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  1. Possible KOS/Invalid Kill rights, possible false ID

    POV: I was in communications with @jackhammer40k , @TommyGun_, @bieger19 and some others that I dont remember I was then notified by my group at the time that they had been initiated on and so I had the right to open fire on any hostiles that I saw and so I killed 2 people as you can see within the logs. From there I was trying to get back to my group and give them support then I got into another gunfight and someone over my mic said they were getting shot and I hesitated thinking it was one of my own and in turn got shot fell uncon and bled out . From there I muted the chat until I was poked to come back on and I then got told that @Play3rFTW was killed when i died but thats all i know , I spawned at the coast and tried to head back up to somewhere we could regroup , END POV
  2. Calvin Jackson

    Calvin was born aboard his father's navy ship touring vassal in the seas of Singapore China, his mother not wanting to leave her husband's side due to her having constant worries about leaving to coming to china in fear he might be attacked or hurt whilst on his travels so thus she stayed by his side and in turn gave birth to Calvin aboard his father's ship the SSJackson a personal ship bought by Calvin's father after the second world war. Growing up for Calvin was very laxed and was met with luxury in practically every stage of life from when he left school his parents paid the school board to give Calvin better marks where he was failing and to give laxity toward marking instead of the harsh marking schemes they would usually did in private schools and throughout college and university his parents were very supportive in his choice in being a medical professional and thus gave him extra whenever he so desired , this in turn made Calvin for the better part spoilt to the core and somewhat rotten to others for not having the aid his parents gave him and thus would bully other children whilst growing up. This intern affected him in his study's becoming argent and entitled and thus become a real asshole going into his 20s. After finishing his paramedic science degree, we wanted to spared his name and become a hero and so he decided to join up with the British army Calvin's father of course gave a generous donation in exchange for Calvin to be moved up a rank or two after boot camp, after finishing his basic training he was moved to medic specialist due to his degree in paramedic studies and after of training in this field he became a fully-fledged combat medic for the British army with the rank of lieutenant. His first real combat role was being shipped off to Afghanistan for a single tour, he was stationed at a camp near the city of Heart a very dangerous area due to the traffic of terrorists in the area and this is where his life would be forever changed. During the night in his FOB he was awoken to explosions all around the camp where he was sleeping the windows to his room shattered due to how close the explosions were to the walls of the FOB almost like they were trying to get in for some reason the sirens screamed out and people were screaming out in terror and fear ,gunfire rained out and people were scrambling out from their bunks to help defend the FOB since this was so sudden and Calvin's fireteam were caught off guard most were gunned down within the first few moments of the engagement he was the only one left in the fireteam. Calvin not knowing what was going on decided to hide in his covers and pretend to be dead under the sheets until they left , after 10 minutes of screaming and gunfire it sounded like everything was beginning to die down and for the short time there was nothing no sound at all just the painful white noise of nothingness its drove Calvin to near insanity hearing nothing at all and after 30 minutes more he let out a scream at the top of his lungs just to break the silence that was consuming him. But there was no one to hear his screams all there was, was nothing under the blinding bright sun there was not a living soul there nothing but empty husks littered out on the ground surrounding the base and some outside from both sides it looked like they all killed each other off in the engagement and all Calvin could do was see the death that this brought and how the red flowed from each body lying on the ground. From this experience Calvin was changed not being the spoilt child he was before he was shipped out, not being the smug person, he once was. His world perspective changing as if a person has ripped the old Calvin away and lefty a new cold and ark new Calvin behind. After coming back early due to his father demanding he came back and brought a private plane to come get him and take him back home in England , Calvin developed a mental insecurity from when he was out in the field and the feeling of not being able to help anyone like he wanted ,his dreams of becoming a hero and a person to be remembered faded away the deeper he got himself in his own mind he for many years became a recluse and never left his home becoming a hermit and not letting anyone into his life in fear that it could end up like it ended before with blood and fear in their eyes . After many years of being disconnecting towards his family it became apparent to his father he had a problem and decided to take his son out on his boat to a place where he could talk to his son and try and talk out what's going on with his life and why he still hasn't moved out and tried to do his own thing Calvin's father too his son to the seas near Chernarus thinking the quiet country would be good for his son's mental health and so they set sail to the location. During the trip there was a major storm that was about to hit the coast of Chernarus and they weather forecast never expected it to be as severe as it was and thus the ship was struck with a massive storm with the waves crashing onto the deck and the boat being shaken like a child's rattle the boat began to buckle and creak until the boat hit a pile of shore rocks tearing open the boat like a can and spilling out the insides that was the crew and Calvin's father being washed away in the storm and swallowed up by the darkness of the ocean , this was the second time Calvin couldn’t save someone and thus just wanted to give up so he let go of the pole he was holding and let the ocean consume him. He later washed up on the shores of solnichie near the docks being covered in seaweed and sand he barely got up the bank where he fell into unconsciousness after waking up about a day later he awoke with nothing about himself not knowing where he was at all, after finding the strength to get up on his feet he decided to find someone who could help him but there was on one there, nothing around except the crashing of the waves. He bashed on doors trying to grab someone's attention but no one replied and so Calvin busted down an old building and tried to make somewhat of a fire before he froze to death, after several hours he found inside of some houses that had the doors unlocked some old clothes and a small magnum revolver and a backpack in an old log cabin, he rummaged through the cupboards of the house he was staying in and found a single can of beans that he quickly ate. It was getting dark now and still no fire, luckily whilst he was looking for food in the house he was camping in he found some old newspapers to make a fire and some old flint and steal tool in the back cupboard as well he stuffed the paper into the downstairs fireplace and use the flint and steal to light the fire the warm glow and heat made Calvin smile and feel good about himself even just for a little, he sat by the fire and slowly drifted off to sleep.
  3. we are gonna miss you my dude just watch yourself out there
  4. POV: Was out side of the severo hospital and we noticed that some of our supply's were missing and suspected it to be stolen we noticed the one that we later initiated on as he was standing next to the bus and running back and fourth from the bus to somewhere we diddnt see we asked the man in a clam fashion to see the inside of his bag in case he did steal it we would of gave him supply in return for this but he was consistently objective then he suddenly decided to say it was a race thing (since his chr is dark skinned) and so we decided to talk around to see if we could get any information on this guy we later found out he is a person who consistently steals things from people and places so thus our suspicions was risen that he has in fact stolen form us so we persisted to us and me and @GrainSack told some others bystanders that we were going to ask him to put his hands up so we could see what was in his back then let him go and give him some supply as a apology they were fine with this and we kept on asking him .Then the game crashed multiple times and we saw what looked like the man in question running around weirdly we thought it was due to lag but he was being very controlled and methodical in his running around and we thought it was him baiting or something (if it wasn't then sorry dude the game is stupid like that and i totally understand ) we followed him to the pub in severograd and we thought he changed clothes to try and avoid us at then we consulted with him and his friend who we diddnt know was constantly going by us really close well within pulse check range and just brushing by us (i think they knew we were going to do something and were just checking our names in case something like this happened ) least that what im thinking i cant tell for sure . We initiated and we looking for rope and @Sylva diddnt even have any rope @GrainSack had tape to bind the mans hands then I was going to put a sack on the mans head to lead him off somewhere so we could talk about this properly but then I got shot and died and soon after the rest got killed (I am completely fine with being killed and It was fair and to the book so you have no issues from me at least I thought it was 100% ok and to the rules just some parts looked abit weird but I cant say for sure since I have no video evidence ) , but other than that thats my POV and im fine with what happened but I cant say anything for @Sylvaor @GrainSack
  5. S1: Severograd Bridge - KoS - 10/5/2017 - 00:48

    I can second what G19 is saying I wasn't involved at the incident but he was with me as a dynamic since he was in the same team speak
  6. Nikolai Petresk

    1st Lieutenant Nikolai Petresky, was born on April 15th 1989 at 03.44 AM in Moscow. As a youngster Nikolai would go and attend military school at the age of 12 and stay there until he joined the army at 17 with the permission of his parents. His father was a ex member of the CDF and was a Pilot of the famous MI-8 as a transport pilot. His mother was a tailor and she had her own shop in Gorka. When Nikolai joined the military he went trough BCT and got assigned as a Tank crewman of a T-72 MBT, as the loader of the tank. After 7 months he got promoted from a Private First Class to a Specialist and went from being a loader to a gunner. Some time passed and he found himself a girlfriend. He was happy with her and loved her a lot. But after 3 years she died of a car accident, but little did Nikolai know that she was Pregnant. It was hard for him at first but after some time passed he got used to being without her. His friends and family comforted him but deep down Nikolai still was sad. During 2008 he got promoted to a CPL and short after that he got promoted to a SGT. During the civil war his tank commander had been hit by a enemy sniper while he was popped out of his hatch and died 4 days later in a Military hospital. That put Nikolai in command of his crew and Tank. Nikolai had led his tank into some cities at the time while killing dozens of enemy vehicles and killing more that 40 enemies. Soon the military saw what he was capable of and most other Platoon Leaders had died so they put him in command of a Tank platoon and promoted him to 2ndLieutenant. He had fought alongside NATO to push back enemy combatants around the town of Kozlovka and succeeded with doing so. But one day he got de tracked and 1 of his friendly tanks were destroyed and another one disable due to heavy enemy fire. His tank and crew held off a enemy force of atleast 40-70 enemy ground troops and Destroyed more than 3 enemy ground vehicles with the support of NATO troops. Them holding a enemy of that size made a big difference at Kozlovka. In March of 2017 Nikolai got promoted to 1st Luitenant because of his actions and dedication. In July of 2017, Nikolai was performing a field exercise at the Tisy military base. When the outbreak occurred he got called to clear a path with his platoon to the North Eastern Airbase when his tank got a engine malfunction. The rest of his Platoon kept clearing a path until his tank was operational but then he got overrun during a repair and he was forced to Disable and then Destroy his Tank while fleeing to a Military checkpoint on foot due to their radio being broken. Now He's trying to save his country from total destruction.
  7. Riley's Rangers {Open Recruitment!}

  8. Riley's Rangers {Open Recruitment!}

    "We Rangers hail from all over the world - America, Russia, Europe, and Chernarus itself. Our heritage is closely linked with the Texas Rangers. We learn survival and combat skills in order to go out into the world and have a chance of surviving and making things better. Its our job to make this world slightly less of a shithole than it currently is, and hopefully save some lives along the way. But we understand that morals alone don't save people and sure as hell doesn't put food on the table. So we take jobs from those who offer them and take contracts if the price is right. But while you could rightly call us a mercenary force, we're also altruistic. We operate according to a strict set of morals, like the Texas Rangers before us. And before you ask, no, we do not run around in colored raincoats and motorbike helmets or transform into dinosaurs. Sorry How it began... In the early 1830s 60 to 70 families had settled in Texas—most of them from the United States. Because there was no regular army to protect the citizens against attacks by native tribes and bandits, in 1823, Stephen F. Austin organized small, informal armed groups whose duties required them to range over the countryside, and who thus came to be known as "rangers". In their early days, Rangers performed tasks of protecting the Texas Frontier against Indian attacks on the settlers. During the Texas Revolution, they served mainly as scouts, spies, couriers, and guides for the settlers fleeing before the Mexican Army and performed rear guard and general support duties. These minor roles continued after independence, when the region became the Republic of Texas under President Sam Houston. In 1838, the mission of the Rangers changed and so did the force. Under President Lamar, the Rangers became a military force in there own right, fighting a war against the Cherokee Indians to drive them from Texan lands. It was around this time that the Rangers notoriety grew throughout the United States, as daring stories of outnumbered Rangers holding off hundreds of Indian warriors gripped the nation's collective imagination. This is the mantle of responsibility and legacy that the founding fathers of Riley's Rangers picked up. Chris "Riley" Sylva and Levi Ackerman, both Texas Rangers, came to Chernarus on a hunting trip with Riley's childhood friend Derek. There trip was cut short, however, by the outbreak, and the trio were stuck in country. The resulting lawlessness and careless disregard for human life appalled Riley and his group, and they resolved to do something about it. Using the Texas Rangers' survivalist training as a baseline, they began training and teaching fellow survivors how to not only live, but thrive in post-outbreak Chernarus. Levi and Riley installed in the recruits a fanatic attention to detail, situational awareness, physical fitness, surveying skills, firearms training, and basic first aid. Most of all, however, they instilled in every Ranger a deep respect for the history of the Rangers and a deep sense of duty - a duty to defend those who couldn't defend themselves, and bring law to a lawless land. This is epitomized in the Oath, which every initiate must make before becoming a full Ranger: "I am a volunteered Ranger, and fully knowing the hazards of my chosen profession, I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor, and high esprit de corps of the Rangers. Never shall I fail my comrades. I will always keep myself mentally alert, physically strong and morally straight and I will shoulder more than my share of the task whatever it may be. Gallantly will I show the world the meaning of the Ranger Ethos, in my actions and my words. Surrender is not a Ranger word. I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy and under no circumstances will I ever embarrass the Rangers. Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the objective and complete the mission though I be the lone survivor. I will never hurt or bring harm to a noncombatant or innocent civilian, or I will forfeit my place and my position as a Ranger, and my life in this world. I take this oath in the presence of my brothers in arms (and Almighty God if the person so desires to say)" IC Goals Assist with bringing law and order back to Chernarus. Defend the helpless from any predatory individuals or groups. Destroy those who actively contribute to anarchy. Work closely with the authorities (CDF/NATO/UN) to keep the peace Contract work with other groups or individuals that share our motives OOC Goals Not be archived in a week after founding Provide a new and fresh twist to DayZRP's faction politics Have at least 15 active members Remain professional, mature and dedicated to high quality, IC roleplay at all times Work closely with Loremasters and RP Mentors to improve both the group and its individual members Current Members Levi Ackerman | @Levi Ackerman Derek Michael Alvey | @Mozria Dovin Taylor | @Dovin Miles Miller | @SandDancer97 Connor Atway | @Classic Join the Rangers today! IRL Age: Character Page (If you wish to make a new one for the group let us know): How active will you be?: Why us?: Previous groups?: Please message @snfsylva once you have posted an app here, or join us in our Teamspeak room! Thanks to @Centurion for the graphics!
  9. Spectre Security (recruiting)

    Im not saying i dont agree with whats he saying its just that your friend was being very harsh and brutal to a WIP group , its his first time doing this sorta thing and yeh he needs some help and im thankful you are lending him a hand via team speak we are just working out the kinks and we have been thinking on this for a while but all being said your mate was harsh and was kinda brutal on the whole thing but we are fixing it when we can least here we can change things up and fix things that need to be fixed oh and I am doing some graphics for the group so that will be changed soon nothing to complex but yeh just doing what I can
  10. Spectre Security (recruiting)

  11. POV: I was with this biker gang and was thinking on joining them we were looking around novey sobore looking to spread the word of this gang (sorry forgot the name lol) and trying to make them fear us then apparently I was challenged to a fist fight and I won 2 times in a row . We were about to leave to stary and we saw two guys and we wanted to have a look and the leaders wanted to show us how to strike fear into the populous so they decided to chase after them at this time my game was doing that dumb thing where it wouldnt stop moving my guy to the right constantly and I fell out of voice range all I saw was the guys who were being chased shooting back at us and this huge gunfight came about I dont know if there was any initiations that happened or if they just straight shot them im sorry all i know was the guys retaliated and started to fire at us . At the time I was under the assumption that my group initiated and they retaliated against us so I was trying to shoot one but never got a hit and thus died in this firefight that was it I died instantly and then re spawned and since I died I was no longer in this situation anymore and i was able to log off (if thats not the case i apologise ) .
  12. KOS Kabanino 6.6.17 22:30

    right OK NP dude thanks for the info glad to hear it
  13. KOS Kabanino 6.6.17 22:30

    so whats the report about im kinda dense so please explain and if im involved at all and i mean that am i in trouble ?
  14. KOS Kabanino 6.6.17 22:30

    POV : I was in Vybor Police station with a paramedic named Kate I met her and her associate called George in the NWAF near south barracks I decided to come with them to Vybor since they were reacting to a distress signal from a friend when we got there he was already dead we decided to bury him and they have me his AK for helping out George wanted some alone time to personally morn the loss of his friend and me and Kate went into the police station to check on my throat since I have a raspy voice in game and I RP bad coughs ,she RPed well and said that i nothing there then a man named Roger comes in and asked us whats going on and why is this woman is trying to look at me .We explained everything to him and he then decided to leave then a man we hand no name of pointed a mosin at roger and told him to go back into the room with us (guess he did not know we were still in here i think ) then I opened the door to see what was going on he then pointed the gun at me and Kate and told us to stay back of he would kill us and he wanted to take the girl with him so since he pointed a weapon at me and said if i did anything i would die that would be a initiation and he was stupid enough to not tell us to put our hand up and when he turned around me and roger decided to shoot him because he wanted to kidnap Kate . The server then reset and the body was gone.
  15. dude brill RP i died trying to avenge u lol  

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