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  1. PSN vladsnakedragon Haven't had many people to play GTA Online with :C everyone's a cock shooting everyone Also, I must be doing something wrong, logged into the social club on my pc, clicking '+join' on the crew site, and it's not doing anything :C
  2. I know a lot of people have mentioned this already, but Banditry is a bit out of hand right now. It's too easy being a bandit... run into town, threaten everyone, leave them without anything, and shoot any bugger that resists. I've been robbed before, and it's been some of the worst RP for that reason. You can't go "But can I help you instead? I can offer to help you find ammo you need" that sort of thing. I'm not saying bandits should be taken out, but it seems, from what I have seen happening, that most of the veterans to DayZRP are in bandit clans, and majority of people who do complain about bad RP are actually Bandits. You know why? Simple. They rob new-spawns... and not only that, but they don't rob them out of necessity. Why would a bandit need a Lee Enfield, or your crossbow, or a 6 slot backpack, when they have military-level gear, DMR's aimed at you already, full toolbelt... etc etc. Now, the above case is way too common, and results in Bad RP, because, well, how pissed would you be, as a victim, in that situation? You just found a weapon to fend for yourself, and some tough-guy points his military rifle at you, telling you to drop something that he has no use for, and then to just skidaddle. If you stay to try and talk to them, you're dead. This is a sad cycle, because a nice amount of those people then turn bandits and do the same. They don't RP past "Drop your loot", which gives the impression to the new people, that that is how the game is played. Now, I'm not pointing at all bandits or people that do do that. There has been a situation a few times, where I've met people about to rob me, but instead, we talked it out, and went our separate ways with everyone being happy. Why? Simple... Roleplay. We talked, he threatened me, I responded with a compromise, he listened, I helped him, he let me keep most of my stuff, and we both got out happy in this case. Larger bandit clans need to realize this. It's fun for both parties, even if you are robbed or kidnapped, but it's also a learning experience, as you touch up on your own RP skills, and even pick up a thing or two from the other party. TL DR: RP for fun, not for loot. If you're after taking every piece of loot that you don't need, not give much of a choice to RP, and do it to everyone outside your group, you should probably not be playing DayZRP. Edit: Before anyone says this doesn't belong here, I'd just like to clarify that this is a cause and effect scenario, for why RP has been going to much lower standards.
  3. I just recently got a few guns, ones I've never used before in Arma (since they are guns added in by mods) and was seeing if I could actually practice them. The easiest way, would be through the armory. But DayZRP has no armory options, and I'm not sure how to get the Guns to work in stock Arma2 armory. Are there actual specific mod files I can move, or is there a way for me to enable Armory somehow, and practice all those guns in the mods?
  4. Spent a good 30 minutes in Electro, and then in Cherno, on both server 1 and server 2, with no loot. Had people go into town as well, and there was no loot either. (So went through electro, from server 1 to server 2, then went to cherno on server 2, and switched to 1 again a bit after, with no loot on either server) Just a suggestion, but would it be wise to reset the server every 3-4 hours, rather than 6 at this time, at least until that server-loot problem gets fixed? Edit: by no loot, I mean nothing, not even trash cans
  5. Personally, Hooray for the patch... Booo for the wipe. Even with the bugged loot tables, and lack of loot in general, this is a bit unfair to people who had already put in so much time, and got the gear. Many have died oh so much yesterday, during the 1.3 launch, and when everyone finally worked their ass off for basic gear, you announce a wipe... And it's not a "Wipe today" but a "Wipe maybe in the next few days". It's just equivalent of rubbing people's noses in their hard work. Remove the GPS's, but don't take the guns and kit we so desperately had to find.
  6. I know some people will say otherwise, but personally, with the rarity of bloodbags and antibiotics now, and the aggressiveness of zombies, it has become extremely hard to play, much less RP, in a city or even village. The zombies just swarm you, and it takes only 4 or so hits for you to die. The new sepsis/infection mechanic is nice, however, you seem to be able to get it pretty easily, even when at full health. So far, I can't tell if you need antibiotics, or the wipes, to fix the sepsis, but as it is, the main problem is the amount of zombies, and their damage. I'm not saying turn it back to pre 1.3 amounts, but having to run into a hospital, and, upon firing 1 shot from even the quietest of non-silenced weapons, you attract a hoard that keeps coming... and coming... and coming. In the church in Cherno, today, we fended off easily 50 zombies with melee weapons, that seemed to aggro at the slightest noise... and in Berezino, someone fired a Makarov, and made it so it was impossible to get out of the hospital due to the sheer amount of zombies that covered the span of the windows (think wall of zombies, without gaps) I do hope this gets addressed soon, and I understand if it was meant as a means to force 'survival', but it is a bit of overkill. Either lower the damage on the zombies, and infection/sepsis chance, or decrease the numbers they spawn in... but one thing for sure, the spawn timers for zombies need to be nerfed (big time)
  7. Server wipes at the end of every month, in my opinion, is a terrible idea. Part of RP is having the gear. Gear is your asset, you have to protect your assets. If you're wiping every month, it limits the amount of RP that will come around. Clans get geared up, then they do what the clans do... rob or save civies. Settlements need to be defended as well, and wipes will favor those people who were lucky with the drops, rather than those people who built up their defenses. A good example is: A few snipers attack a settlement against guys who have nothing but ironsight AK's, for the sole reason that they got lucky, and others didn't, and won't have a chance until the next reset.... Rinse Repeat If you take gear out of the equation, all it means is that during the month, it's a game of luck to who gets what rifle/gun. It would kill off trading as well, since there would be no incentive to trade, and thus, there goes another aspect of RP. TLDR: Gear plays a major role in RP, and drives it further.
  8. Now, I have read over the rules, and I'm a bit puzzled in a circumstance that follows. A clan member sees someone getting robbed, and/or, executed. This is a hypothetical situation, but the following questions arise. Does the person who sees the robbery take place, get KoS rights on the robbers/bandits? Does the person have to directly initiate in this case, if the robbers had already taken hostile actions, and the person is observing? Obviously, if the member of the clan initiates, and gets shot, we get KoS Rights if he radios in that "He's getting shot, at coordinates this and that". (PS, I understand we have to ID the members as well) I just want clarification on these, as the rules are a bit of confusing, at least for me, in this case. I also thought I'd ask here, before taking action.
  9. IGN: Vlad Snake Dragon Age: 24 Country: Australia English skills: Good - Very good DayZ Experience: Been playing since it was in testing-phase What kind of role best describes you: Jack of All Trades. Extensive arma 2 experience with many roles. I can scavenge, sniper, spot, heavy support, close/silent assault. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Currently in 501st, looking at options Additional notes: I am looking for a clan that focuses around operations. Not a 100% Bandit clan, of course, but one that has a reason to raid areas, set up people outside for the raids, roadblocks that aren't all just "Stop, drop weapons, and run". As a side note as well, a big plus, is if the clan has a group of 5 or more regulars (at the moment, there's only 2-3 other guys that I ever play with, not that they are bad... I just am looking for larger groups to play with) Best way to contact you: Just send me a PM, I check forums daily. BackStory: A lot of loud noise... mechanical... screaming... that's all he could remember. A faint memory of seeming to have fallen out of a plane... he did not know where it came from, nor where it went, except that it has now gone down. Somehow, he had managed to glide down, almost safely, and land. As he awoke, that throbbing headache persisted, with an odd, thick, wetness to the back of his head. With his hand, he curiously, and cautiously, rubbed at it, before bringing it back to his face. It was blood... his blood.. but it was thick, almost dry. Looking around, there seemed to be nothing in the vicinity, and a call for help, was left unanswered. As he stood up, trying his best to remember anything, he noticed the odd military uniform he was wearing. On the left side, Vlad Dragon, and on the right, Callsign "Snake". With a bit of fumbling, he managed to undo his parachute pack, setting it to the ground. With a quick search, there was a basic survival kit in the pack. A ration of emergency food, a drink, some flares, and a radio. Patting himself down for anything that may yield even more info, proved useless as well.. his pockets having been torn open, and anything that may have once been inside, was now long gone.
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