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  1. [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    If the person above you was being attacked by Zombies, would you help them or pull up a chair, get some popcorn and watch them die? Which ever you decide, why? Inventive answers welcome
  2. Moses Taylor

    A Bad Decision (2 Days Before Chernarus): I took a sip from the glass of Cognac in my hand and looked up to see two worried faces, urging me to agree to their proposal...'OK so that will be £100,000 transferred to my account and another £100,000 when I find him'... Growing up Born in the UK, I grew up in an loving caring home. I had a good up bringing but even at a young age I always wanted to join the Army. My family however wanted me to get a good education first just incase things didn't work out so I completed a degree in Criminology and Psychology by the age of 21. I joined the British Army as soon as I could after I finished at Uni and I chose to become a Royal Army Police Officer. I spent 6 years in the Special Investigations Branch and 3 years as part of the Close Protection Team, and this is where it went wrong. The Incident (around 6 Years Ago): Touring with a close protection detail for a high ranking officer in some fucked up country. Life was good I enjoyed my job and I was good at it. That was until the commanding officer gave us an order to fire on a crowd of people. These weren't soldiers trying to kill the officer that I was protecting, they were just people who were hungry and wanted food. We were on a diplomatic mission with the purpose of trying to get food to this messed up place. While moving the officer from a vehicle to a building where a meeting was being held, the crowd who had gathered outside surged forward to our position breaking down a barricade, the commanding officer told us to open fire, but...I just couldn't. There was no way was I going to open up on people just wanting food. When I tried to stop the others I was knocked out. We made it out safe but there were consequences. I was quietly kicked out the Army for failing to follow orders. I was discharged with full honours only because I had to sign a piece of paper so that I would not speak of this incident again to protect the commanding officer, and if it came out it would ruin his career and mine. They released some crap about some rebels opening fire on the crowd and that the officer was a hero for leading some of the civilians to safety, fucking bullshit. I'm only talking about it now because my world has gone to shit. Damn I regret not making this public...it still haunts me to this day. Arrival on Chernarus: Now lets get back to those words...'OK so that will be £100,000 transferred to my account and another £100,000 when I find him'...I am (well was) a private investigator back in the world and had been for around 5 years. Some very wealthy people had paid me to find out what happened to their only son. They hadn't heard from him for around a month, he had gone traveling. £200,000, easy job all, expenses paid and a little place called Chernarus the destination. I left for Chernarus on a local fishing boat, paid the guy $1000 to take me across the Green Sea. At first he wouldn't take me for the $100 I offered, mumbled something about the country being cursed, bullshit I thought. I decided to arrive in Chernarus from the coast due to the borders being closed when I tried to cross from Russia, some kind of toxic spill. So instead I came from Batumi in Georgia, the crossing across the Green Sea would take a few hours so decided to rest. I saw South Zagoria on the horizon, strange I thought the whole coastline being in darkness. The guy wouldn't take me all the way to the beach, he seemed to get more nervous the closer we got to the coast line. 'Смерть ждет вас' he shouted as I jumped into the tiny inflatable attached to the boat. Crazy fisherman... I got to the beach, put my foot onto the sand and I heard a chopper from further down the coast. It got closer, almost deafening me as it passed over my head. Then it lit up the fisherman's boat 'BOOOOOOM', I could feel the heat of the explosion on my face as I started to run. The explosion had temporarily lit up the shoreline, I thought I saw people moving along the coast road but I moved for cover in some trees. The chopper hovered over the debris left by the boat and turned its main search light on, I noticed something painted on the side of the chopper but I couldn't make it out. I waited, watched and thought about those words...'Смерть ждет вас'...'Смерть ждет вас'. I kept repeating it, I'd learnt some Chernarussian before I headed out here but I didn't know what it meant. I flicked on my flashlight, the red glow lighting up my Chernarussian translation book, 'Смерть ждет вас'... 'Death awaits you'...
  3. Samaritan

    Random bottle of Champagne...why not. Well it is St Patrick's Day. Maybe some Poitin later :)

  4. Samaritan

    TFI Friday people, TFI Friday!

  5. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    This is the Official DayZRP Elite: Dangerous thread. Post your videos, screenshots, trade routes. Quite a few staff members play in the beta. If you would like to join us, send us a poke and we will get you the information. Also, when I have time I will update this post with more information.
  6. Are you a dipper or a topper?

    Yes...yes I am, my cover is blown.
  7. Are you a dipper or a topper?

    I'm a topper, I use it as a blanket of saucy goodness.
  8. Two Kingdoms Collide [PVP Medieval OOC Event]

    Hail to the King, my death was not in vain.
  9. Two Kingdoms Collide [PVP Medieval OOC Event]

    I killed @Rolle...Am I still Staff?
  10. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    All passenger missions. As long as you outfit the right cabins etc. There are economy, business and first class cabins.
  11. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    Nice vid I just watched, shows the beauty of this game, (watch in full screen, HD).
  12. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    @Jack Bandit if you haven't already get yourself involved in the passenger missions, that is were the money is at. I did 3 x 1 jump passenger missions and made about 800.000cr in about 30mins. Got myself a Dolphin, it's only about 1.6million cr (stock) so I have my ASP in storage: @Owen long time. Nice to see an OG popping in to say hello. Add me on Elite - My CMDR name is Moses Taylor Yeah, I sneaked that channel into TS...shhh.
  13. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    Was fun last night @Lad, still cannot believe I spent 30 mins sitting in a station deciding whether on not to buy a Chieftan. After all that messing about I settled on a Dolphin. Need to outfit it better for more space for passengers. I should be on again tonight for a couple of hours.
  14. Two Kingdoms Collide [PVP Medieval OOC Event]

    King Percival Heath of Kabanino I pledge my life and my shovel to The Kabanino Kingdom and if by my life or death helps in the war to come it is yours. (Disclaimer - this all depends on how my work day goes and how tired I am later so I'm a 'maybe' )
  15. 2018 Greece Trip

    Looks like you all had a great time, glad you all enjoyed it. Greece is a lovely place with lots of history. (Also a great place to get pissed, I do miss proper Ouzo).
  16. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    I have horizons, just mustn't have found a station that sells it. I'm heading on shortly so my search will continue.
  17. Ads on the website

    Rolle is just trying something out in regards to the ads and their placement, I'm sure he will amend it or change it back if it doesn't work out.
  18. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    Will do, will not be until about 9ish though. Just not sure if I'll have enough cr's to buy it and outfit is reasonably, also need to consider the jump range and cargo hold. Sorry I'm thinking (typing) out loud. Anyway, I'll give you a nudge later if you're on. I enjoyed getting back into it. I wonder if we could get a few of us on?
  19. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    I was listening to the Galnet radio transmission and they said it was available in alliance territory. Watched a vid of someone reviewing it, looks very good for a medium ship, very manoeuvrable and good offensive capabilities. Only downside I saw was the shields aren't the best.
  20. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    Spent a few hours trying to find somewhere that sold the Chieftan but wasn't able to. I presume that it is in alliance territory? Spent my time doing a few delivery mission while I was doing it though. I'll be on later to put a few more hours in.
  21. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    How do you make your cr's? Community goals seem the most rewarding but I also do the deliveries. Trading and mining seem to be a lot of effort for minimal gain.
  22. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    I have about 75million cr's (a lot of it tied up in my ASP). Might have to take a better look at that ship.
  23. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    That is a nice looking ship, I really need to get back into Elite, taken a break from it. Wonder how much cr's that will hit you.
  24. [Game] GIF Response

  25. An Explanation & Some Other Shit

    You made an instant impression on this community especially with those 'original' songs of yours. However, when the fun stops then maybe it is time to stop. All I can do is wish you the very best in the future, the hardest step is always the first but keep moving forward. Take care out there. Samaritan.