was being rushed by some guys. I ran back into the trees and took some pot shots at the two guys following me. they returned fire and hit me. I then hid in a bush and watched the two pursuers pass me. I didn't have a close range gun and had no chance killing them so I let them pass by. I was then shot by Rickets
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