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  1. Kirill Tarasov was born in 1999 to a low income Russian family. His father was a retired Red Army soldier that served in Afghanistan and participated in liquidation of Chernobyl disaster and his mother was a nurse in a local clinic. He was the youngest kid in the family alongside his other three older brothers. Kirill from his early childhood days had a fascination with outdoor activities and sports. He would spend entire days and nights outdoors exploring the woods with his father and his friends. During his teenage years Kirill took an interest in water sports, more specifically swimming. He participated in various swimming competitions and won numerous medals. That is what he was most proud of during his teenage years. In school Kirill did struggle with topics like maths and physics, but of course he did more than well in PE. After Kirill finished school he didn’t know what to do in life so he started up his business flipping cars. He made good money from his little business but Kirill still wanted something more exciting to do. He talked about it with his father and he encouraged Kirill to join the military where he could serve his country and do something more exciting. Conscription is mandatory anyway Kirill thought, and so he joined the military. He served the mandatory 12 months and decided to stay in the military as a professional soldier eventually gaining the rank of Private First Class or for short PFC. After the event of 2018 has happened, Chernarus was on a brink of unrest. A newly founded 320th Motor Rifle Battalion was protecting the region from any uprising. Kirill was transferred over to the said battalion where he was deployed in Pavlovo military complex. And then the third wave of the Frenzied Flu and everything went to shit.
  2. A neatly put together message by the local Militia.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/24224-nonplayer/warnings/5244/ Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was fair and I shouldn't have been writing politically incorrect things on newly implemented notes mod 3 months ago. It was a honest mistake by me trying to show my friend the said newly implemented mod. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Past three months after I got issued the final warning I been active ingame and on the forums, I colead Zelazny Jelen on Livonia and I never got involved in any reports or caused any controversies within the community. I honestly made a mistake, and I am truly sorry for it. I will never do such things in the future. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My final warning removed. What could you have done better?: I should have been thinking of what I was writing on notes and in in overall I shouldn't have wrote the things I did.
  4. +1 Totally add this, numerous times I got damaged by cars that were just standing still, heck I even got killed once or twice by this bug.
  5. In my opinion all of them look pretty nice and offer a bigger variety of belts people can choose to wear, so I'd keep them all in game. And the clipping issues well those will always happen its just dayz.
  6. +1 Would be cool to have motorcycles in game. Fast and easy to hide. It would also open up a whole lot of new group ideas with having motorcycles in game.
  7. Interesting looking events to come, this for sure will liven up the server. Can't wait to see how it will all turn out.
  8. +1 don't see why not. Money would play a big role early in the apocalypse. But there will be a problem, not a lot of people will take money as payment, they will probably will prefer guns and ammo instead of money.
  9. +1 It would truly be a nice touch for the new lore. The world would feel more alive when you would see new wrecks when passing through Chernogorsk and etc. Also it would be nice to see some of the groups prefabs to stay on the map in abandon state when they archive leaving some kind of legacy behind. But yeah let us first get the new Lore and then start thinking about changes like these.
  10. -1 from me. The spawns right now are good enough. Back in a day when there were only set amount of automatic guns spawning some big group basically had all the servers automatic guns and it was impossible to find a automatic gun yourself. And right now there is a good balance between the spawn rates.
  11. -1 I think the drawing speed is good as it is. If you wish to take someone hostage and don't want to see such thing happened as shown in the first OP video just pay more attention to the hostage, point your gun at the hostage before he's restrained and incapable to do anything.
  12. Yeah these guns would really be cool and all but making these guns from scratch would take a really long time, so suggesting a mod from DayZ workshop would be better. Also about revolvers, I don't think as of current its possible to implement them due to DayZ lacking animations and programming for them.
  13. Voted no. Chernarus is a fully developed map with cities, villages, castles and etc. And other maps aren't like that, heck Deer Isle as I remember doesn't even have city signs. Also if I remember correctly Deer Isle as a map got removed from DayzRP due to the dev not allowing monitized communities, so Deer Isle is a no. And other maps I don't think there is any as developed as Chernarus.
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