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  1. Nether

    its a joke i just want to mess around with ppl on it. if any of you have the game.
  2. Nether

    it isnt thats why im making it a thing
  3. Nether

    this post is a meme. but i want to play wth ppl for fun
  4. Nether

    I want ppl to play nether with me. We make NetherRP server. pls rolly
  5. Adam Kolisnyk

  6. A Killer's Call 4

    *Ben listens to the broadcast while laughing knowing what he had done. As soon at he heard someone say that the killer chopped the arms off he got frustrated. Wanting to take credit for his act he presses the PTT* You think this killer can do this sort of stuf on his own I am the man who dismembers and I will not let someone else take the credit. I want people to see my art, I want you all to see what I can do on my own. Look forward for a master piece some time soon. Oh, by the way I hope whoever was carrying that woman, Eve, was great full that I hade it lighter for him. Was that an old friend? Or maybe a fiancé? Anyhow I happened to have a nice little ring here and I think you want it back. I guess you will just have to find me. Thats it, see you soon! Ha ha ha. *Ben releases the PTT grinning and feeling more alive and relived, but he still has a thirst for more blood.*
  7. im really sorry its the wrong report. i dont remember much about that night apart from a truck running over some one and being shot.I dont remember if i shot at the truck but i know Quinn did to pop the tires. Can i go back to rp now? @Jade
  8. I do not have any video. I was looking for RP and when to cherno. I was on radio with the collective and so I decided to participate in whatever they were doing. So I agent along going building to building until they initiated. It just so happens I was in the tower at the time. It was 4-5 am at the time so I just dicided to log off in the tower. I did not know of a truck nor did I say open fire.
  9. @Jade I did not shoot at a truck, nor did I say open fire.
  10. Invalid Execution/gear RP Cherno, Server 1

    I was just an extra gun in the situation. Going from building to building for the hour we were in cherno. When they initiated it was 5 am i believe and i did not have the time to stay another hour to 2 hours so i just decided to climb on top of the building and log.
  11. Invalid Execution/gear RP Cherno, Server 1

    @JadeI was and I did.
  12. The Twisted Tourist Killer

    Really good concept, I like learning about ppls characters. I hope you can do some IC interviews and broadcast it on the radio.
  13. *Ben holds the PTT bouton while leaning on a well* Errr, allo. Comment ça marche ce osti dafaire la coalisé de tabarnack. Toute est écrit en osti de russe. Ah bon ça marche, bon ya tu des québécois icite dans ste place tout dévaliser d'un pays. *Ben releases the PTT and holds the radio in his hand waiting for any response*
  14. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:30 Your in game name: Jarvis Patty Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: @Stiles @Breadman Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Breadman and Stiles ran up on me at the NWAF. After chasing me around for awhile they decided to start robbing me. After fully complying, they put me in a corner and told me to stay there for 10 minutes or they would kill me. About 5 minutes later, they came back and started asking questions about my back story. I answered how I could and they started saying stuff like "you dont think we are going to kill you". After, they took shots near me. then switched gun and popped me.