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  1. hate to see this as a back and forth but...This is incorrect since they were in town with me RPing over 30 mins before the restart happened, they were there to talk about a situation I had planned prior to going to their base to help with medical training and supplies.
  2. POV: I was walking down to the main base of the liquidators to do some RP and medical RP. We then entered a small barn area where we then spotted a couple of people approaching , I looked at them through my binos and saw they were just a couple of guys I then walked over and asked them if they were going to trade up at chips place and they agreed and we decided to RP for a bit. I then got to know one of them better and asked for one of their names I was talking to and I was told one of their names was "Kirby" I then wanted to show him some of the supply myself and show him around be he wanted to stay with the others so I went back with him to the groups . Then I heard snaps and then I ducked to cover with one of the other liquidators and then a random gunfight blew out I was shot at and bullets were whizzing by me and the others I then simply surrendered and was told in the barn by one of the other groups guys to keep my hand up or ill die , I did this and then after some time I was brought into the barn with another guy . I told them I was just on my way to do some trading and medical help with the liquidators and I was simply a medic with the CTF and they said they knew and they weren't going to hurt me or take my weapons. They let me go and I was told to walk back home.
  3. Retro

    Savior's Media Thread

    im just in a bush somewhere whispering he babes im just in a bush somewhere whispering he babes im just in a bush somewhere whispering he babes im just in a bush somewhere whispering he babes I didn't mean for this to happen but it did and im sticking to what I've done with pride
  4. Retro

    Savior's Media Thread

    cant help being discount Psi i was just born that way ?
  5. Birth Donothan was born into a mostly happy life being the younger brother of the family of 2 he and his older brother Jason Lived very nicely within the main city of Glasgow for about 2 years before his father found better work within the north or England and so the family moved over to England within the early years of donothans life so to him Scotland didn't seems to be that much of a big deal growing up compared to the rest of his family that struggled for latest a few years during the move over to England with all of the new sight and changes , loosing friends and being apart from family slowly chipped away from his mother mental state and after 6 years being away she left her husband and ran back over to Scotland and cut all ties with herself and the rest of the family , she slowly became more and more of a distant memory as the years began to lape over throughout Donothans childhood being mostly a person he vaguely remembered into his teens and his early adulthood . His father being given the burden of looking after 2 children and working full time drove him to near brink of stress and tried to quickly find someone to look after his kids being that he didn't want to loose his job due to it being the only source of revenue for the family to live off from . Donothans father sure enough within the year quickly found a girlfriend called Luna , he found her though an online dating site and was very desperate to keep anyone so he could focus on his job more than anything else so she began to slowly over the coming months became a burden towards him asking for more and more things and becoming more possessive of things that were ment to be for both of them and within the first 2 years she ran off and left again with her and donothans fathers things . This Devastated them all and things only took a turn for the worst from there on in , becoming more and more stressed with dealing with things at home the family started fall apart Donothans becoming more reckless and making more bad decisions that he thought were ideas on how to make more money to help support his family during this time tho he ment well he was only causing more problems, Jason not being the more outgoing person there began turning to more recreational means of escape and became more and more addicted as time went on stealing things of value to fuel his needs he spiralled out of control and became shadow of the person he once was before to long. with all this going on and nothing else to loose Donothan was on his last straws and with no ideas on what to do next he decided to join up with the British Forces to try and forgo the burden of being dependant of his father and loosen his tied towards his brother now begging for money now to fuel his urges. Adult Life Donothan after signing up made his way though the beginning stages of bootcamp , this was totally diffrent than before hand living as a civ having to wake up at ridiculous hours to begin harsh training and to be basically akin of nothing more than a drone being told what to do but through all this this changed who he was and in the end a much needed wakeup call for him and his attitude towards his life and his views on such not being the sly shifty guy once before now a more level headed and stricter man with more than just the next day on his mind he completed the course and then chose to go into the Corps of Royal Engineers where he began training and gathering his diploma within the course.During his time learning his trade he became more fascinated with the diffrent types of machines and complex workings within the field and quickly over time began to be more fluent with his work and was one of the more skilled recruits by the end of the course , after his 3 years of his training he gathered his diploma and then was shipped off towards South Korea for 2 years to peace-keep for the UN on the north/south border .Here he fixed things from cars of politicians to old alarms and sirens but nothing was really going for him whilst there serving his time in South Korea and gaining the rank of corporal and team lead for the group he was apart of , whilst returning he found from phone call off his father that he was so proud that he finally turned his life around and was so happy that at least one of his sons was going to be able to see him soon enough , Donothan being confused to what he ment by one of his sons his father began to sob and quiver saying that his brother Jason died a few month a go due to overdosage and he didn't want tell Donothan due to the fear it could effect him during his training,.Donothan being visibly distraught simply said 'its fine dad your ok Im happy to hear from you again " and then quickly whilst his dad was in mid sentence hung up and walked back to his quarters pulled put a old polaroid photo of his brother and cried himself to sleep. Chernarus After a few years bring on home base and not really living up to much , fixing a car or helicopter or just maintaining things this was simply as much as he did on a daily basis and was beginning to effect Donothan and his performance was lacking due to this and others started to notice , his team at first being the ones closest to him and being like a second family and were the ones to first address this and try to support him and figure out why he was feeling like this .After weeks of trying to find out they came up with nothing and simply donothan was to closed away with the death of his brother and his continued boredom cycle to really free himself up and slowly began to alienate himself becoming more than just a drone on auto-pilot shuffling around and soon enough his friends his family on the base started to ignore him and slowly fade out of his life , the death of his brother and not being able to do anything about it affected Donothan to his very core and he wasn't the same person he once was , again grief struck him life a knife and there wasn't very much anything or anyone could do about it .After what seemed like a eternity Donothans higher ups decided to send him back out since his previous performance with working with the UN was optimal and they needed people for this peacekeeping job they brought it upon Donothan to help with works within the state of Chernarus helping with simple peacekeeping and support for maintenance of UN and local forces vehicles and thus was shipped to the state of chernarus with a small squad of other UN members to help with the ongoing works there. LAST KNOWN LOCATION OF DONOTHAN IS UNKNOWN AND IS STILL MIA AS OF CURRENT HEIS PRONOUNCED ALIVE BUT MISSING
  6. Retro

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    yes they are friend ?
  7. Retro

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    I personally think bases should be built anywhere and everywhere just as long as it doesn't give the builders and in-game exploit that will give them an advantage like sky bases are a no-no and outside of the map area like debug stockpiles but other than that if we want a realistic game and RP big fortified bases and small shacks should be allowed
  8. Good luck with the group guys i wanna see some New Vegas references there somewhere like if u had a guy called Joseph cobb id explode !!!!
  9. *Nickoli opens up his PTT* "Um what the fuck is this shit honestly why are people whining about paying for a tax to live in a town if he wants to tax someone over staying in a town where he offers services by doing so then he can there is no point in bitching and moaning about why he can't he's a good man and is reasonable in his ways I know this since he has saved my life on more than one occasion and he only charges 10 fucking bullets of ANY kind to own a fucking house every 2 weeks, before infection I had to pay almost half my salary to live in a shitty apartment in cheno and so this guy is pretty much the best thing that has come to me and id rather pay money than live in an abandoned house in the middle of but fuck nowhere. so honestly if there's going to be shit over some stupid price over housing you lot deserve to be dragged off and eaten by the freaks that roam this wonderful country". *Nickoli shuts off his radio and sighs in disappointment*
  10. Retro

    Searching For Qualified Doctors [Open Frequency]

    *open up PTT on radio* Uhh um hello anyone there I've been hearing scattered chatter about some sort of gathering of people who have knowledge on what sounds like basic and some advanced medical procedure and I'm just going to say even if no one is on the other end that I'm here to help as well, my name is Calvin and I if you need it could possibly be of help if you are needing it, of course, I'm well-trained being that before all this shit I used to work as a field medic in the Iraq war and know a thing or two about on the fly medical procedures as well believe me I've seen more holes here than I did in the field. so if you do hear this I m here to help in any way either big or small so respond to this or find me on the radio signal 98.0 htz that's what I leave my radio on when it's idle. *switches to 98.0 htz to wait for any response *
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    Good job on that initiation!

    star trek applause GIF

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  12. Today is my 21st birthday and now i need to be put in my place , anything goes and dont hold back i wanna see some good roasts here and i wanna be crying by the end of it so have at it ?
  13. Retro

    The Great Battle Of Novy Sobor - IC PvP Event


    just gunna say most of the EU players wont be able to play at all since the time is utterly crap in my most people like in the EU would prefer to have it put forward a hour or two like 10 or 11 pm GMT or something like that or even midnight its just that its really hampers people from the EU to play at such a late time
  14. Retro

    The Syndicate

    I only have Adidas on me thats the only way to dress if you dress in anything else you are filthy western spy *drinks his kompot and gobs a moth full of smechki*
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