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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I got banned on DayzRP discord https://i.imgur.com/TSwGMJq.png Why the verdict is not fair: I was joking around in dayzRP discord about whitenames jokes and I got banned for it. I think I shouldn't have joked around these kinds of things. But after all it is just a joke. And I shouldn't got banned for it. Everyone makes jokes about that. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I just wanted to have good time and joke around, and I got banned for this. I feel like I don't really deserve this. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get unbanned on DayzRP discord What could you have done better?: I shouldn't have joked around about this.
  2. Slava Chernarus! Slava Kozlov! Patriotic Ivo Zacpal First Responders Militarizing Odezva Camping The Night The Forces Of The Coalition The Leaders Of Coalition Discussing The Plans Tactical Boys
  3. Viktor was born in Miroslavl, in a abusive family. From a very young age Viktor was beaten by his father, for no logical reason. He always tried to retreat to his mother for comfort, but his mother did not really care about Viktor as she had a drinking problem and she prioritized drinking before her own son. Viktor always felt as he was a foreign to his own parents. From the young age Viktor only found comfort in nature. The peaceful nature of it kept him going through his hardest times. During his teenage years, Viktor got kicked out of home, because Viktors parents couldn't afford enough money to feed themselves and their alcohol addiction. Viktor lived on the streets for long years of his life. He has learned alot of things about life on the streets and with it he, himself started drinking, getting into fights and causing a lot of trouble. From this time on Viktors sanity has started to slip. In the age of 16, Viktor was arrested for almost beating another homeless man to death, he was still a minor so he got placed in a militarized style of orphanage house. In there Viktor got indoctrinated in the ideas of soviet union and the military doctrine. During his time in orphanage Viktor still caused alot of trouble, got into fights with the staff, teachers and other kids. He was feared by everyone, but in the end Viktor succumbed to the teaching of that orphanage, because of the measures they used to calm Viktor down. Viktor was often being beat up by the teachers, locked up in empty rooms for days in end, and all other cruel punishments a teenager shouldn't experience. In the age of 18 a little calmed down, but mentally broken Viktor was forced to join the Soviet Armed Forces. He was trained and was assigned to 3rd Guards Motor Rifle Division. During his time in the soviet military, Viktor was deemed as a weird and very violent person. After serving in the military for 3 years Viktor got discharged due to his deteriorating mental health. In 1981 Viktor got discharged from the military and came back to Miroslavl, Chernarus. Back in his homeland Viktor started to heavily binge on alcohol, drinking for weeks without end. Soon enough Viktor was running out of money, so with his connections made from a local pub, Viktor joined the underground criminal organizations that consisted of bunch of low life drunkards from Miroslavl. These said low life drunkards used to do organized crimes, like robbing village stores, breaking into houses and etc. Life was going good for Viktor, he was drunk all the time, had enough money to rent a apartment and put food on the table, but all good things come to the end. Apparently there was a snitch in their gang, so Viktor took thing in his own hands and violently murdered the said snitch to later find out that he in fact wasn't the snitch. His fellow partners in crime after hearing this didn't want to do anything with Viktor. His fellow partners in crime wanted to kill Viktor as he posted a threat to their organization, but soon enough Viktor has learned of the plans, that will be executed against him. In the fit of rage Viktor killed all of his fellow partners showing no remorse for his actions. This was total breaking point in Viktors life as he left no remorse for anyone and started to live in his own little imaginary world. 1991 came around, and the all oh mighty CCCR fell, with it the western culture flooded the former soviet republics, including Chernarus. With that bunch of new crazy narcotics flooded the streets of Miroslavl, Chernogorsk, Novigrad and etc. Viktor got immediately hooked on Heroin. With his new found addiction he needed more and more money to fuel it. And so Viktor started to search for a good source of money. And so did he find. Apparantely his parents hit the fortune selling their lands to some big oil company in america. With these news he made his way back to his childhood home to find that his parents want nothing to do with him. With the fit of rage Viktor killed his parents in sight of their neighbors. This was not good for Viktor as there were alot of witnesses around. With that in mind Viktor took anything valuable from his childhood home and went on the run. TBC
  4. Slava Chernarus! Slava Kozlov! Tour of Černaruská Policie jail cell Černaruská Policie personal Tupolev Pavlovich discussing serious business Oheň Rádek Zelenka cooking fish Policie discussing business
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I feel like i should have been warned and not banned, because it's a thing i couldn't really control as the car was going very fast, and everyone knows that DayZ vehicles are notoriously buggy and choppy at slower speeds, attempting to slow down or turn to the right would've resulted in all 5 of our deaths, when we tried to get out of the way the victim went to the left as soon as we went to turn off the road from hitting the other person. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was not able to control the situation therefore i think i should have received a warning instead of a ban for 5 days. And i have learned my on driving vehicles on dayz. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get a warning instead of a ban, or lower the sentence. What could you have done better?: i could have been driving slower.
  6. Nonplayer

    Avoiding RP - Vybor 15:25

    @Phoenix I have no video clips of this event.
  7. Nonplayer

    Avoiding RP - Vybor 15:25

    My POV: We saw 5 to 6 armed individuals with weapons out running towards us. First logical response was to fire the car up and get out of there as fast as possible, as my character was scared.
  8. My POV: I was the one driving, we saw two people on the road we were driving in fourth gear and i tried to avoid colliding by turning left but the man in blue just ran into the direction i was trying to evade him.
  9. Vratislav was was born in 1989 december the thirty first in Miroslavl zoo. Vratislav had a good life, and he was a healthy ape, feasting on lavish bananas and other jungle foods. After the apocalypse has happen Vratislav escaped the zoo and migrated to south zagoria region. To this day Vratislav is wandering the lands of south zagoria. Vratislav the gorilla is afraid to leave the forests, but does when he is in need of food. During the apocalypse Vratislav most favorite thing to do is smash the infected and humans alike to feast on their bodies.
  10. Slava Chernarus! Here is the lore.
  11. Born in 1981 Zikmund grew up in a very nationalistic family. During his childhood Zikmund was pressured to join the CDF by his parents, to protect his motherland and it's people, but Zikmund didn't have a call for it so, instead of joining the CDF. Zikmund instead join the Chernarus Police Academy ,where he finished and became a patrolmen in his hometown of Severograd. Zikmund was your down to earth cop during his first years in the service, but when he grew in ranks, Zikmund has felt the power, and became more of serious cop. You could always see Zikmund walking proud with his uniform in serious face doing his duties. In 2007 Zikmund got married and had a kid with his wife Natalia. In 2015 Zikmund was finally promoted to Captain of Severograd Police departament, the highest he got in his career before the apocalypse. In his position of Captain Zikmund took his job very seriously and did his job extraordinary well. 2017 the outbreak happened and Zikmund organized the city evacuation of Severograd, with alot of casualties. Shortly after that the CPD fell and Zikmund wandered the lands of South Zagoria, hoping to reorganize the CPD ever since.
  12. My POV: Me and Ehren were travelling up north. While on our journey we saw two said individuals @Gradwitz and @Caller . Me and @SullyDat decided, we shall take hostile action against said individuals. (This decision was done via ingame VOIP.) We RP our way toward zeleno, and time came to execute our masterplan. I notify @SullyDat. With "It is time brother" seen in (12:15). We take our guns out and demand those two individuals to surrender, @Gradwitz comply, where @Caller takes up arms and tries to resist us. @Caller starts running away not complying to my demands, so I pull the trigger and try to gun down @Caller which in the end i successfully do as seen in the logs. But unfortunately while in combat with me and @SullyDat(seen in 12:25). @Caller out of thin air decided to gun down @Gradwitz who was clearly being taken hostage himself, and had his hands up.
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