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  1. I am Jack Hart, my family is come from Berlin and immigrated to Britain, Scotland in 1970s. I grew up troubled as he grew up in poverty-stricken Edinburgh and was violent as a youth. I joined the British Armed Forces and was an exceptional soldier but was dismissed after myself and my squadmates refused to follow orders from our team leader. I and my friends from his old squad signed up to a PMC that operated in South Takistan, where he became the leader of a fireteam consisting of his best mates and earned the nickname 'Jack of Hearts' as he was known to help and care for civilians and even animals. Unfortunately, we were chased out of Takistan by the Takistan Army after a fatal accident that led to 80 civilians being killed when a bus ran over a landmine the squad set up as an ambush on the Takistani Militia. We stole an old rusty aeroplane from an airfield and escaped into neighbouring Chernarus to make try to get into Russia and had no idea about the virus outbreak. I knew the plane wasn't going to be making it very far and soon enough the plane's engine started knocking and malfunctioned leaving the plane free-falling into the green sea just south of South Zagoria.
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