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  1. Taking a long break from games. If I talk to you, then you know how to get in-touch with me. Otherwise DM me on discord 

    1. Mademoiselle


      o7 thank you for being there when I said some personal shit ❤️ 

  2. Wait not a legend?! 

  3. Welcome home RandyRP.

  4. /Closed Glad you could resolve your issue.
  5. Greetings @speirs, The Admin Team have reviewed this appeal and come to the final conclusion. After looking over everything that was laid out to us, the original report, and discussing it multiple times we have decided to remove your Final Warning and issue you 10 Warning Points for the rulebreaks in the original report. Then original Ban will remain which was set to 10 days. With that said you asked for the report to be closed which you have the right to do so, but it is up to the GM Team if they want to honor your request or deny it and keep the report open. Therefore, in the future please keep all video evidence until the report is closed by the GM Team, this includes evidence saved on your computer or evidence that has already been uploaded to YouTube. This will help avoid the issue of evidence being deleted when the GM Team decide to keep a report open. We do not want this situation to happen again in the future. With that said the following will stand: @speirs - Lying in a report / Metagaming | Guilty - 10 Warning Points & Ban Remains Signed by: @Voodoo, @Saunders, & @Randy
  6. /Approved Best of luck guys! @Gregor get the GroupCP up and send those invites out
  7. I have the flu and strep, just lovely.... 

    1. Eagle


      Corona too?

    2. Nyx


      same minus the strep but add bronchitis.. its kicking my ass.

    3. EddieLR


      Damn, get to feeling better soon

  8. Welcome back to the community!
  9. Greetings, After reviewing this report, logs, and evidence that has been provided we have come to the conclusion. We do not see this as griefing, as there are minimal items left on the ground, which could have been dropped for multiple different things. It doesn't seem like it this was done with malicious intent or on purpose, it seems more like there was swapping of items or transferring of items and things might have been dropped. The griefing rule: 4.8 Griefing is act of damaging or destroying a player base, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge, ill intent or doing so without IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done. With that said the following will stand: @JoeRogan - Griefing | Not Guilty Signed by Myself w/ Notes
  10. @Truzzy123 Thank you for posting your POV. Your Temp Ban has been lifted
  11. @DJdoff Thank you for posting your POV. Your Temp Ban has been lifted.
  12. @DJdoff & @Truzzy123 will be Temp Banned until they provide their full detailed POV and any video evidence that they may have.
  13. /Approved @Marik Make sure to get the GroupCP up and the invites out. Also reach out to @ItsJustBee & @Matthew Steiger Since they haven't been ingame in over a week. See what is up and if they are going to be playing. If not please remove them from the roster.
  14. People change when they get to different places. Then you realize that they were putting on an act the entire time to get somewhere

    1. FalkRP



  15. /Approved @Watchman Get the GroupCP up and those invites out. Also reach out to @Thormeister as they have not be ingame for 1 month. If they don't plan to play please remove them from the roster as well.
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