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  2. Graphic made by @Melody First Meeting of The Sentinels founding fathers First security force of The Sentinels First and hopefully the last death sentence carried out by The Sentinels
  3. @Major Yes, indeed this gave me more insight. Thank you.
  4. Is there going to be lore wipe and a new story in place to freshen up the game? Because it would be cool to experience the first days of the infection in Chernarus.
  5. Darius is born and raised in Lithuania. At early age he was very interested in sports, hiking and all other psychical activities. He had strict parents so he had to study hard in school and that payed of as he joined the police academy at the of 18. He have met all requirements to join the academy, he was extreme fit and overwhelmingly smart lad. After studying for 6 years he had finally became a police officer. His duties were to patrol his hometown Vilnius streets, deal with drunkards and domestic conflicts. Darius was ambitious and being a plain police officer wasn't enough for him. After working hard and climbing up the ranks he was offered to join STT (Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania). He accepted the offer without thinking twice. He was happy, Darius had reached the highest point of his life. His life was complete. He had a car, a house, wife, kids and a job he wanted and enjoyed working. But that changed in a couple of months. He was assigned to infiltrate a major gang called Kuperiniai. All gone well he had became one of their members. His task was to put every one of them behind bars. It was successful as he put two of the member behind bars. But the longer he was with the gang the more fond he grown with the gang. For him the gang felt like family. And the money he made was ten times bigger than his job provided. Darius was very tempted to quit his job at STT as he participated in more and more illegal activities that gang did. Unfortunately his marriage suffered because of it. He would come back home late and that led to his divorce as he did not spend a lot of time with his family anymore. Eventually the gang leader found out that he was working with the police and confronted him alone. The confrontation almost ended with his death but he convinced him that he will never cross path with them again. Life for Darius was returning to normal but he was still sad because of his divorce. Time gone by and he was doing ok but in the office he had a lot enemies. Some of his enemies were very influential, corrupt people, and they managed to get him fired from STT. Darius was struggling after he got fired. He was unemployed, in debt and desperate. But one night when he was drinking himself to sleep he got a phone call from unknown number, and it turned out it was Kuperis, the leader or Kuperiniai gang. He had heard what happened to him and offered him to meet up and talk about something. He was desperate, and he accepted to meet up. Darius sobered up and used his last money to illegally buy cheap makarov pistol with two mags. He arrived to his surprise it was Kuperis alone. Kuperis explained that he saw a lot of potential in Darius and wanted him to join back the gang. Darius happily agreed to join as the gang to him were like his family and the money is great there. Few member of the gang were angry that Kuperis invited a former cop into the gang but he fit right in after initial anger towards him. Life for Darius was great again. He payed off the money he owner and was living the life again. After a while Kuperis tasked Darius to assemble a security company in hopes to launder money and legally own high caliber firearms. Darius invited other ex cops to work for him and he founded the Security company "Komondor". After few years the company became the best in Lithuania, guarding celebrities and other influential people. And after more time "Komondor" became among 30 most powerful security companies in the world. Eventually Darius received a contact in Chernarus to guard some influential politician. He payed so good that he went himself to guard the contractor. Then when all of this happened Kommondor boys and Darius tried to escort the contractor out of Chernogorsk but the contractor got killed by the infected and so did his men. Darius was the only one to get out of the city alive. After this incident Darius promised himself to never enter another city. And so he wandered the outskirts of Chernarus, barely surviving.
  6. Mark was born in Chernarus, but when he was 6 he moved to Albuquerque, USA. Mark's father had a hard time finding a job so he started to work with the local drug smugglers. When Mark was 17, his father was killed by rival smugglers in a violent gunfight. After his fathers death Mark turned into crime life himself. He started with selling weed in his school, getting in a lot of fights, bullying other students which led to getting expelled from school. After he was expelled he got involved with a local gang. He quickly grew up the ranks and became a second hand man to the gang leader. He was very cruel to other people, and a lot of confrontations with rival gang members or people who owned gang some money ended up with someone getting maimed or executed. Mark also was very ripped guy, and so he was called by his fellow gang members "Boss of the gym". You could often see Mark doing business in the gym that he owned. Mark would often ended up wrestling people he did not like in the gym's locker room. Life for Mark was great, until a very respected member of the gang appeared to be a police informant and put all of the gang under the bars, but Mark managed to escape to his motherland. In Chernarus Mark wanted to be under the radar so he started to work for a small farmer that lived in rural area. When the infection started he stayed in rural farm to try to survive with farmers family, but when a large herd of infested swarmed the farm he was the only one to come out alive and ever since Mark was on the road doing everything he could just to survive. That even included robbing and killing other fellow survivors.
  7. Nonplayer

    S1 - Balota - BadRp, rdm, powergaming - Server time: 2018-11-26, 19:30

    First of all in my humble opinion this report is very childish, because the situation we were in was really messy, we were holding hostages and being attacked. It was hard for use to provide high quality roleplay experience. Secondly my allies are Connor Zodrow and Prug -Something- don't know his RP last name. Thirdly you can clearly see a KOS in the evident which Mister @ragnal provided. (Time 21:22). [2018/11/26 19:39:49]: (Connor Zodrow) killed by (Maxmilian Kaspar) Lastly in the logs it shows that I killed Christian Vaughn (the guy in the blue raincoat). That may be a bug ingame, because i was killing the zombies with an axe, that were killing Christian Vaughn, so in some way it registered that I was targeting him but that was not the case, because i was trying to save him and revive him. The zombies were really close to Christian Vaughn. So I don't know why this happened. It wasn't my intention to kill him. I. No, I came in and said "What is going on" to make sure the hostages don't revolt. II. I was with the cowboy hat, Connor was The ushanka man and Prug was engaged in PVP, he was not present in the evidence video I believe. III. My POV: Me and Connor we were inside doing all the thing seen in the video, then my buddy Connor got shot and my character witnessed this, and roleplaying as a Cultist Madman i ran out furious to avenge my friends death after that I shot all the "infidels" that were trespassing our "holy land". After I made sure there was no "infidels" left, I ran to save Mr. Christian Vaughn , but in some magical way I accidentally killed while trying to save him from the zombies with my axe.
  8. Koste is born in lithuania. He is Lithuanian actor, TV presenter, Movie sounder, a very popular person in lithuania, got really famous from a lithuanian drama TV show "Women Lie Better" . Koste came to chernarus to relax after finishing another season for the show. After relaxing in chernarus the infection wipes the country and Koste flees to live in the forest hoping it will pass and goverment will save him, but waiting for a few months he realizes its the world he will have to live in and now is surviving in chernarus.
  9. Born in lithuania 1964 Anatoli lived in a small village, in 1982 Anatoli joined the ussr army, in his time in army he was a high rank soldier. In 1991 the collapse of soviet union Anatoli left the army and came back to live in the village.In 2004 after struggling to find a job Anatoli left lithuania to live in United Kingdoms. 2004-2017 Anatoli ran a business, a restaurant in the center of london, but after working for a long time without a vacation he wanted to have a holiday, so Anatoli went ahead and booked his flight to visit chernarus a country with beautiful forests. And then the plague hit.. died 172 days since the outbreak
  10. well crap lets just close this thread guees i lost
  11. Yes, Admin, this roleplay server right? What would you do in real life? You would shit your pants if two poeple would be pointing a gun on you, and drop your weapon. You can see poeple doing similar stunts in movies but this is a roleplay server and you act as there is no respawn button. I remember as i was starting playing dayzrp we had similar situation 1vs2 but the guy we robbed put his gun down, is this situation any diffrent? I may be wrong it is some other offence but in my opinion he is guilty
  12. Report #21 S1 EU - 06/30/17 15:20 - NVFL Server: S1 EU Date: 06/30/17 Time: 15:20 Rule breaks: NVFL Your in game name: Anatoli Petrov Allies: Martix Enemies: Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: No Evidence: sadly i did not turn my filming software this time Description: Me and my ally @Martix tried to rob a guy at North west airfield by tricking him to trading with us as he pulled our guns up us too he started shooting us, i believe that is NVOF P.S the time may be 15:19-15:20
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    Dew - Ban Appeal

    Yes, indeed this drawn map +- is correct
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