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  1. IGN: Boothe Powers Age: 22 Country: United States English skills: Great DayZ Experience: Played over 200+ hours What kind of role best describes you: Driver, scavenger, Assault, Medic. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Best way to contact you: Pm my account on here, I check it every day. Backstory: I grew up in the town of Kamenka. My Mother had died at a young age, and my dad went into a drunken anxiety related lifestyle. So he decided the best way to me to become the man this family needed was to send me to Chenarus to be raised by my sister, Katherine. When I was of age I joined the police force in Elektrozavodsk, and did my best to keep the peace along with repaying my sister for bringing me up in this world. One Christmas I was on my way back to our little shack on the outside of Kamenka when hell broke through the grounds. On my drive to meet her I saw people attacking each other out of what I thought was rage and anger, possibly some kind of disease in the brain. Later I realized that it was the inevitable. A zombie related outbreak had been unleashed. When I had arrived to the house, I had found my sister lying on the floor ripped to shreds and still twitching as if she was only attacked an hour or so before-hand. With tear filled eyes and a heavy heart I received a call from the Chief of Police in the area, stating that the outbreak had not yet reached Elektrozavodsk and that I was to report back and help contain the worried citizens of the area. On my long drive back while dodging deserted and destroyed cars on the roads, I some how flipped my car. Still not sure how I did it as the incident happened in an instant. All I remember was waking up in the hospital in Elektrozavodsk to an empty room and an empty I.V. Looking around out the window there were those infected people, or once-people wandering around all over. And thus my story begins with me on the shores of Chenarus trying to find any means necessary to survive this hell hole. My name is Boothe Powers, and this is only the beginning to what I call my "so called life upon this earth."
  2. Thanks for the help, apparently I downloaded the v2 not v3 when i first got it, and downloading v3 fixed my problems.
  3. So, I have tried the RP Launcher and editing the items in the expansions in the ARMA Launcher through steam and also through DayZ Commander. Although each time I try to get into the server this error comes up and I am not sure what to do anymore. Please help!
  4. My name is Boothe Powers and I look forward to joining you on this perilous endeavor into the unknown of this Zombie Apocolypse. If you so want to read my character I am portraying on this Role Playing peace, feel free to send me a pm or some sort of message and I will gladly share my story with all my fellow RP'ers!