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  1. Premium Question

    Thanks @Whitename
  2. William Wolfgang's Story

    Follow the adventure of William Wolfgang throughout the world.
  3. Premium Question

    So I just noticed this when I went to upload more than one photo to a thread. It says "Max Total Size 2MB". But I've donated for Tycoon and I got it. Then under Hall of Famer it says this: Increased max attachment size, from 2MB to 4MB per image Am I missing something? Did something change? Because I went to upload a photo that was 1.8MB and then I went to do another and it says it was above my Max 2MB Limit when I thought I had 4MB Thanks!
  4. DayZ RPuppy Thread

    My 3 Legged Lab She is too cute, but is missing her other 2 dogs R.I.P. Hopefully she will have a new playmate soon!
  5. Top gun, and why it's the best movie ever made.

  6. I'm back for some more interaction

    Welcome Back!
  7. RandyRP

    Great day so far! Thanks everyone!

  8. Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Good day for me and the boys thanks everyone who was involved! @LemonRP @G19RP @groovy tony @HenningRP @MurasakibaraRP @BorisRP @KennethRP and anyone else I forgot thanks!
  9. What do you collect?

    I collect.... Guns (Currently Have) 2 AR15s 2 O/U 12 Ga. 4 Muzzleloaders .50 Cal. 2 12 Ga. Waterfowl Pump 1 12 Ga. Pump Deer Hunting 1 20 Ga. Pump Deer Hunting 1 Hunting Rifle .30-06 Multiple Pistols Knives (Multiple Hunting Knives) Duck/Goose Calls (All kinds, too many to list) Mostly stuff that has to do with hunting (Guns, Knives, Calls, Bows).
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    Welcome @RandyRP and also @KennethRP 

    1. KennethRP


      Cheers mate!

    2. RandyRP


      Thanks Boris! 

  10. Sorry I had to do this

    Mhmm till next time!
  11. RandyRP

    New name new game???

  12. RandyRP

    Getting some fresh sushi :P

  13. Jobs and professions?

    Currently full-time student studying Cyber Security and IT Specialist for the US Army
  14. Anarchy [Recruitment Open] [Active]

    Please don't