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  1. Has this been set up yet? Looking to get involved with NATO so would be great to have somewhere to go and find them.
  2. Jonathan Kent. Age: 26. Birthplace: London. Having been fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy, middle class family in west London, Jonathan was to be given the best start in life that any child could have asked for. With loving parents, that instilled a work ethic, discipline and a sense of duty in him, the very best was always demanded of Jonathan. With the family wealth permitting, Jonathan was sent to Harrow, one of Britain's top private schools. Pushed by his teachers, Jonathan was to achieve sufficiently good enough grades to secure a place at Oxford University. Upon graduating, a well educated, middle classed man with family wealth, Jonathan decided to follow in his Grandfathers footsteps and join the British Army as an officer. Being commissioned into the Household Cavalry (army number 30032244) Jonathan was to see action in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, what appeared to be a promising career as an Army officer, soon turned sour when Jonathan was struck by an IED. With injury to his left arm, he was medically discharged from Her Majesties Armed Forces. Taken back by his injury, it took Jonathan several years to overcome what had happened to him, whilst requiring physio theory, he was eventually able to re-enter the working world. The sense of regret and anger was never to leave him completely though. Having moved back to the parental home whilst undergoing treatment, with his parents now approaching retirement, Jonathan's father looked to secure him a job in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, where he himself had worked as the High Commissioner at the British embassy in Moscow. His father was only able to secure him a job as a junior aid to his successor as the High Commissioner to Russia; Jonathan was relocating to Moscow. Bitter and angry having to run around for overweight men, many his intellectual inferior, when the news of the infection started to spread and news of the British High Commission being evacuated to London, Jonathan couldn't help but feel a jolt of excitement... Then he saw the news reports and TV footage from the infected zone. Could he really believe what he was seeing? People attacking, biting, eating other people? The panic then hit him. Rushed to Moscow airport, and put into a military cargo plane, flying over the unstable area of Chernarus in order to reach London, the plane was struck by incoming fire from anti aircraft batteries. The plane was hit and going down. Trying to land the plane safely, the pilots decided to put the plane down in the sea. It would have worked but for the rough weather. Hitting the water, the plane broke up, spilling its contents into the ocean... Waking up on the shore, Jonathan looked around, blinking and spluttering up seawater. Where was he? Was he safe? Was he outside the infected zone? Was he to make it to safety and find news of back home?
  3. Thanks for the posts chaps. I really hope it gets accepted soon. I've been thinking over a very interesting and in-depth back story. I'll be posting it up soon! Very excited to get stuck in and not have to deal with the usual KoS. How is everyone finding it so far?
  4. Thanks a lot. And good luck to you! Hoping to get the whitelist app done soon, as I had to reinstall Arma II et al as it was playing up.Hopefully it won't take too long.
  5. Hello chaps, I just wanted to drop everyone a line and say hello. Just sorting out a few issues I had with getting the DayzRP mod to work (had to uninstall and reinstall. What a pain!). I'm really looking forward to playing on the server as I'm sick and tired of spending a day or two finding decent loot and equipment, trying to form relationships with other players, to then have some idiot come and spray and pray, killing me for no apparent reason than to ruin my day. So it looks like this server really could be a great place to play and call home! Looking forward to getting on board. Will make a post with characters back story very soon! Jonathan.
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