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  1. DaRsnn

    Is excessive use of restrains a breach of rule 4.6?

    Crashing and subsequently dying whilst restrained is not guaranteed, I have been held in restraints a few times, crashed or DC'd, and logged back in to find myself untouched. However, I am not 100% certain if the type of restraint matters (i.e dying to handcuffs but not to duct tape). Regardless in my last few encounters I have not died, like I have done in the past, I don't know if it is a consistent feature because some people die, some don't, but I would argue that it does not violate the rule because in a way, it prevents the hostage from trying anything which could in turn cause them to be executed, but I understand that there is a certain risk factor, we just don't know how likely it is to occur.
  2. DaRsnn

    More Ambient Sounds?

    +1 would make night time very interesting, DayZ could definitely use more
  3. DaRsnn

    DayZ Update Thread

    not on other servers tho
  4. DaRsnn

    DayZ Update Thread

    It's more the fact that it's a 20 round semi auto using .308 winchester, very powerful
  5. DaRsnn

    DayZ Update Thread

    The FAL is a monster, what have they done...
  6. DaRsnn

    Bring back the crosshair

    Hold down the button that should be under escape and it removes all UI
  7. DaRsnn

    Bring back the crosshair

    I've been on PVP servers for a bit learning basically where the crosshair would be and I'm pretty sure I've adjusted to it now, but as you say I could just wack on a bit of blue tac and it would basically serve the same purpose as the crosshair, I reckon it should be optional, people who don't like to PVP often don't need to enable it, and those hostile groups who handle PVP on a daily basis can enable it for when they need it
  8. DaRsnn

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    The quick fix is to have more people working, there were only a select few of us and it was hard to manage people coming in and out without 9 people running in at a time, we had to wait longer for some people whilst trading as we only had 3 traders, so the most noticeable way to make it flow more efficiently is to have more people working the event, and obviously the laggy town of Berenzino doesn't help with fluency but this can also be easily adjusted
  9. DaRsnn

    Spray paint/ painted guns

    I believe the spray painted models exist but the spray paint itself does not, it might be something that could be coded in so that M4's can spawn as green and AK stocks can be camo, but I'm not a Dev or coder :))
  10. DaRsnn

    Hey folks

    Hey man welcome to the community!
  11. DaRsnn

    Nice to meet you all!

    I'm glad you are having fun, welcome!
  12. DaRsnn

    High Brah

  13. DaRsnn

    DaRsnn's Media Thread

  14. DaRsnn

    Awimba's end

    A true hero has fallen
  15. DaRsnn


    Hey welcome back, good luck with the blacklist!
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