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  1. It was a simple question forgot they had a questions area. You can delete this as I can;t find a way to do so.
  2. Damn so the tent is useless unless actively camping. Ok guess i'll find someone who wants it
  3. Haven't played RP for awhile but had a good time today so far after meeting guy named Dan. I found a tent shortly after and as a scavenger and hunter I was thinking about making a small campsite... but idk if persistence is on now. Been along time since I've played last keep finding new items.
  4. If everyone that is interested in making a get together happen please pm me with times you play and servers I can get this organized.
  5. If we know its a glitch death or you got "dayzd" then you should be allowed back in. Starving, sickness, being shot and other legitimate deaths make it permanent.
  6. It can happen on any server. Just needs to meet up in game and work out what to do from there. No guidelines anything goes in the name of survival.
  7. Just do it. Earn a name for yourself in game. edit it later. This new patch is amazing. Finding alot of stuff and trying to make it work.
  8. Want to join me with a new character then? Find people in game and see what happens?
  9. After a long break from this game due to being out of state and away, I saw 0.55 come out and I wanted to get back into the game. Looking for a RP group or to make a group or in game survivors. Not a group as a clan like in the group section of forums. Just in game teamwork and survival. Help each other out since 0.55 and stick together. If you die you're done with the group preferably a name change and character death. I decided to suicide when new patch came out and it is so much better now. Looking for a few more to travel and survive with.
  10. I play at random times. Its up for debate on what time or server depending on majority of players.
  11. I will not discuss the event on here but will discuss in PMs and on teamspeak. I want to leave as much open and up to players that join me. It will not be for faint of heart. Mercenaries are welcome. Looking for about 4 people to compromise team and help this little event get started. I am in room 2 in teamspeak and will be there rest of day, feel free to poke me if I do not respond. This should be fun.
  12. IGN: Seth Max Age: 23 Country: USA English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: Played most of the mods and dayzrp back in the day. DayZ Standalone Experience: Bought it in the first hour it released. Roleplaying Experience: Been a part of dayzrp albeit a quiet one for over a year. No issues or points on me that I'm aware of. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Medic, civilian Have you been in any clan/group previously: N/A Additional notes: IRL street medic so I can RP medics and medical situations very well. Play with MILSIM arma3 groups so I can also RP military fairly well though I believe it to be boring. Best way to contact you: On teamspeak alot as Seth Max. Otherwise add me on steam.... http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198076418402
  13. Let me know if you get whitelisted and join the teamspeak I'm usually in there with the name Seth Max.
  14. I've found more people on the coast than inland every time. I'll stay away from the groups that rob anything that moves out west. Prefer the civilian RP anyday.