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  1. MineCopre

    Ask the LoreMasters

    Question: I was writing my background story and I was in a part where it is winter and I asked myself what happened to the infected or zombies or walkers whatever you call them. Like they are in the street without any kind of heat, wouldn't they froze?
  2. Yeah, I though that an year and something would be enough to all the supplies been scavenged, I based as well in TWD but I was not enterely sure about the timeline but thinking well you may be right. Thanks OK thanks, I already have though in another reason to wipe out all the zombies Off the earth, and I took that ideal from Shingeki no Kyonjin, if you watched it you may know wich is xD. And thanks about the groups, when I have the time I will give a look. And as promised I will give you the best answer and BEANS to the other kind sirs who replied. XD.
  3. Thank you so basically the team speak it's like a walkie talkie I would say. Thanks for the explanation about the scavenge of citys, I guess I can come with something as about the recongnization of someone just like WeeMan said as well the voice and the character should do the trick. Now I don't know tho who I should give the best answer xD. OK the one who answers me this one will be the best answer. Is there any group ir something that is like searching to erradicate the zombies and the virus because I was thinking about making my RP all about that. I was thinking that I met a doctor who died and had some kind of information about the virus and gave it to me with the mission todos deliver it to someone who could do something. Can I do that ? Or is it against the lore I read it diagonally, and it didnt seem to have some kind of trouble.
  4. Hi again, so I was here thinking about DayZRP and there are some things that I am intriged like when we loo....Scavenge xD. a city why do we do it? Like if the outbreak was 3 years ago then it is suppose to all be empty right? But like wich os the excuse about to scavenge a city ? Then another one is for what can I use TeamSpeak? I read the rules and answered the quizz and got a mistake in question where it asked about what I could not do and there was some wich I don't remember well but in the one that I selected it said that I could not give information about someone throug TeamSpeak and it was wrong the another was that I could not use TeamSpeak. Last thing is, I know I can't use some game mechanics wich can give me information that I could not gain in real life or without RP, but let's say I meet this guy and we scavenge eletro together but then we slipt up and some time pass but ir happens to we meet again but how can I know that it's really him without checking the pulse can I do it because in a real life situation I would certainly know it was him. Thanks in advance
  5. Thank you . . . ..hum I see we have pussys here too XD. JK.
  6. I'm sorry I have just spend all of them but tomorrow I PROMISE, I WILL GIVE BEANZZZZZZZ XD. Thanks
  7. Thank you, don't worry I will make sure to poke you as many time as possible XD. JK
  8. THANK YOU KIND SIR, Indeed I can close the tab and continue I just tried. About the story I just need to read the lore again to make sure that I dont misspelled anything. I was thinking in being an turist who was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, something like that. Thanks for answering kind sir but Mr. Roosevelt XD. was right
  9. AHAHAHAH I spend really good times there and you have MTA as well wich allows you to do more stuff. But SAMP has others things/functionalities that make him unique. And thank you WILL DO
  10. Hi, soooooo I was applying to the whitelist and it happens that I've reached the point where I have to write my story. But the problem is that I need to think of something and that may take some time to do something good or just not bad. And the problem comes in when I may have to close the tab losing all the progress made and probably wait 8 hours to re-apply and that would be a little bit boring. Now my question is if I really lose my progress after I close the tab or I can continue later, or I can write some nonsense and finish after. Whatever the true is I will accept it, mostly because I dont have another solution... XD. Thanks in advance