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  1. Suleiman Kerimov POV: After I lost track of Boris because I was cutting the said zombies I passed the airfield concrete fence and sat in a tree by someone I mistook for Samuel, a few seconds later I was shot from another tree.
  2. Born to a secular family of merchants in a very religious country Suleiman decided it would be best for business if he'll make an impression of a practicing Muslim. It worked, when it was his turn to take a hold of his father's trading company deals were closing left and right and new uncharted territories would soon follow. Trading in spices and wears was profitable to a point, but with the fall of the USSR military merchandise flooded the market and Suleiman took the opportunity. First - the familiar wears, then a few shipments of body armor, a few old Jeeps for parts and eventually firearms and newly assembled tanks waiting to enter service. Working in Chernarus was always a good vacation, but one day things got real bad.
  3. Hey, a friend of mine - https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/2702-symmetrical/ didn't log in since before the whole "link your profile with steam" and he can't reset his password because he can't remember the email address he's registered with. When he's trying to log in he's using the right password but the site won't accept it. What should he do?
  4. As you can see I was really surprised when that guy started shooting as Stas, just no initiation what so ever [video=youtube]
  5. My kills in this video: * Guy inside the fire station - was a friend of the guy who took Pavel hostage. * The one who took Pavel hostage - not dead, uncontentious. At 16:00 you can see me getting ready to execute him, and we get sprayed down with Joshua. [video=youtube]
  6. Those people were you an hour before at the NWAF? They told me they were CDF.
  7. Funny you'd think I was trying to harm you seeing as I was the first one to go and attempt to stop the hostage taker, getting shot in the process. We never shot you, I was also killed before i could finish off the guy who took my friend hostage.
  8. It was my friend Pavel taken hostage, after we took down the guy who took him hostage a few more people came in. Those people might have been CDF, we have encountered them an hour and a half before on a hostile situation. I guess they though you're with us. I was also killed.
  9. I'm running around with panic most of the video, but you can get the general idea. We tried to talk peacefully, he was strongly against us staying there and he was making a fuss all alone. [video=youtube]
  10. I was one of the guys in the camp - after we first told you we were looting the camp you became pretty hostile. You just came out of nowhere talking harmful stuff, telling us your friends will come and kill us - "OK I'm going to call my friends right now" We initiated, took your radio, left your without your pistol, we left your bag, you had a water bottle inside, a water pump was right there and the tents had some food left. I will upload my recording later.
  11. So this guy came from the tents (the one with the clown mask) right after the explosion, and another guy was hiding in a tree (might not be related). The guy with the broken leg should identify the guy who was giving him a saline bag.
  12. Her name was Sara Cernik [video=youtube] My POV: I was listening while she and Stas were arguing (for about ~10 minutes) and suddenly something blow up (looks like it came from her), killing her, Stas, some other man and breaking the legs of the 4th person.
  13. Kevin_Rossi

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    It's nothing compared to Duke Nukem Forever definition of "Soon", the word forever fits right in there
  14. Kevin_Rossi

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    You should read the first post again. It's the Exile mod with a bunch of other mods.
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