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  1. This looks really cool. You should try to do something similar with an m4, bet that would look real nice aswell.
  2. LDF BBQ Chwala Livonia Tactical boys Tactical map time Decision time
  3. Ahh beautiful Chernarussian propaganda art, be sure to make more of this in the future in the name of the republic. Slava Chernarus bratr!
  4. +1 from me. I would definitely like to see bikes in game. Heck with this mod an actual biker group would be possible.
  5. Voted no, I think lowering the amount of times it rains would be smarter than making the rain basically a harmless element.
  6. Big yes for leg and arm breaking but no for sleeping. Breaking someones legs and stuff like that would add some quality RP opportunities, but sleeping part would just kill the RP in my opinion.
  7. I would love to see this added to the server. It would open up some nice RP for hunter characters. Selling their crafts to people and all that. +1 from me.
  8. +1 from me. We need em berets for ultimate LDF roleplay.
  9. I like both of the maps, but it is a real shame that they made Livonia really sloppily. There were no new Livonian military uniforms, no new police car wrecks, no new Livonian infected and they reused all Chernarus assets adding a very few new ones. But overlooking these issues, Livonia does actually offer a different experience from Chernarus. It actually feels like a rural region in a EU country. And for Chernarus I like it for nostalgia factor and for its ability to capture the perfect atmosphere for a poor eastern European country. TLDR: I like both of the maps but its a bummer Livonia was made so sloppily.
  10. Very nice fan fiction Aron, cant wait to see what happens next. Keep up the good work.
  11. That would actually be a cool idea, especially for military groups. +1 from me.
  12. IGN: Juri Sobecki , got bunch of premade characters and can make a new one for the group. Country: Lithuania. English skills: Second language but fluent. DayZ Mod Experience: About 50 hours. DayZ Standalone Experience: 1662 hours, 1188 of which is on DayZRP. Roleplaying Experience: I been roleplaying for quite some time, I know how to roleplay various roles, from hostile RP to campfire RP. What kind of In Game role best describes you: I love roleplaying as local people on DayzRP, whether it be Chernarussian or Livonian. It makes more sense and in general is fun roleplay for me to do. Regarding what roles I can roleplay, I can do authority role, intellectual, a street thug basically any role. When I make my characters I do research on it, researching various facts about the character I am going to try to play as. Have you been in any clan/group previously: I been second in command for The Sentinels and Odezva, I also been a leader of a dynamic trader group. You can also check my profile out in "About me" section there is all the group I been apart of listed. Best way to contact you: PM me on the forums or contact me on discord: NoNpLaYeR775#0724 Backstory: You can check my current character, or if you want to see my other premade characters PM me and i will show it to you.
  13. Pretty nice update, though 2-3 years has passed since the initial outbreak and having bananas and oranges around wouldn't really make sense. They all would have been rotten or eaten at this point, but eh I guess more roleplay material is always good.
  14. *Juri once again hears the transmission and presses down the "PTT" button.* *A man with a polish accent can be heard once again over the radio* "You say you're not russian, but you're legacy in green sea region makes you a man worse than russian warmongers. You and you're red star had caused great pain in the great and recent past, what guarantees that it will not happened again? We got rid of bolsheviks in 1991 and we will get rid of them again! Stay strong Livonian brothers! *Juri releases "PTT" button*
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