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    Not that bad for the first day of the White Marlin Open. There was a ton of life out there. Whales, Dolphin, and fish just breaking the water. Released 1 White Marlin for points and then caught 15 Mahi Mahi with a nice bull weighing in at 21Ibs sadly got knocked off the leaderboard on that one. Largest Marlin to beat is 74Ibs, Tuna is 201Ibs, Mahi Mahi is 35Ibs, Wahoo is 82Ibs, and Shark is 277Ibs. Those are the weights to beat for the rest of the week currently. Tomorrow is a lay day, then back to fishing on Wednesday. 

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku


      Youre out there catching giants while all we get here is small ass trouts like this

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