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  1. Had a good time with @Eagles, @Morytania, @Zanaan, @Derek Steel. Pleasure to meet @OldSchool! Hope to bust in on your campfire again!
  2. Appreciated. I did jump the gun after it being locked last night, then the first things I saw this morning being the post in discord about potential map change, then saw your post in "Regarding the server split". I've already dexa-sprinted back to my mini-storage and grabbed most of my important stuff back to my character As to the first server restart, it was yesterday morning when apparently people were unable to connect due to "bad version", and the only people on were people who had started playing before the update dropped. I was unaware that people were having issues connecting, so my first notice was when I was in the middle of moving gear around between car and crates when suddenly "You were kicked".
  3. It's not like I'm pissed, or lost much. It's more of an "Ughhh.... seriously?" Like we couldn't even get a day or two of notification? Was in the middle of some RP with the Messengers that was just getting interesting, then everything went down, completely shut down the RP, server finally comes up and cant get back in. No chance to go retrieve my stored ammo box of blessings, lost my introduction to the messengers RP that I was looking forward to seeing how it played out... Not really a gear person, so idc overly much, but some notification in advance would have made the change so much easier and I wouldn't be having to run around trying to re-acquire items important to my character's RP that should have still been easily accessible.
  4. Could we start getting some advanced notification of when things like forced server restarts... or locking an entire server... are about to happen? Just yesterday, I lost a lot of my gear as I was in the process of transferring gear from a ruined vehicle due to a glitch, when the server was fixed with no warning in-game that I might want to take what I want to keep out of the vehicle... even a "Server will be restarted in 5 minutes" message in-game could have avoided this. Now... with server 2 being locked... also with no warning... Please just give people some notification and prep time so they can take measures to not get completely dicked over by upcoming changes.
  5. I'm apparently able to fistfight someone, and have them fall over dead hours later while I'm not even at my keyboard... True story.
  6. I don't get ya'll fascination with guns... like I found an AUG, a Scar, and a Socom yesterday... ran into someone who traded me another Scar for the Aug... gave 1 Scar to a friend, gave the other Scar to someone else... went back to doing the Lord's work with my trusty M4. Someone's got to give the dead mercy after all, not fair to leave their souls trapped in Limbo whilst their shells shamble the earth without rest. You don't need a SAW to do the Lord's work, every bullet is a blessing, and every gun is a tool provided for the work of the righteous.
  7. Yeah... let me chip in as someone who has actually done stimulants and then proceeded to engage in hard physical exertion. For about 4 hours I literally dual-wielded weed-eaters, and did more work than the other 3 people. Come lunch break, I needed to take a nap. I ended up passed out for the rest of the day, and had several weeks off work due to muscle damage in the shoulders. Yes, you can push yourself far past your limits, but you are racking up an IoU that is far more detrimental than beneficial. Think of it like you get twice as much done, but take 4x as long to recover than you would have if you'd done it without. Also, you cannot just "stay high" 24/7. Your body only has so much fuel to burn, and can only replace it so quickly. You will crash, and subsequent doses will be less and less effective, and attempting to continue to push past the point of collapse will kill you.
  8. So, if the arguement is that it is bad RP to waste the time moving everything to other storages... and good RP to just dump everything on the ground, and yeet out of there before someone catches you... Have you ever set up or taken down a tent? Ever taken down a tent that someone has filled to the brim with shit? I'd suggest that taking the time to move the items would still take FAR less time that it would take IRL to transport everything out of a full tent of those sizes... nevermind the time required to take down and pack the tent away in a manner suitable for transport... (Also IRL items don't... despawn...) After all, if it's all about being realism... I'm certain you would gladly take the extra time to make everything as immersive as possible.
  9. This character page will solely be used for the Operation Molotok event series. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This character page will solely be used for the Operation Molotok event series. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This character page will solely be used for the Operation Molotok event series. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This character page will solely be used for the Operation Molotok event series. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up.
  10. Character Name: Vlad Gregori Specialty: Medic Which Lore Faction?: CDF Lore Faction staff?: Yes Group Name: N/A Primary Phase: 3 Reserve Phase: 4
  11. Syreyne Oganiov was born in Chernogorsk hospital as Vladimir Oganiov. Coming out early in life in her small town resulted in severe bullying and death threats from the more conservative christian members of the community. Seeking a better life for their child, her parents immigrated to Canada around her 12th birthday. Growing up on the canadian west coast, while not perfect, allowed Syreyne to flourish and excel in schooling and life, however her family's limited financial means made life difficult. Their time among the poorer elements of society left Syreyne with a desire to learn how best to assist those in the most desperate need. Lacking the means to afford the education required to become a doctor, and wishing to continue her education as well as serve the country that had allowed her to live in relative safety, Syreyne enlisted in the canadian military as a combat medic. Serving two tours in Afghanistan, she received experience in treating everything from battle wounds to toothaches, dealing with both the gruesome aftermath of viscious guerilla skirmishes as well as the more mundane tasks involved in assisting the civilian population as a peacekeeper. As her second tour came to an end, she received word from family who still remained in Chernarus of the rapidly devolving situation, and opted to take some personal time before re-enlisting to return to her homeland and hopefully make a difference, while also learning more of her heritage. This was the last time her family heard from her, and to this day they light a candle every night praying to hear from their angel of mercy...
  12. Wander towards nearest interesting place. Loot some cool stuff. *No message received* Connect again. Cool stuff no longer in inventory. Cool stuff no longer in interesting place. Wander in a random direction till I find another interesting place. PS: If I ever break NLR... just ask anyone who ever had me as a driver in DayZ Mod... My sense of direction is non-existent. I never know where I am... ever. Luckily, I never crash... so our more crash prone players would navigate for me
  13. May I have a reset, I entered my GUID incorrectly. // Gina: GUID reset
  14. I have not been back long, however, my time spent on something that is supposed to be a break from real life, is showing itself to be far more drama and irrationality than life itself presents me. Some people know these issues already and will understand what I mean. I do not enjoy the direction this community has gone, and am not interested in forcing myself to try to play a game that is providing no enjoyment for me. I will still hang around with the friends I have developed here when they are playing other games, and people can still reach me when I am on the Teamspeak. Hopefully someday this will evolve in a direction that I can support and enjoy playing with. However, for the moment, I bid you all safe travels and a long life.
  15. I would advise you tell people you were a guy. Many here attempt to make up for IRL deficiencies with imaginary relationships... or at least by stalking anything they think might be female... lol Heck, my gay character had 3-4 suitors within a couple days... lol
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