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  1. Fred Spade is an ordinary citizen from Philippines who lives a simple life and working vigorously as a waiter in one eatery in his hometown, Davao. He is practical, serious, open minded person, and he is always being an optimistic about life. One day, he thought that his work in his hometown was not enough for him to earn more so he decided to work abroad with his friend offered him a job as a waiter at one well-known restaurant in Elektrozavodsk, Chernarus. So he bought a ticket flight to Chernarus, preparing his documents for he may need it by the time when we arrives there, and keeping himself positive. His flight was on May 2nd, 2017 before the declaration of Martial Law began in South Zagoria. As he was on the plane all the way to Chernarus, he thought that it would not be easy for him to go to other place but he has to do it with no hesitation. On May 3rd, 2017 he arrived in Miroslavl International Airport. Although he haven't familiarized that place yet, but he was guided with his map and an assist calls from his friend for some complications like some Russian words that he could not pronouns well. From Miroslavl International Airport, he arrived to Elektrozavodsk to rent an apartment for his place to stay, took a rest, and preparing himself for his work. Everything was progressed so well for him and he thought that it was a right decision for him to work in Chernarus. 2 months after his arrival in Chernarus when he was working, one of his customers talked rumors about the "incident". Spade was curious about the rumor but he is working so he didn't had a chance to hear more about it. News came across Chernarus about the attacks and violence occurred from other areas outside Elektrozavodsk worries him. He was keeping himself taking a deep breath and he said to himself that there is nothing to worry about. At the first week of infection, refugees came to Elektro and business establishment have to halt for a while. Fred had no choice. Soon after, everything started from worse to worst. The outbreak was out of hand, bombings occurred and the infection among the people are increasing. Only few have survived including Spade himself. Spade felt the nightmare and thought that everything is happening in Chernarus was just a dream but the reality is there and he needs to face it. He can't go home and his opportunity disappeared. There is no turning back for him now as he is in the world of infected where few people who are immune are now to be hunted by those infected. And what's worse is that even those people who are still human are now killing amongst themselves and Spade has only one option,.......survive.
  2. Spade

    [Invalid kill - Firefight]

    @Jade of course ma'am. it is just that sometimes i have been busy from work or other stuffs but i will keep an eye on whatever is going on thank you ma'am
  3. Spade

    [Invalid kill - Firefight]

    @Mexiyes we did made a resolve via teamspeak. he came to me and said sorry for he was the one who killed me. @Galaxy came to me with honesty and for that, we're cool. After that, we were just laughing and i said "it's okay, we are cool. sometimes shit happened". so yeah nothing to worry about it because everything is alright between me and @Galaxy
  4. Spade

    S1 Ruleplay/RDM Stary Yar

    At first, i was just going to watch a boxing match together with my comrade at the Stary yar but i was too late to see the match. Few minutes after, we heard a gunfire in the settlement and we were trying to run away as one of the people in settlement shouting at us to keep running. After some few gunshots, my comrade thought that the gunfire was over so we decided to go around to see the area where the boxing match held. We were just un-mount our weapons to avoid heat and as we passed the boxing area, i got shot-knocked down and my comrade was directly killed in the head. Few minutes of being unconsciousness, i woke up and tried to run away from the settlement with fear that i might get killed but suddenly one of the members of the settlement was shouting and said "Get on the ground" and i complied. I was still bleeding while i dropped my stuff as what they instructed me to do so. Moments after, they offered me to get back to the settlement for some medical attention. They assisted me to the piano house so that they can patch me up. They were asking few questions regarding the incident that happened in stary yar and i answered them honestly. I told them that i was not one of those people who attacked stary yar and we just wanted to watch the boxing match. After interrogation, they gave me a clearance to go and stay away from the settlement since they can't guarantee my safety there and so i walked away to the main entrance and there i was killed by a third-party (outside of the main entrance).
  5. hello sorry for late reply. i was trying to run away fast from stary yar after being unconscious for couple of minutes but suddenly @iBstoneyDave shouted and said "get on the ground" and i complied, ordered me to drop my stuff while i was still bleeding after the gunshot i've took. After my compliance to them, one of the members of the settlement offered me to get back to the settlement for medical attention with of course the assist of one member as he brought me to piano house and patched me there. They were asking a couple of questions to me regarding of what happened in stary yar and i answered them honestly and told them that i was not one of those people who attacked the settlement. Soon after, they told me that "you may go now and run away of this settlement" since they thought that they might get attacked again and they cannot guarantee my safety there. i walk away until i have reached the main entrance of the settlement to exit. And there, i got killed outside of the main entrance which @iBstoneyDave said so that it was a third party who killed me.
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