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  1. RandyRP

    Should DayZRP add a weapon redux mod?

    The thing with this mod is that it adds more guns but the animations for some of them are still broken. Some of the guns also don't have models for ammo or magazines either. If this mod added and fixed things that were broken with them instead of just adding them and letting you be able to use them with missing models. Then I would be all for it but I don't see the need to add it until the game becomes more stable and the DayZ Devs start to work on these weapons.
  2. RandyRP


    Just took 2 finals. Pretty sure I failed the one RIP. About to take a 3rd now....

  3. RandyRP


    I'm back, I've been taking care of some IRL things that needed attending to. Looking forward to jumping in-game and playing again too. See you all soon

    1. Major


      I miss u. ❤️ 

    2. RandyRP



    3. Xavier


      welcome back babe

  4. ***WIP*** Ramone Sanchez Ramone Sanchez was born to a poor family who lived in Los Angeles in January 1995. His mother was from Armenian and his father being from Mexico. He grew up around the area of skid row, where the area wasn't great and where the streets were overrun with the homeless. His mother and father were both living off welfare, barely getting by. Ramone Sanchez had an older brother who dropped out of High School because he was failing and was involved with drugs. Ramone wasn't the best in school but he tried his hardest to get good grades. He didn't have a bright future, growing up he was always out with the wrong crowed of kids who got in trouble all the time. Once Ramone got into high school, he was running with his brother selling drugs up and down the streets of Downtown LA. Ramone didn’t stay in school long after that, next thing he found himself on the streets full time selling anything his brother gave him to sell. One day his brother got in a little over his head. He started to move to a new area where he was unfamiliar with. A mistake that will cost him, more than just money and reputation. [Brother Name] was humiliated by another gang that moved into that area. He lost everything, including his life when he went to go confront them. Ramone knew that he wouldn't be able to carry on what his brother started, so he decided to speak with the people that killed his brother. Shit went south when the 24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria showed up. Ramone took cover and hid at the beginning, then he realized he could use this to his advantage. He grabbed his gun and started shooting the one that killed his brother. That when he meant Kevork Guzman after the fight. Ramone introduced himself and spoke a little bit with the gentleman. Once finding out Ramone was Armenia Mexican, tensions eased up from the fight. Ramone explained how his brother was killed by these people and that he was trying to continue what his brother started. That's when he learned more about the 24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria. He was told what they were doing and Ramone wanted in. He was let in after proving his loyalty to the mob. Ramone job was to head back to Armenia to handle some jobs that needed to be done. So, he left his mother and father in LA and went to Armenia. One of these new jobs was to help establish and import new drugs into South Zagoria. They were supposed to be bringing in new production equipment, but the outbreak happened. They lost a few of the weak ones, but the strong survived and they still had a mission that they wanted to complete. Ramone being new to the mod, always felt that he had to prove himself as they would see when they are stuck in South Zagoria, Ramone would step up to the plate and prove himself again to the others.
  5. RandyRP

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    Good luck with the group guys
  6. RandyRP

    Interview With A Community Member: Bounty

    Great interview, it was an interesting read. Thanks
  7. RandyRP

    Profile song

    I use Mixtape currently. Here is a link to the site: MixTape. All you need to do it upload the MP3 file and then use the link on the website, when you edit your profile
  8. RandyRP

    Can't post in DayZ Radio forum

    Hello, You have to maintain 1 hour of play time per week in order to create or respond to a post on the Radio Chatter forum section.
  9. RandyRP

    Stranniki Winter Camp

    Looks like a good event. Hopefully all goes well!
  10. RandyRP


    Finally back in my State, never heading back to that cold State ever!

  11. RandyRP


    Finally in Ohio, let’s see how this holiday goes 

  12. RandyRP


    Just landed in Pittsburgh, PA. Now for the 1hr 30min drive to the house 

  13. RandyRP


    Currently in the airport and I’m like why are you all flying and then realize it’s the most traveled holiday in the US RIP

  14. RandyRP


    Heading out of town for a few days. Everyone take it easy. Talk to you all when I get back

  15. RandyRP

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Closed Recruitment]

    I'm ready for this