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  1. Miles Miller

    Miles Miller was born in Newcastle In the Northern Part of England in the Year 1993 . He was raised for the better part of his childhood by his father Patrick Miller , Miles mother sadly passed away during childbirth . He wasn't the smartest of people he run into dangerous p[laces and and pretty stupid stuff for a child his age but what he was particularly skilled at was taking his toys , clocks and even a game cube he got for one Christmas apart and then putting them back together ,he was interested in how they worked the gears of his clock the screws of his toys and the circuits and wires of his game cube he loved to see what made things click and turn and this interest grew as a got older . Leaving school he he knew he wouldn't get all his grades but to his surprise he did exceedingly well at mathematics and D.T ,this He thought was due to luck or the marking board being nice or something weird but even if he diddnt like to say he was quite a numbers guy but never like to say it out loud due to him thinking people who did maths a lot were nerds and wimps . He never liked to show his emotions it really just wasn't part of his makeup he just wanted to get things done and quick and this grew to be a double edged sword. After school Miles did a 3 year motor engineering course interested in how engines worked and the feeling of nostalgia when built and took apart engines this he felt was his element , he learned lots of new and quick ways to fix engines and even learned how to rig an engine to work on parts that were broken to uprising efficiency, this he felt was his talent and his focus in his life and for the first time he felt a scene of pride flood his body that wasn't forced he felt a little strange like he was unwell or something but it felt good not bad . Finishing His college course with one of highest grades you could get , but even though he was a skilled engineer he was impossible to hire due to his lack of emotion and unwillingness to get along with his workmates and almost every time he would get a place he would be fired for being hostile towards workmates and becoming a social outcast . Being nearly 20 , broke and still living with his father he wanted to move out of this town and not be such a burden to his dad , his dad leaving his job due to a massive workplace accident that left him crippled and only being able to live off benefits living with him and not paying anything toward rent or food was really draining on his dad and he wanted to earn something for his dad even if he diddnt show it and feel like it he really did deep down loved his dad for raising him and he wanted to help him in anyway he possibly could . After looking in papers and job centres for a full year he finally found the brake he was looking for , the team was named the black crows after the car being jet black and its driver Luke Crow one of Newcastle's best in the young rally drivers . Spending the next two and a half years with the black crows on their rally tours going form France to china to even parts of Russia they travelled . Their final stop before heading home would be the Chernarus grand Prix .This was the final and the most important race they would do and if they won this would mean a big payout for Miles as well since they split the winnings between each of the crew members and this would be a nice lump some to send back to his Dad back in the UK . Whist The grand Prix was going on Miles decided to go into the city of Severograd the town was very close the the Prix location , Miles wanted to see if he could get a postcard to send to his dad telling him what he was up to and to say he wouldn't be long home .Going to one of the local markets stores there was a small gift shop run by a local girl , she seemed to be quite pretty to miles and for the first time he felt a rush of excitement and confidence whenever he saw this girl , he diddnt know what this meant inside but he felt the urge to go and talk to this girl . Walking up to the counter and looking for some postcards he asked the woman if she had any she told him to go away and that locals were the only ones to buy things from the store , the woman seemed to have a distrust for outsiders or just a general dislike towards them , Miles asked why and she only replayed with a grunt , this turned into a three hour argument over why he couldn't buy anything form the store and the longer he argued with the woman the more he felt to be with her he never felt this way before and it seemed the woman was in the same frame of mind swell On the final day of the Prix Miles diddnt know weather or not to go back to the gift shop due to the fact that he was about to leave for the UK and never see Natasha again he felt a deep guilt run over him like never before he was stuck in a mental battle to go or not but his control and his apathetic nature he told himself it was better not to go and to focus on the race he diddnt want Luke to loose and thus stayed with his team for the final day. Later Natasha was expecting his arrival as per usual but he never made a entrance for Two hours she waited for him to come she decided to go to the Prix back entrance located next to the abandoned factory opposite the stores she ran as she was bout to turn the corner she could see Miles getting into a car on his way back to the airport she , tried to run after the car getting her heels court in the wet mud that was there ,she took off her shoes and sprinted as hard and as fast as she could towards the car falling and being caked with mud , whilst on the ground she began to cry and slam er hands on the floor thinking why did he have to go her eyes were covered in mud and couldn't see a thing then a hand touched her shoulder and asked if she was OK in a soft voice . As she was wiping the mud from her eyes she saw a bury figure next to her about to pick her up she screamed and hooked the figure in the face after falling and rubbing her eyes she saw it was Miles now with a busted lip and blood dripping from his face she ran towards him using her skirt to wipe away the blood and holding him tightly and saying she was so sorry and she wanted wanted to say she loved him along time ago but never saw it in him that he loved her back , then for the first time ever in Miles life his personality changed he felt there was something more important than anything he has done up to now and something he had to love more than fixing things more than his dad and more than himself . After the Chernarus Prix he decided to stay with Natasha and asked that all the money he had saved during the tour be given to his Dad back home, for the next year and a half he lived the the town of Severograd she worked still inside the gift shop and being more welcome to outsiders and tourists and Miles got himself a job inside the local garage just a little ways outside of town . The day the apocalypse happened diddnt really affect Miles and Natasha until later on Miles had just popped the question to marry Natasha and so everything in both peoples eyes were looking up it wasn't until at 5 am in the knight a explosion happened at the garage a fuel tanker exploded and destroyed half the building and chard the rest of the building along with it , Miles jumped out of bed and seen flashlights and gunfire happening outside of their house Miles quickly grabbed Natasha and told her they had to leave the house ,she was reluctant at first thats when a stray bullet smashed the window next to them from there with the clothes they could get on they ran out of the house only to see people eating each other and people shooting others in the chaos they ran as fast as they could to the next small town down the road to see what was going on , one of the residents leaped out in front of Miles and Natasha asking them to help her she was old and had a huge chunk of her flesh ripped out of her arm she was then tackled to the ground by another person Natasha tried to get the person off of the woman but the figure was eating the old woman. Natasha screamed and fell to the floor the figure then grabbed her arm and was about to bite her this is where Miles stomped on the figures head and crushed it with his steel toed boot. The figure was dead swell as the old lady miles picked Natasha up in his arms and began to ran from the town , as they came towards the next town they saw what looked like a checkpoint and with people standing there the looked military and so Miles ran towards them and asked in Cherno -Russian whats going on and if they could help Natasha they turned around and pointed their weapons at them shouting only infected as if in a question , Miles had no idea what they were talking about and diddnt know about and infection before then they grabbed Natasha and found a scratch that the figure must of gave to her when she was fighting it off the shouted and pointed to it and dragged her from Miles and then with no hesitation shot Natasha in the head , Miles dropped to his knees and screamed and ran towards the guard that shot her and punched him in the head and grabbed his gun and shot the remaining guards around in a fit of rage after this he ran to Natasha and cradled her in his arms as the life faded from her eyes .After 10 minutes of sobbing he picked her up and placed her in a ditch on the side of the road it wasn't what he wanted to do but it was the best thing he could do for her at the time , from there he when to the guards and looked to see if they had any ammo spare on them he saw what looked like a ID badge Chernarus Defence Force it read on the logo and with a fury in his heart he ripped the badge off the guard and grabbed a coyote backpack from one of the guards and made his way into the forest down south trying to find a way to see what the hell was going on.
  2. Spectre Security (recruiting)

    Im not saying i dont agree with whats he saying its just that your friend was being very harsh and brutal to a WIP group , its his first time doing this sorta thing and yeh he needs some help and im thankful you are lending him a hand via team speak we are just working out the kinks and we have been thinking on this for a while but all being said your mate was harsh and was kinda brutal on the whole thing but we are fixing it when we can least here we can change things up and fix things that need to be fixed oh and I am doing some graphics for the group so that will be changed soon nothing to complex but yeh just doing what I can
  3. Spectre Security (recruiting)

  4. dude brill RP i died trying to avenge u lol  

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  6. I really enjoyed the RP as well was really engaging and unpredictable just what I wanted to see .
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  10. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about (Hero RP, Survivor RP, Hostile RP, Hostage RP, Group RP, General Knowledge)?: [Name: William Stroke ,interested in learning hostile RP,Hostage RP, Group RP ] What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play? [3.00PM -12.00PM GMT] How were you directed to the Mentors thread (d to- mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)? [Friend] If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what would you like to learn about or improve on? [I am generally ok with talking might get a bit whiffed if I cant remember my backstory I am good at being the hostage and not taken hostages dunno what to do with a guy for like 12 mins and I sometimes dont know promps like // can i perma scar? I also have troubl with IDing people and not knowing when to fire and when not to ]
  11. when i find you your gunna regret doing that lol
  12. help with finding passphrase awnser

    how long dose a whitelist application review take ????
  13. help with finding passphrase awnser

    ive done it now
  14. help with finding passphrase awnser

    nah i know the rules Ive read them 5 times now in its entirety
  15. help with finding passphrase awnser

    -Do not post whitelisting Questions on the forums-