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  1. May i make a suggestion? donate, then refresh ( i take no liability but im almost certain it should put a smile on your face! . As i can only presume people that are donating while you are waiting is effecting your standings. Could be wrong, but i think it probable ( another disclaimer! )
  2. I have a trade if you wish, for the original Rabbit man Beer, brewed in the UK. Only a limited amount left as only 2 cases were salvaged from the brewery and brought to Cherno. Available in trans png as well as solid bg colours. Commissions also possible for trade. Can also create logo beer
  3. Im not too sure where to post this, but this is for an apology, i dont know your forum name but i do hope this gets to you! I was up at Ravens nest where a few z's were being shot, and i mistook a chap in a dark suit with a mask walking in the area of where some z's were being neutralised and accidentely shot you. I REALLY apologise for that. Not sure what i can do to at least compensate you for that but i must some how. I hope you get this and please message me so as i can at least repay you some how!
  4. Jeeze, you guys are quick! its like you were waiting for me to hit the send key before you replied! All good thanks Alpha and Woodsie. Just thought id pop my head above the wall to say hi quickly, Been looking for another mod to get into that has some decent RP going for it and got a message from someone i know on here to check you guys out. Definitely got my attention. Im probably the grand daddy of the group so go easy! lol
  5. Just thought id say hi from sunny ole New Zealand. just recently signed up so hope i got enough right! anyway won't give away too much, will leave that up to you guys to ask looking forward to some real RP