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  1. Official I.R.A Backstory

    // Ira=Total badass'.
  2. So pumped

    You wont regret doing it, donating makes you swiftly pass the others if you wrote alot like me. I was waiting for a while stuck in 300's then it speeded to 2 from 5 dollars.
  3. Hey there!

    I just donated, it really helped, i'm now second on the white list queue as it says, i'll hope for the best, if you want to beat the time, trust me donation is worth it, plus you get extra skins and the server has more money to get better & better.
  4. Hello survivors!

    Hello, have you whitelisted yet mate? if you haven't don't make my mistake, i've been waiting for a long time, and I guess people wrote alot more then I have, so no rush mate, use your imagination to it's full extent.
  5. Hey there!

    Hello there, welcome to the forums, let's hope you get in, as i've not got in yet lol, patientence will be required as the whitelisted amount of people increase day by day.
  6. Help me with a Character

    How about, a jailbird, escaped from prison and came to live a new life in chernarus before it's infection state, you can hide your identity from people in order to hide the crazed killing jailbird within you.
  7. Just wondering fella's.

    Thank you for the imformation sir. I'll take your advice, as i've got 300/750.
  8. Just wondering fella's.

    I can't take the wait, I really want to get in haha, donating will allow me to sweep past a little bit of the wait correct? if so, how much? I'm willing to pay.
  9. G'day Mates.

    Hi. AND OH MY GOD 2 weeks! D:
  10. G'day Mates.

    Righto, a skin to start off with sounds cool. Your current estimated place in queue: 401/750 Mine was at 300, raised up 101. How long does this usually take, not being impatient.. Wait yes I am, anyway, it'd take over a couple days I assume.. Right?
  11. G'day Mates.

    Thanks for the welcoming, fellow aussie.
  12. G'day Mates.

    Yeah, If I get in, I might donate, and definately aussie, hehe.
  13. G'day Mates.

    Well, I've put up my application for a white list, approximately the 400th whitelist request to be read, so I'll just watch Psisyndicate play it, Hopefully I'll be able to join you all in your fantastic role playing server.