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  1. Retro

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    yes they are friend
  2. Retro

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    I personally think bases should be built anywhere and everywhere just as long as it doesn't give the builders and in-game exploit that will give them an advantage like sky bases are a no-no and outside of the map area like debug stockpiles but other than that if we want a realistic game and RP big fortified bases and small shacks should be allowed
  3. Good luck with the group guys i wanna see some New Vegas references there somewhere like if u had a guy called Joseph cobb id explode !!!!
  4. --------------------------------------------------- the backstory of this character is a work in progress will work on it as soon as possible -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. *Nickoli opens up his PTT* "Um what the fuck is this shit honestly why are people whining about paying for a tax to live in a town if he wants to tax someone over staying in a town where he offers services by doing so then he can there is no point in bitching and moaning about why he can't he's a good man and is reasonable in his ways I know this since he has saved my life on more than one occasion and he only charges 10 fucking bullets of ANY kind to own a fucking house every 2 weeks, before infection I had to pay almost half my salary to live in a shitty apartment in cheno and so this guy is pretty much the best thing that has come to me and id rather pay money than live in an abandoned house in the middle of but fuck nowhere. so honestly if there's going to be shit over some stupid price over housing you lot deserve to be dragged off and eaten by the freaks that roam this wonderful country". *Nickoli shuts off his radio and sighs in disappointment*
  6. Retro

    Searching For Qualified Doctors [Open Frequency]

    *open up PTT on radio* Uhh um hello anyone there I've been hearing scattered chatter about some sort of gathering of people who have knowledge on what sounds like basic and some advanced medical procedure and I'm just going to say even if no one is on the other end that I'm here to help as well, my name is Calvin and I if you need it could possibly be of help if you are needing it, of course, I'm well-trained being that before all this shit I used to work as a field medic in the Iraq war and know a thing or two about on the fly medical procedures as well believe me I've seen more holes here than I did in the field. so if you do hear this I m here to help in any way either big or small so respond to this or find me on the radio signal 98.0 htz that's what I leave my radio on when it's idle. *switches to 98.0 htz to wait for any response *
  7. Today is my 21st birthday and now i need to be put in my place , anything goes and dont hold back i wanna see some good roasts here and i wanna be crying by the end of it so have at it
  8. Retro

    The Great Battle Of Novy Sobor - IC PvP Event


    just gunna say most of the EU players wont be able to play at all since the time is utterly crap in my most people like in the EU would prefer to have it put forward a hour or two like 10 or 11 pm GMT or something like that or even midnight its just that its really hampers people from the EU to play at such a late time
  9. I only have Adidas on me thats the only way to dress if you dress in anything else you are filthy western spy *drinks his kompot and gobs a moth full of smechki*
  10. @LemonLime I hope we meet my friend we shall share some good stories and Kravass eh ;p
  11. *squats like the truest slav while eating his mayonnaise and kravass* you called ??;p
  12. POV : I was walking down to NWAF due to someone telling me there was a small trading hub ran by the commies there , so i decided to go and check it out to see whats going on I get there and i get told whats what and i wanted to trade my AK for some food and then they tell me its a illegal weapon and so they questioned my name and place of birth and they were giving my hot fire questions like what is the capital of ukraine and whats the largest city there aswell but thats nothing really important just that i diddnt know OOC and i was kinda forced to use google so i wouldn't get shot because they where kinda forcing the question out of me but i digress that i can ignore , then they deiced to Torture me and try and get any info out of me and any other info since my chr was a AWOL CDF from before the infection and since there is a resurgence of CDF around they wanted info and they had a past history with this chr as well when they were small so i told them what i knew (very little ) and then a gunfight sprawled out and i was asked to hid in a corner I stayed there for 20 mins i think and there was also another guy who was running his mouth and refusing the captors orders so he was shot for not listening . after the fight was over i got searched again for any stuff and then the game restarted and i tried to log back in and my battle eye messed up and i couldn't launch the game back up and so i just left it for the night after that I went down into the commies open comms to tell them what happened to my battle eye and they were complaint and nice .
  13. *Calvin opens up the PTT and responds* "Hi is anyone still there , hello ..... pauses for 5 seconds , ugh im hoping someones still there you said you needed medical help well its your lucky day im a doctor I dont know what s the problem since you never said but I can do most things from broken legs to taking bullets from peoples shoulders so if your there I can help just please respond before anything gets worse" . *Releases the PTT and puts away his radio in his bag *