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  1. Because you gave me the idea
  2. Hey guys just want to get the word out there, Im looking for a despacito3. Requierments: Ability to sing despacito bakwards and joining the despacito brotherhood. YOu also cant know what ram ranch is. @Despacito2 @Whitename
  3. Me and my brother @Despacito2 have joined the community. We hope to get a warm welcome.
  4. Ben was born in Quebec Canada. He Had two brothers, one named Nicolas and the other one Ryan. He lived on the south shore on Montreal, on a farm. The farm cultivated radishes, carrots and green onions. Ben was proud of his family's farm. On his father's side of the family, he had a trucking company. His father delivered loads to New York on a daily basis. He owned about 10 trucks total. But Ben was only 16 so he dint really have to do with the farm or the trucking company, he went to school. He went to a school called Louis Cyr and at this school he took trips. Just before the outbreak he took a trip to Chernarus and got stuck there. That is where the story begins.
  5. My character, Ben Khron, is one of the serial killers that rolled with Wes Carter. Ben is coming back so he needs a kill to start him off. If any of you are looking to kill off a character or have a few hours of RP with me we can set something up. Please PM me as to not spoil anything.
  6. Despacito


    its a joke i just want to mess around with ppl on it. if any of you have the game.
  7. Despacito


    it isnt thats why im making it a thing
  8. Despacito


    this post is a meme. but i want to play wth ppl for fun
  9. Despacito


    I want ppl to play nether with me. We make NetherRP server. pls rolly
  10. For his whole life, Adam lived in Ukraine. His father owned the family business, selling good at the market. They were just making it by, living paycheck to paycheck buy they still had some money for sports and school. Then the Russian attacked, this started a growing hatred for Russians. This hared was further fulled when his father got killed in combat. His father was on the front lines defending his country. Adam wanted to kill them all. He just wanted to avenge his father. Of course it he never got in the army as he is 16 but he trained. A month after his father`s death his mother moved to South Zagoria as she did not want to get her son killed if another war broke out. In South Zagoria, they lived in Severograd. Adam’s mother worked in town at the grocery store. All the while the money they had saved up was slowly dwindling down into nothing. When the time came, Adam had to drop out of school to go help his mother. Adam started a small job at one of the book shops in Severograd. He worked crazy hours just to be able to save a little bit of money. Just as he thought it was getting better, his mother got sick. She had some sort of cancer. Adam blamed the Russians for this. He took care of his mother for the moths she had to live. Working his job and his mother job, but with no health care whatsoever there was nothing he could do. The day she died, Adam ran into the woods north and he hid. He hid for a while, for too long when he came back down it was an apocalyptic wasteland with people trying to attack him everywhere.
  11. Despacito

    A Killer's Call 4

    *Ben listens to the broadcast while laughing knowing what he had done. As soon at he heard someone say that the killer chopped the arms off he got frustrated. Wanting to take credit for his act he presses the PTT* You think this killer can do this sort of stuf on his own I am the man who dismembers and I will not let someone else take the credit. I want people to see my art, I want you all to see what I can do on my own. Look forward for a master piece some time soon. Oh, by the way I hope whoever was carrying that woman, Eve, was great full that I hade it lighter for him. Was that an old friend? Or maybe a fiancé? Anyhow I happened to have a nice little ring here and I think you want it back. I guess you will just have to find me. Thats it, see you soon! Ha ha ha. *Ben releases the PTT grinning and feeling more alive and relived, but he still has a thirst for more blood.*
  12. im really sorry its the wrong report. i dont remember much about that night apart from a truck running over some one and being shot.I dont remember if i shot at the truck but i know Quinn did to pop the tires. Can i go back to rp now? @Jade
  13. I do not have any video. I was looking for RP and when to cherno. I was on radio with the collective and so I decided to participate in whatever they were doing. So I agent along going building to building until they initiated. It just so happens I was in the tower at the time. It was 4-5 am at the time so I just dicided to log off in the tower. I did not know of a truck nor did I say open fire.