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  1. Bump. Great story, based off a few events that actually happened in-game.
  2. scottyourban

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I believe somehow my PID got changed. My skin isn't working, no matter if I'm offline or in lobby. Here's my PID:-Snip- // Levi Does it look like I just mistyped it? //Thumper Parrish: PID reset, please reenter on the Donation Exchange.
  3. IC: I had a great meeting with one of your men who helped me out but it seems he may be one good apple of a rotten bunch. We don't appreciate some civi little geezer coming up to us demanding our things mate. //You need to be careful about committing hostile acts with someone who is 'working with you' and is not wearing any XML. If you had your XML activated (after your name in-game) then regardless of whether it is seen or not in-game, this could be discovered by other means. Also I would appreciate keeping any attempts at bragging about kills out of this thread. Especially as you're trying to spread rumour by lying to incite reactions/responses. A few members were surprised we killed him, yes, but my leader gave me permission. Said something about spreading lies about us stealing something or other.... //Haven't been on DayZRP long, so mind explaining what's wrong with commiting hostile acts with a random guy? I mean, he said he was looking for a clan, but I said nothing about him joining, and my leader wouldn't talk to him, so for that time he had no association with us whatsoever. Also, I legitimately don't understand how he could have found out it was me without even seeing my name, or my XML, or my logo. Unless he saw any of the above without me knowing. And, lastly, how am I lying to incite reactions? Where did I lie?
  4. Well, first off, I'm not sure how he could have known I was BoS, since I never ID'd or typed, AND since Dexter isn't in our clan, and was just temporarily working with us. Also, dexter wasn't the one who killed him, I was. Oh, and for the record, he only hit me once, didn't kill me. ALso, I didn't have an insignia on since I just had a civi skin. So how he knew it was BoS, I'd like to hear.
  5. So, leo, some guy named Dexter told me he killed you up at NEAF today...How did that happen?
  6. I like it! It's ALMOST a little TOO open now. You almost need a few small sheds or huts or something It seems rather empty. Sure that will be different when it's filled with vehicles and people though. Looking good!
  7. IGN: Scott Daniels Age: 20 Country: US English skills: A+ DayZ Experience: Been playing for a little over a year now What kind of role best describes you: Generally, on normal DayZ, I'll play bandit-esque. I don't shoot obvious fresh spawns, and I'm willing to be nice if people will comply with my demands. I'm the type who likes to do stickups, but I'm more than happy to be a nice guy as well. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope. Just started DayZRP today. Additional notes: I'm a very experienced pilot, and have spent lots of time perfecting my piloting skills in Wasteland and Arma II sandbox. I'm not a bad shot, either. And I'd like to join with one of the "main" or "big" clans, but it's not a requirement. Best way to contact you: PM on forums, or Steam (username the same as here, scottyourban.) Backstory: Scott Daniels is a US military pilot. Scott finally finished his draft, and his friend, the rich doctor Evans Chekhov, offered to take him on vacation. Evans asked Scott to fly their private jet. Little did Scott realize, they were flying over restricted Chernarus airspace. Thinking we were breaking quarantine, our plane was shot down. And now, he's ended up in Chernarus. He's a good shot, and a great pilot, but he lacks discipline, and often is the first to initiate combat.
  8. Hi! My name's Scott. My character's name is Scott Daniels. I recently got accepted, and am playing as a US pilot. My friend, Evans Chekhov, was flying with me as well. I didn't realize we were flying over restricted Chernarus airspace, and our plane got shot down. Hope to meet some of you soon. I've already met a few, and not quite on the greatest terms...