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  1. I think a smaller map will insure you meet people all the time and that's a good thing, because you will not need to run around the for 5km just to meet someone to RP with. Also a different setting is welcoming addition in my opinion as well.
  2. Sergei was born in 1997 to a low income family. His father was a security guard at a local factory while his mother was a nurse in a local clinic. Sergei did bad at school, and bullied kids for the fun of it. Sergei especially hated English classes screaming - "Fuck America, pig language." After graduating from school, Sergei started up his business buying old cars, fixing them up and selling them back for twice the price, for short becoming what is known as "PIRIKUP". Sergei would also occasionally smuggle cigarettes across Lithuanian border, making a nice profit. In 2016 Sergei got conscripted for mandatory military service, where he served well and before the outbreak reached the rank of Private First Class. When Russia started the invasion of the Baltics, Sergei served in the front lines killing numerous NATO soldiers, but when the infected came around and disorganized and overran the battalions Sergei was left stranded in provinces of Livonia. To this day Sergei is wandering the lands of Livonia, seeking and killing any remaining NATO soldiers.
  3. Personally id like to see more local characters, because right now it feels like the whole country (Livonia/Chernarus) is filled with foreigners.
  4. Before the Apocalypse: Arūnas was born in 1997 to ethnic Lithuanian family. His family has suffered in concentration camps of the nazis and the cold winters of Soviet Gulags. From a very young age Arūnas was taught the nationalistic values and importance of his homeland. His father was a active member of Nationalist party of Lithuania (Tautininkų sąjunga) and often spoke out against the minorities living in Lithuania. This has boosted his hatred towards others nationalities and races. When Arūnas was 16 years old he joined up with a nationalist street gang beating up minorities right and front but luckily avoiding the law and not getting caught while doing so. When Arūnas turned 18 he joined the Lithuanian Armed Forces, where he became a professional soldier earning the rank of Corporal before the infection hit. While in the military Artūras displayed pure patriotism for his country and hatred towards other nationalities and races. He believed in the idea of pure Lithuanian state with 100% ethnic Lithuanian population and no foreign influence over the state manners. Artūras would always be apart of various nationalist rallies promoting his ideas and ways of thinking. Furthermore Artūras believed that such countries like Livonia and Belarus belonged to Lithuania as it did numerous of years ago to Grand Duchy Of Lithuania. During the Apocalypse: When the apocalypse begun, Lithuania and other Baltic states were attacked by warmongering Russian forces. Artūras fought bravely against the Russian invaders with other NATO forces although he hated serving with the likes of them, in time he grown to respect them. When the three tactical nukes were dropped, Lithuania was basically a radioactive hellhole this angered Artūras further: "How dare they nuke my homeland, them idiots!" - He said that to himself. Lithuania and its armed forces were basically shattered to pieces at this point. He and his other fellow angered Lithuanian Comrades over three years marched around Lithuania gathering up the left surviving ethnic Lithuanians for the big march down south to save the nation from extinction and get back the lands that righteously belong to people of Lithuania. March Down South: With the Lithuanian folks gathered, the march down south began. The marching destination was of course Livonia. More specifically the Nadbor region. A place for the people of Lithuania to settle, live, prosper and reclaim the righteous lands of Lithuania. WIP more background may come.
  5. very epic update
  6. Tactical boys Danes trying out local moonshine
  7. Very interesting looking group. Can't wait to meet yall ingame.
  8. Before The Civilwar: Artur was born in Miroslavl in the year of 1986. He had average childhood, did pretty nicely in school, was interested in sports and other outdoor activities. Since the young age Artur was fascinated about the military and war. He would always play war with the other kids in his neighborhood imagining himself being a great soldier in the future. After finishing highschool and getting his drivers license Artur signed up for the military. He was trained and assigned to 413th Supply Battalion. In his time there he was assigned to be a driver, delivering supplies to various military points around the Miroslavl region. During the civilwar: When the civilwar broke out against the communist revolutionaries known as "The Movement Of The Red Star" Artur dissatisfied with his current position in the military volunteered to join the front lines and fight the communists. He was reassigned to 76th “Jarilo” Mechanized Battalion, a battalion based in South Zagoria Military District. During the war Artur never lost hope and fought the communists dogs with pure enthusiasm and patriotism for his country. When the war ended Artur for his bravery and great service was awarded a rank of Corporal and stayed deployed in South Zagoria. When the outbreak happened: When the infection hit Chernarus, Artur was deployed around the Village of Balota, establishing various checkpoints on the southern highway as civilians fled in terror from the infected. Eventually the battalion fell apart and Artur and his fellow comrades fled to Miroslavl. His battalion was shattered, so yet again he was reassigned to another battalion. This time it was 34th Mountain Infantry Battalion. Artur underwent more extensive training and through 2017 to 2019 was sent on reconnaissance missions and counter insurgency in the black mountains north of Miroslavl. OSKOM: For his outstanding service and impressive background in the CDF Artur got assigned to OSKOM under Major Vacek. On August 5th, 2019, OSKOM unit was deployed into the region. He survived the first excursion into the region and all the others and to this day Artur is in the region of South Zagoria under his unit OSKOM. Picture One: Training before heading out to South Zagoria with OSKOM unit. Circa 2019. Picture Two: Artur doing his military supply deliveries while in 413th Supply Battalion. Circa 2007 Picture Three: Artur on his way to black mountains on a reconnaissance mission. Personality: Loyal Honorable Nationalistic
  9. Interesting group, looking forward running into you folks. Good luck!
  10. *Juri hears the emergency broadcast and presses down the PTT button* "This is Corporal Juri Sobecki of Livonian Defense Force, or whats left of it in the region of Nadbor anyways. What nuclear bunker are you talking about good sir? Far as I'm aware only kind of "bunker" around Nadbor region is babcie kompot cellar. Over." *Releases the PTT button and and awaits for a reply.*
  11. *Juri presses down the PTT* "This is Corporal Juri Sobecki of Livonian Defence Force 24th "Szybki" Signal company speaking. I would advice avoiding any contact with any bears in the region. If you do get into a confrontation with one, try getting on a car or any other higher position. And if there is no higher position, well... you better start opening fire fast. As it sounds over the radio you did kill the beast, good job on that. Best of luck out there Corporal Daniel. out."
  13. Nonplayer

    Sucidial team mate

    fake news @Blakstad
  14. Congratulations on getting approved boys
  15. Best of luck to yall, good RP from these guys.
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