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  1. Sunny was a foreign exchange student sent to from New York to Ukraine to study medicine abroad in 2018. after a year he was asked to study under a mentor in cherno under a man named Limrick for unknown reasons sunny wanting more experience for and a better resume for the work force sunny studied under the kind old man for two year up to the outbreak sunny and limrick where treating a infected individual before more was know about the infection when the infected man lashed out and killed limrich. sunny ran out the small doctors office into the woods shortly after collecting himself he got a bag and a few supplies together he fled to the woods listening to the radio about the new outbreak and infection sunny lost track of time going from the safety of the woods to random houses looking for scraps of food clothes and running into the random survivor bandit extra till present day now still roaming around looking for something a group for safety people to keep him sane
  2. I read your POV and knew the statement was a lie, so i double-checked my footage files, found the instant replay and uploaded it. That's it. It's something that i didn't realize had saved at the time- and it was uploaded the second i could. I will no longer be responding to this until a moderator or someone of that caliber asks me too.
  3. I found video evidence that makes your statement false and proves you're lying in a report
  4. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2019-06-28, 11:01 (am i think) Your in game name: @zsmith1111Sunny smith Names of allies involved: @brringbumf(robin) @Method(father Josiah ) Name of suspect/s: @Fletcher Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): (i dont think this will be much help but i putting it anyway) Detailed description of the events: Sunny and Robin were talking in the field near Sosnovka by the Toy Maker's base when I was informed via radio from Father Josiah that a man wanted to talk with one of the higher-ups. Being the only ones online, I walked over and put some gear in our tents before going to speak with the man. We walked away from the base and probably 40 yards out the front gate and I spoke with the man calling himself Reznov. After a really odd chat that was oddly focused around Fletcher I started talking about Fletcher to the man and made a threat against Fletcher's life saying that if Fletcher were to hurt or attack Robin that I would hunt him down. Then the man, now in Fletcher's voice, says "Fuck you" and guns me down without any initiation.
  5. zsmith1111

    Final version of Mad Rin

    wait shark tooth bitch form the air field ... its me sunny XD
  6. 8/10 it's a gif tho so you lose the other 2 xD
  7. FUCK MY PHOnE I NEED MY PC Would you rather be hairless or have a lot of hair
  8. my reading is pretty shit already sooo ill keep music Would you rather Live forever or be a "god"
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