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  1. Hello, I was whitelisted last December, and when i tried to connect yesterday it said I am not whitelisted? I have always followed the rules and have never done anything to be banned. Please try to help me, I would really like to play.
  2. Is there any chance of the hero skin being added in to DayZRP for high humanity? And if not for high humanity could it be switched out for civilian 5? Because it looks much better and would be probably bought a lot more. Thanks
  3. Would I be able to join R.S.M. as just a camp guard? I am 16, and would love to be able to join R.S.M. I submitted my application a while ago, and I did not get an answer, which is probably because I am only 16. Would i maybe be able to join as just a camp guard? Thanks
  4. Personal information __________________________________________________________________________ Name: Connor Steacy Age(IRL): 16 Nationality: Canadian What kind of person are you?: I am a person who shows respect to everyone and acts mature. I enjoy working in teams and am kind to everyone on my team, I will help my team with any task that they need to be done. Time Zone: Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00) Which sector of Raven Shield Corporation are you applying for, R.S.M or R.S.S?: R.S.M. In game information __________________________________________________________________________ IGN: Derek Frost Character Background Story: After hours of waiting there was no response from anyone on the radio, only the feint cries of the dead walking outside Derek’s home. Derek was about to head to bed for the night when he saw the embers of a fire not too far from his home. Derek grabbed his crowbar and went outside to see what was going on, as he neared the fire he smelled an absolutely putrid smell, coming from the fire. When Derek got to the fire he saw two lifeless bodies with bullet wounds in their heads. “Some people just can’t handle it” Derek said to himself, Derek hadn’t seen anyone in months and was losing hope. Derek had started to think of suicide the past couple of days, a way of rejoining his dead family and friends, but not yet Derek still has some hope left. As Derek reached down to look for a wallet or some sort of id he noticed a crumpled piece of paper, he picked up the paper and it said “Helicopter will be arriving tonight at sunrise, at the hospital just off Windermere street” This could be Derek’s flight out of the hell hole city he lives in, and also a trip to a place that is safe from all the undead. This would be a far travel for Derek, it wouldn’t be fast enough on foot. Just as Derek was about to give up hope he noticed that the dead people had a jeep, that was in working condition. Derek searched through the bodies in hope of finding the keys, finally on the dead man he found a key for the jeep, Derek got in the jeep and began his journey. Derek stopped at his house and ripped through the boards blocking one of the windows. He grabbed what supplies he could and went outside to grab a gas can, he poured gasoline all over his front yard. Derek sat in his lawn chair and smoked his last cigar, just as his cigar was almost out he dropped it in the gasoline and left. Derek’s drive was long and uneventful, he was determined to reach the hospital. When Derek reached the outskirts of the city where the hospital was he parked the jeep right outside the front door because this could be an ambush, but Derek didn’t care he would take his chances. He turned his flashlight on and crept to the top of the hospital, only having to take out a few undead on the way up. On the roof Derek leaned up against an air vent and waited for the noise of the helicopter. Not soon after Derek sat down he heard the helicopter. Derek lit his flare and threw it down on the roof, the helicopter turned towards him and started to land. When Derek approached the helicopter he noticed there was only one man in the helicopter. The man got out and said to Derek “Where’s my brother and wife? They are supposed to be here, not you!” Derek replied “I found them both dead at their camp, I found a note on one of the bodies as well as the keys to the jeep, I am very sorry for your losses, I really am.” The man ran at Derek with a knife and swung at his throat, Derek dodged the knife. The man reached for Derek’s sidearm on the ground, Derek pushed the man away causing him to fall of the roof. Derek had no choice as much as he didn’t want that to happen it was the only way. Derek decided to fly the helicopter on his own, Derek had experience flying helicopters from when he was on the police tactical division. Derek looked at the controls for a while but finally figured out how to fly the helicopter. The helicopter had just under a full tank, which is enough for Derek to leave Podagorsk and head to Chernaurus where it may still be safe. It would be a long flight to get there but there was enough fuel in the helicopter, Derek felt relieved to leave the island and maybe find somewhere safer and with actual living people. Derek could see the shoreline, the helicopter was low on fuel so he would have to land on the coast. Derek knew he had to crash land, there was not enough fuel to do a proper landing. Derek lost control of the helicopter and it leaned towards the ground, Derek braced for a hard landing, when the helicopter hit the ground Derek blacked out. As Derek woke up he heard the exact thing he left Podagorsk to get away from, and it was right in front of him… DayZ Experience: I have been playing DayZ for about a year, I played DayZero a lot, I found it a lot harder and I liked that. I would sometimes find people who would roleplay with me, and that always made it more enjoyable and realistic. How familiar are you with the rules of the server? I am very familiar with the rules, and always check for new ones. I have never went against any rules or been banned. How much role play experience have you had on the server? And for how long have you actively been playing on DayZRP? I have been playing DayZRP for about 5 months, I have only been playing for 1 month on this account, because I wanted to start fresh. On what times are you usually online? I can play at anytime between 4pm and 11pm, depending on if I have to work on that day. Do you have any trouble following orders? No, I have no trouble following orders, I was in military style DayZ clans before joining DayZRP. So I will follow every order given to me. Do you have any hostilities towards any of our allied or trusted clans? No, I have not hostilities to any clans at the moment. What made you interested in R.S.C, R.S.M & R.S.S? I am interested in R.S.M., I have seen R.S.M. in action and I would love to be a part of the Raven Shield Mercenaries. I also would enjoy helping guard the Raven’s Nest, or any settlement that you have, or that you are helping guard. What role suits you better? Sniper, Rifleman or Machine-gunner? Derek was a Rifleman in a police tactical division so he knows how to fight with just about any rifle, you give him a gun and he can do almost any job. How would your role play story fit into the R.S.M or R.S.S background? Derek would fit into the R.S.M. as a raven, used to guard the camp, sent on jobs that are given to the R.S.M, or help fight a battle. Derek has experience as a hunter, he can gather supplies that are essential to the ravens. He can help provide intelligence to the Ravens without being spotted. Derek can adapt to any job and exceed all expectations. How is your overall experience of navigating. Locating towns, cities, landmarks etc, in Chernarus? It is very good, don't need a map or GPS to find my way around. How is your patience with other people? (Trolls, hostiles, etc) Derek has good patience, and if hostile actions are taken towards him or the people around him he will fight. I will file a report on people who do not respect the rules, and don’t follow them. When you see someone, do you avoid them or do you initiate role play? When I see someone I will initiate roleplay if they look like good people. When you are alone/bored, what do you do? When Derek is alone he gathers supplies and weapons for his camp. Do you understand that when you're under the banner of R.S.M, you are not allowed under any circumstances to perform any types robberies or other bandit actions unless provoked or dealing with contracts? I fully understand. I am very mature for my age, so please do not decline my application because of my age.
  5. Hey! hope you enjoy dayzrp!
  6. Good luck with your application!
  7. Thanks guys. And yeah I should have put it in paragraphs.