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  1. Vlad was born in the 70's. He was smart kid in his childhood. He served in the soviet army and after that he got into physics university, finished it and began working as a professor. After a while he got fired and decided to look for a work elsewhere. That is where he joined the PMC and got a contact in chernarus. He also worked as hitman!!! [LM Pepsi Event character] [Character for Wings of Mercy event] (stafferino no toucherino)
  2. Douglas was born Dallas Texas to an average american family. When he was young he adored the american marine force. When he turned 18 he joined the the us army. During his long career in the military he became General of the Army USA. In 2020 he went on vacation to chernarus. And now hes trying to survive the apocalypse in Chernarus and fly back home. Douglas fought in the gulf war and in afghanistan.
  3. Vytautas was born in 1987 to a middle class family. He had everything he needed when he was growing up. During his teenage years he took an interest in the military and aviation. When he turned 18 he joined the Lithuanian Air Forces and trained to become a pilot. He spend long years in the air force climbing the ranks until he reached the rank of Corporal. That is when he decided to retire from the military and seek more civilian based aviation jobs. He got an offer to work at World Health Organization as a contract Pilot which he accepted. He worked in WHO until the frenzied flu crisis happened. He was aboard the Angel-2 plane and then the plane wings began to malfunction.
  4. Got a few gems from the CLF days to share as well: Lopotev's bastard sons execution. @Bryan @SynO @CLF @Bryan and don't remember who else was around for that one.
  5. Leonid was born in Siberia Soviet Russia. When he was young he wanted to join the soviet marines forces. When he was 18 he joined the soviet marines and during his time in the service he was deployed in numerous deployments. While in his service he got promoted to the Russian commando frogmen special unit where he had more deployments like Cold War, First Chechen War, Second Chechen War, Russo-Georgian War, Crimean Crisis, Syrian Civil War and Chernarus Civil war. in 2020 Leonid took a vacation in Chernarus with his good friend Aleksei Morozov and proud MARINE. To this day hes trying to escape Chernarus
  6. Medical RP group? Very nice. Good luck with the group.
  7. Nonplayer

    ZFC Media

    Very nice Combat Vehicle that ZFC has acquired
  8. +1 from me. We had Chernarus since like 2012. Change of map would be very useful for the community.
  9. Nonplayer

    Theta Six

    NATO FORCES IN NAMALSK URAHH MARINES!!!! Good luck with the group.
  10. Nonplayer

    ZFC Media

    Fishing with the Club members Going on a tactical fishing trip
  11. Can confirm people in my professional fishing group are having a great difficulty building expansion building/HOTEL... This must be added.
  12. Alexej was born on the island of Namalsk in 1964. He came from a poor background of simple worker family. During his childhood he enjoyed fishing and other outdoor activities and various winter related sports. In school Alexej did pretty badly expect of course in PE class where he was top of his class. During his teenage years Alexej tried to become a local DJ but failed miserably, therefore he pursued more physical activities. When Alexej graduated school in 1982 he wanted to become a real man and so he joined best of the best the VDV. He went through extensive training and got assigned to the 56th Guards Air Assault Brigade and was stationed at Kamyshin for a while. The Soviet-Afghan war was still raging on and with that Alexej got deployed in Afghanistan where he saw brutal fighting he would never forget in his life. After the war was over Alexej got awarded with various medals and reached the rank of Junior Sergeant. Alexej stayed in the VDV till 1994. By now he have served for 12 years in the VDV and retired with the rank of Seargeant. After the service in the VDV Alexej returned to Namalsk where he moved back with his parents and lived with them till they have unfortunately passed away. As for a job Alexej became a commercial fisherman, purchasing a boat and getting a crew together to fish for profit. Later down the Line he joined a fishing club Called Zelenogorsk Fishing club or for short ZFC. He was a proud member of the said club and enjoyed his member ship in the club. When the outbreak happened he and his crew were out in green sea fishing, when he returned the island was under quarantine and Alexej had to stay in his house isolated. Peace wouldn't last long and everything went to shit. And so to this day Alexej is wandering the wasteland of Namalsk, fishing and trying his best to survive the frenzied flu outbreak.
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