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  1. Yes! My application was accepted! You have no idea how excited I am to actually be a part of this now!
  2. Hi to you too! Are you of any relation to Mike Hawk?
  3. Hi there. Saying who I am is pretty redundant, because I know everyone can read and I don't want to insult anyone's intelligence, so I'll just say that I prefer being called Third. I was driven to look for a... deeper, I guess, experience in DayZ. The PvP and dry PvE of other servers wasn't doing it for me. Today, I was alone on a server. I was fully geared, and it was nighttime. I noticed my temperature meter was dropping, and I created a fire to solve this. I was sitting in the middle of the field, looking at the stars and moon, when I realized that, at that exact moment, I felt more involved with DayZ than I ever had doing PvE or loot runs. I felt immersed. I felt alone, isolated, and on the run. I felt exactly what I used to feel in the older DayZ. And that's why I came here. I wanted to share that moment with someone, and I figured the best possible place to share that feeling would be with a group of people who were also looking for a deeper, more detailed DayZ experience. I knew I wanted to get involved with the story of DayZ. I wanted to roleplay DayZ, not just play it. I really hope my expectations aren't too high, and that this site/server aren't too good to be true... So, once again, hello. Thanks for having me. ^.^