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  1. Samaritan


    I need coffee and lots of it, I'm getting too old to be hungover. 

  2. Samaritan

    • Samaritan
    • Conor

    Good to see you back in staff again. 

  3. Samaritan


    I see there has been an influx of new members. Hello all you new people, enjoy! 

    This thread is for you (just in case).

    1. Terra


      Hello <3 I am new!

    2. Samaritan



    3. Terra


      Oh yes please!

    4. Hofer


      arrested development hiding GIF

    5. Samaritan


      You want a coffee too?

    6. Hofer


      Tea for me thanks

    7. Samaritan


      @HoferNo tea allowed 😡. I'm British and I cannot stand the stuff. I'll convert you with the help of @Terra to the joys of coffee.

    8. Hofer


      Do you want me to sit on the toilet all the time?

    9. Terra


      @Hofer, yes!

    10. Hofer


      sad andre johnson GIF

  4. Samaritan

    How is the RP at this current state?

    It's in the eyes of the beholder, in other words you need to get in and experience it yourself. If you don't you'll hear some say it's really hostile (It's over 2 yrs into the apocalypse, so maybe it's how it should be) and some say it's great because they love that fear when in game. I think getting into a group offers some protection but also make you a target. The experience of being a lone wolf or being in a group can differ greatly in how people respond to you in game but remember that your actions/words also have impact on their response. I think the issue is predictability, an assumption of 'Oh no it's this group again, I'm going to be robbed'. It just puts you in the wrong mindset for RP in general instead of going with the flow. You're already having a negative opinion OOC'ly, which is the wrong way to look at the interactions. Just get in game and see what comes your way, whatever that is embrace it and leave your OOC assumptions at the load in screen.
  5. Samaritan


    Little tip is read each word out loud and it becomes obvious as it's so out of place. Also make sure you're logged in and don't refresh the page or it'll move. The passphrase is unique to you so we cannot offer more help than the tips shared in this thread. It is there, you'll find it.
  6. Samaritan

    Add an 'Other' Gender Option for Profiles.

    Just to clarify, it is there are two biological sexes (male or female) not genders. Gender is how you identify in relation to your biological sex. So if you identify as cisgender then you are identying as your biological sex in other words if your are male and identify as male then you are cisgender. If you are male but identify as female then you are transgender etc. There are a few other genders etc. that you can identify as. But who cares, identify how you want to doesn't really effect anyone else, apache helicopter seems popular. In regards to the OP if you'd like more options then it would be another tab in regards to gender sperate to bioligical sex but I don't think it's needed. You can always write it to your bio If you really wanted to. Anyway these types of thread normally turn into a clusterfuck, might be worth a /close.
  7. Samaritan

    • Samaritan
    • APositiveElmo

    Thank you for your bean.

    1. APositiveElmo


      I agreed with what you said.

  8. Samaritan

    Racism in game.

    It's a strange one for me. Back when we played on the mod any overt form of racism was hit with the ban hammer. You could portrait racist tendencies but without being so obvious with it. Slowly over time it has become more blatant, more overused and accepted in game now, personally I do not like it. I'll be honest and say it's a small part of why I don't play in game anymore. I just don't like how obvious it is in game now but that's just my preference. However in saying that I do not begrudge anyone role playing how they want to, being in character is not the same as real life and a understanding of the line between the two is critical to minimise you becoming offended. To suggest a actor/actress that plays a racist character in a film is then themselves inherently racist is ridiculous when you think about it. You therefore have to treat the characters you meet in game in a similar way which is they are just characters, horrible ones yes but not a reflection of the real people that play them. If you cannot see the difference then you will be offended and ruin your experience. To the OP, excuse those who have been a little over zealous in their responses to your post but you have to remember how passionate you are about this issue they are equally passionate for freedom of choice about the characters they want to play. Which ever side of the fence you sit on regarding this subject you're neither right or wrong, it's all about personal opinion. Anyway, that's my view. Keep it civil people.
  9. Samaritan


    Long time fella, welcome back.
  10. Samaritan

    I'm back innit

    Welcome back!
  11. Samaritan

    • Samaritan
    • Saunders

    You look good in red too!

    1. Saunders


      It's weird to me, can never get used to the new colours. But I hope to be here for a long time and to make this place better each and everyday, so thank you ❤️ 

  12. Samaritan

    • Samaritan
    • Voodoo

    You look good in red, well done fella.

    1. Voodoo


      Thanks, red looks weird to me though I've been so used to purple

  13. Samaritan


    I just realised that on the 10th Sept it was my 6th year DayZaversary. Where the hell did the last 6 years go...

    1. Hofer


      Congrats boi

  14. Samaritan

    First day back since 2015-16

    Good to see you back but more importantly you're happy! I'll get myself back in game at some point and we'll have a proper catch up.
  15. Samaritan

    Interview With A Community Member: ToeZies

    Nice interview bud! Was a good read.
  16. Samaritan

    501 (Recruitment Open)

    Woah, this is a nice sight. Best of luck!
  17. Samaritan


    RIP Rutger Hauer. Blade Runner, The Hitcher and Hobo with a Shotgun to name a few. 

    1. Major



      Holy fuck man that sucks

  18. Samaritan

    DayZRP 7th birthday!

    Happy Birthday DayZRP! I'll have to get back into it again. Miss RP'ing in the apocalypse.
  19. Samaritan


    Too hot. Me no like. That is all.

    1. ToeZies


      V Hot. Me like v much. That isn't everything

  20. Samaritan

    • Samaritan
    • Hofer

    Nice to see you back in staff.

    1. Hofer


      Thanking you

      awkward funny dance GIF

  21. Samaritan

    *UPDATE* What SHOTGUN would you like to see added? (Multiple Choice)

    I know it's not on the list but...AA-12. Nuff said. Any game that has the option of using an AA-12 is greatly enhanced in my opinion.
  22. Samaritan


    A Dolce Gusto coffee machine is the best thing I have brought for myself this year.

    Coffee is life.

    1. Terra


      Coffee is love ❤️


      i love coffee GIF by Sorority Noise

    2. Samaritan



    3. Fae


      Nespresso superior 

  23. Samaritan


    Hello DayZRP peeps, I hope things are good with you all. Thought I'd have a little look around as it's been a while.

    1. Hofer



    2. ToeZies


      Bring back the wolf avatar.


      Also hey.

  24. Samaritan

    FANGS are back!

    Ill just leave this here...
  25. Samaritan

    How do you make your tea?

    I'm sorry, when it comes to threads I seem to have an ability to remember seeing one that has been previously been made. I think it's because I have been around these parts for nearly 6 yrs.
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