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  1. Wander towards nearest interesting place. Loot some cool stuff. *No message received* Connect again. Cool stuff no longer in inventory. Cool stuff no longer in interesting place. Wander in a random direction till I find another interesting place. PS: If I ever break NLR... just ask anyone who ever had me as a driver in DayZ Mod... My sense of direction is non-existent. I never know where I am... ever. Luckily, I never crash... so our more crash prone players would navigate for me
  2. ISWidowMaker

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    May I have a reset, I entered my GUID incorrectly. // Gina: GUID reset
  3. I have not been back long, however, my time spent on something that is supposed to be a break from real life, is showing itself to be far more drama and irrationality than life itself presents me. Some people know these issues already and will understand what I mean. I do not enjoy the direction this community has gone, and am not interested in forcing myself to try to play a game that is providing no enjoyment for me. I will still hang around with the friends I have developed here when they are playing other games, and people can still reach me when I am on the Teamspeak. Hopefully someday this will evolve in a direction that I can support and enjoy playing with. However, for the moment, I bid you all safe travels and a long life.
  4. I would advise you tell people you were a guy. Many here attempt to make up for IRL deficiencies with imaginary relationships... or at least by stalking anything they think might be female... lol Heck, my gay character had 3-4 suitors within a couple days... lol
  5. ISWidowMaker

    What is it about S2?

    There was a time when S1 was so constantly full that some of the more RP oriented clans, like FM, moved permanently to S2. People wanting to roleplay instead of just rob everything that has 2 legs slowly followed. Prove yourself a clan with solid enjoyable RP, and people will come. When people look at the servers and see one server full of "bandits", and one full of everyone they normally play and RP with, they are obviously going to go play with the people they enjoy playing with.
  6. ISWidowMaker

    [GAME] Suggest a theme song or gif that you think describes the person above you!

  7. ISWidowMaker

    [GAME] Suggest a theme song or gif that you think describes the person above you!

  8. ISWidowMaker

    [GAME] Suggest a theme song or gif that you think describes the person above you!

  9. ISWidowMaker

    [GAME] Suggest a theme song or gif that you think describes the person above you!

  10. Beautifully written and well thought out. 10/10
  11. ISWidowMaker

    What makes a good charrachter?

    For me, I know I have a good character going when I start finding that even the way I post on the forums is influenced by my character. That character that even when you stop roleplaying it, you still feel it. At the moment I am playing a FABULOUS character... and you know you have gotten into it when you go to talk to someone irl, and instead of going "Hey, what's up man?" you find yourself going "Ohhhh heyyyyy there!!! How have you been? I swear I have not seen you in FOREVER!!!!" "Uhm... dude... when did you turn gay?" Ummm... oops...
  12. <3 <3 NICOOOO!!!!! Miss you already! <3 <3
  13. So heyyyaaaa! It's Jacky Harding, back from a long forced field trip with some bad men, ready to resume my internship! Looking forward to seeing EVERYONE!!! <3 <3
  14. Quality of life is the only thing I really consider important. OOC: Being forced to live out the rest of my life in severe pain without the ability to choose to end my life. IC: Erm... erm... erm... Ladders... Opening doors... White lab coat zombies... Tyson zombies... Cars I am not driving... The biplane... Forgetting how to fly helicopter, in the middle of a low altitude barrel roll... Waking up having forgotten to put my grenade in my backpack before going to sleep... Closed doors... Brianists... Free Medics with chloroform... The list goes on, but those where the first few lines I remembered...
  15. The problem as I see it with the initiation rules and the 2 hour KOS limit, is when a lone survivor, or even a group of 2-3 people, get robbed by a large group. There is almost zero possibility that you will re-arm, catch up with, and find the people you are looking for in time. So they get off on the basis that they have the gear, they have the vehicles, and are virtually unassailable after that 2 hour limit. You find them later, now what... Are you actually going to walk up to within 50 meters of that group of 5 people and start yelling for them to drop their shit? Bam, No Value for Life report. The other option, I take this scoped rifle, hide in the woods, and take a single shot on the one person who really pissed me off, then run like hell and be gone before they figure out where the shot came from (the realistic way to get revenge)... Bam, KOS/RDM/Bad Initiation. Really, it's not like it matters in the end anyways, because 10 seconds later they are waking up again and voila, Lazarus rises from the dead again for the 50 billionth time.
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