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  1. Artyom was born 1996 in Novaya Petrovka, his father as an alcoholic and his mother was a cashier at the local supermarket. During the civilwar Artyom has seen unimaginable thinks which scarred him for the rest of his life. After the war Artyom was struggling at school, hardly passing any classes expect a few select classes he found interesting. The said classes that Artyom did enjoy were IT and chemistry. He would always try his best doing his best in these classes especially in Chemistry class taught by Juri Sobecki. In 2014 Artyom was on his last year in highschool he started to stream on a popular gaming streaming website where he gathered a impressive Russian audience.He played various games like CS:GO, DOTA 2 and San Andreas Multiplayer. He was so involved with the his streaming carrier that he drop out of school and started doing it full time. He would often do vairous challenges like streaming for a week nonstop. After his big success a streamer he got himself involved with the local drugs pushers and assisted them selling drugs on Darkweb for a good price. He was one of the biggest sellers in the green sea region. When the frenzied flu hit the world Artyom was transported to Novodimitrosk quarantine zone where he stayed there with his father until the Russian Forces completely abandoned it. Left alone without any protection from the Russian Forces Artyom and his parents hid out in the woods avoiding any people till this crisis passes.
  2. I have not communicated nothing IC'ly about the situation I have been in. One of my friends during the said time moved me around on discord to get an ooc question out of me. He did not know what was going on. You can further see when It was answered I immediately deafened myself to continue the RP. Regarding the questions in Roleplay I have answered you people fully and always was present during roleplay. You can see that with the microphone icon. And regarding about the smell that is power gaming, enforcing a condition upon someone is against the rules.
  3. The Science Team is ready. Letss goo!!!
  4. Server and location: Kamenka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020/09/09 ~11:18PM Your in game name: Juri Sobecki Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): The kidnappers had a bus Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was walking out of Chernogorsk when two men drove up to me with a bus and offered a ride, I agreed. We talked, while they were picking up their friend. Shortly after they told everyone to get out of the bus and they initiated. I complied and started to recording the whole situation. They immediately tie me up with a rope and begin to search through my backpack. After that they order me to the bus and start to interrogate me asking various questions about who I am. I comply and answer their every question. After that they bring me to debug and tell me to get out, I do so and as I was walking to the forest one of the kidnappers begin to power game my character commenting on his "odour". Afterwards they began to once more interrogate me, asking various questions. Meanwhile one of the kidnappers begins saying various trollish comments towards my character as seen in the video (13:13 ,14:10). When the interrogation was done and they understood that I was of no use they tell me to get on the bus once more and take me to Kamenka, we stop by the water they tell me to get off, I get of and they tell me to go into the bar, but it so happens the server shut down due to Dayz expansion update. I log back in as fast as possible to continue the role play but they are no where to be seen.
  5. Juri Sobecki was born in 1971 to a low income family living in the coastal town of Chernogorsk. During his childhood Juri was fascinated with science. Aside from his fascination wtih Science Juri enjoyed nature and everything related with it. He could always be seen examining various different plants in the nature that he was never seen before and questioning his parents about the said plants to further his knowledge. When Juri began going to school he showed great promise, acing in all of the topics getting solid fives in all of the tests he had to take. After Juri learn how to properly read he started to binge read various book about science. The most interesting thing in Science for Juri was Chemistry and Biology. He in his young years have read various book about the said topic. There was nothing that Juri didn't know about the said topics. When Juri reached his teenage years he was bullied for lacks of friends his weak physique. Juri tried to confront the bullies but got his glasses broken by the bullies. Juri was sad for what has happened and learnt to ignore them throughout his career in high school. After Juri Finishes school in 1989 he applied to the most prestigious University available to him which was the Moscow university. He packed up his backs and left South Zagoria for a lengthy studying course. Two years into studying Chemistry the collapse of the Soviet Union happened and so Juri had to come back to now free Republic of Chernarus. And that is what he did. He was happy that is country has finally become a free state. And so Juri continued his studies in Novigrad University. After 6 years of studying Juri has finally received his masters degree in Chemistry. He was very proud of his achievement but Juri knew he wanted to seek something higher. He was very interested in biology and so Juri went back to the University of Novigrad to continue his studies in the field of Biochemistry. He spend another long six years studying and finally in 2001 he graduated and got himself a job in the Pavlovo military compound Hospital as a Scientist in a CDF Biochemical unit. The Science Team warmly welcomed Juri. When the Civil War happened in 2009 Juri worked in the military compound protected by the CDF soldiers but shorty after the Chedaki forces captured the compound and taken Juri captive and kept him so until the civil war has ended. After the civil war ended the new government in Chernarus fired Juri as he was not needed anymore. Juri was sad being fired from a job he enjoyed with passion. And so Juri looked to work else where but no one was looking for Biochemists within Chernarus. Juri heavily considered emigrating but decided not to due to him not wanting to leave his family behind. As Juri continued to search for a job with his qualifications within Chernarus, he was running low on money and hardly survived on the wellfare that he was forced to be on. With that Juri decided to lower his expectation and in the end decided to work as a Chemistry Teacher in Novaya Petrovka high school. When the third wave of the frenzied flu began Juri stayed at Novodmitrovsk Quarantine Zone, when it fell he left it and to this day he wandering the lands of South Zagoria. Science Whisky Cigarettes Biology 80's Music Annoying Foreigners Self proclaimed Scientists/Medical professionals Pineapples Moscow Modern slang words/Gang signs Family Friends Acquaintances Disliked Hated
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    DayZRP 2020 Lore Screenshots

    Screenshots from 2020 lore
  7. ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP--- ---WIP---
  8. This has been the best group I was ever apart of. Will never forget the memories we had together. I'll for sure will miss this group and all of the people who were apart of it. CLF4LYFE Glory To The Liberation Front!
  9. Character Name: Radzig Kobyla Character Age: 29 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? No Does your character have a mental disability? PTSD from the civilwar Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No Does your character have any phobia? Is afraid of snakes Does your character have a love interest? Fiance which is living in western Europe Does your character have any addictions? Recovering alcoholic, Nicotine addiction Does your character do any drugs? NO Is your character overweight? No Are you willing to experience (manageable) small Hordes of infected or wolves during RP? I can take a few hoards of infected. Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? A little bit of both Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? No ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Character Name: Artur Brabec Character Age: 18 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? None Does your character have a mental disability? No Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No Does your character have any phobia? Is afraid of heights and wild animals Does your character have a love interest? No Does your character have any addictions? Alcohol Does your character do any drugs? Cocaine, weed Is your character overweight? No Are you willing to experience (manageable) small Hordes of infected or wolves during RP? Yes Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? A little bit of both Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? No
  10. Artur was born in 2001 Novigrad. He was a troubled kid getting in various fights in school. Artur done badly in basically cheating in all of the exams he had. When Artur was 14 he started smoking weed, and doing illegal activities. When Artur was 16 he got into football hooliganism for the best football club in chernarus FK Slavia Novigrad. He initiated violence in various matches, smashing bunch of heads in. When the third wave of the frenzied flu happened he was relocated to Chernogorsk quarantine camp. And so Artur is wandering South Zagoria.
  11. Melvin was born in 1963 in Compton, United States of America. During his teenage years he got involved in a gang called Glen Park gang. He quickly became an OG in Idlewood gang. He enjoyed his time in the gang but shortly after a corrupt cop blackmailed him into betraying his gang for huge amount of money. And that is had he did. He betrayed the Idlewood gang and joined the Glen Park gang. In the said gang he became a OG and was making a lot of money selling drugs on the streets of Compton. After 20 years of being affiliated in Glen Park gang he quit the gang and moved out of Compton and bough a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Melvin wanted to go out on a vacation abroad and he choose to come to Chernarus a recently annexed country in green sea region. When he came the quarantine happened and he couldn't leave the country so he was left to survive in Chernarus.
  12. Accidentally voted yes, but I think it wouldn't be a wise idea to cut up the map and exclude all other unique locations. -1 From me.
  13. Congratulations on approval yall deserve it.
  14. Konstantin was born in 1974 to a poor worker family on Cernyelen. During his childhood Konstantin lived a tough life as a kid, as his parents barely made any money to scrape by. Konstantin as a kid loved tinkering with various contraptions whether it be his bicycle or his father's barely working VAZ-2101. Konstantin did pretty badly at school, failing to understand more complex topics such as mathematics or biology. The classes that Konstantin did like though were carpentry and PE. Konstantin also loved going out hunting with his father, sometimes staying in the forest for a few days. During these hunting trips with his father Konstantin learned some valuable survival techniques like how to identify poisonous mushrooms from the good ones, how to butcher a hunted animal and most importantly how to find fresh sources of water. When Konstantin turned 16 he had to choose whether to stay in gymnasium to finish 12 classes and pursue a higher education or to enroll into the Technical school and pursue a profession after graduation. Konstantin chose the latter, enrolling into a Technical school on mainland Chernarus, Miroslavl. Konstantin chose the profession of mechanic, learning ins and outs of cars and how to repair them. He enjoyed his time in technical school, meeting a bunch of like minded individuals and learning something that he enjoyed. After graduation in 1992 a surge of patriotism was widespread across the newly independent Chernarus, with that Konstantin felt like he wanted to serve his country. With that in mind Konstantin joined the newly formed Chernarus Defence Force as a volunteer. He went through the basic training in Cernyelen and received additional engineer training to be assigned to the 34th engineer battalion. While in the CDF Konstantin was tasked with maintaining various military vehicles and few combat vehicles that the new Republic had. Konstantin was deployed in Kamensk military base and while in his service he felt homesick for Cernyelen, an island where he grew up. After five years of service in the CDF Konstantin earned the rank of Desatnik and with that he decided that he served his country enough and got honorably discharged. With that Konstantin completely moved back to Cernyelen and with the money that he earned in the military he built a brand new garage and opened his car repair shop. Over the years of running his car repair shop Konstantin became one of the best Mechanic on Cernyelen. People from all across the island would contact Konstantin when they needed their car repaired, in some occasions people from mainland Chernarus would bring over their vehicles for repair. With the business running well, Konstantin earned a good amount of money. With the said money Konstantin built himself a house, bought himself a sweet BMW and lived a happy life on the island. During a party that his cousin hosted, Konstantin met his wife Galina and started dating her. After a few years of dating they decided to get married. They married and lived happily until his drinking habits have caused troubles in their marriage. Konstantin would always secretly drink in his garage and come back home drunk. His wife disliked that and threatened Konstantin with divorse. But in the end they worked things out and lived happily until 2009. In 2009 the country of Chernarus faced a Civil War against the communist revolutionaries known as the Movement of The Red Star or for short known as the Chedaki’s. Konstantin as a patriot couldn’t just stand and do nothing about it. He contacted a person associated with the NAPA and got inducted into their ranks. In NAPA Konstantin repaired various captured combat vehicles from Chedaki forces, and aided his comrades in combat when needed. When the Civil War ended and NAPA was declared a terrorist organization Konstantin slipped away as a civilian just caught in the action. He returned back to Cernyelen and continued to express his discontent with the new communist government in various protests that happened in the island. After the war Konstantin continued to work in his garage repairing various vehicles. The things that Konstantin saw in the war still stuck with him forever. He slowly turned into drinking alcohol daily during and after work. The relationship between him and his wife slowly deteriorated. They lived everyday being at each other's throats. This continued until 2019 when the Pandemic happened turning people into violent shells of themselves. During the whole crisis Konstantin managed to get himself and his wife out of town and they retreated into the forest where they found refuge from all the violence that were happening. After a few months in the woods hiding and surviving off nature, Konstantin's wife stepped on a bear trap set up in the forest severing her right leg and in the end bleeding out and dying. Konstantin buried his wife in the forest and continued surviving in Cernyelen alone, depressed and looking for a reason to live. Cars Fishing and hunting 90's Music His Garage His BMW Chernarus Drinking Chedaki Russian occupation Modern music Electric Cars Hybrid cars Edgy foreigners Obnoxious kids Family Friends Acquaintances Disliked Hated
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