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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. Charecater Name In SA

    Name is Percy[RP]
  2. What weapons do you want to see in SA

    I think you mean brass knuckles and I would like to see more military rifles. Like the M24 or DMR
  3. An idea to keep the server Roleplayers only

    Do you know maybe when Rocket will add more tools for server owners?
  4. I had an idea how Admins could separate the Roleplayers from non-roleplayers and that is that everyone who plays Rp must have a [RP] Tag after their name. Those who doesn´t have the tag will most likely be non-roleplayers and the admins can kick the from the session. It´s just an idea that might work if the Admins even can kick players
  5. Standalone RP or Mod RP?

    I´m playing the Standalone RP. I think the mod is too buggy
  6. I was in Guba and Met a guy who told me that there was someone shooting people on sight (A roleplayer named Tom according to him). But there was no one else there. The whole town was empty and I´m not sure anymore where the safehaven is.
  7. Retiring from staff

    Goodbye Ceaser
  8. I´m dead

    I can´t join the server. It just gives me the message that I´m dead and I can´t respawn
  9. Password?

    It could be changed? And it would only be temporarily until you can White-list people
  10. Password?

    I have seen servers that are password protected? Could we maybe use this as a temporary way to stop non-roleplayers to join? I know that people could just tell them the password but it could filter out a few bandits
  11. Quick question

    How do I know who are Roleplayers and who aren´t?
  12. Guba, Guba!

    Is this for real? I heard Safe Zone was in Kamenka. For f***s sake! I just arrived at Kamenka!
  13. I have been playing the Standalone server now for a while and I havn´t seen a single person. So where are all the populated areas?
  14. Hello guys im brandon

    Welcome to our community!
  15. Aw shit. Thatnks for telling me