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  1. Samaritan

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    I'm sure some of the bad guys back then feared the Trinity of Heroes as well. Those were the days.
  2. Samaritan

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    He just used it in his new vid as the intro. @Finn you're famous!
  3. Samaritan


    Also remember being in staff is done in their spare time. Staff have real lives and believe it or not, real life things take priority over an appeal in a gaming community. The staff here are extremely dedicated but you need to be patient, it'll take as long as it'll take. They'll get to it eventually even if it's just to take the points off. I wish you luck in your appeal.
  4. Samaritan

    Dealing with Depression

    I wouldn't say I have ever experienced depression to my knowledge, I've been low at times and have no idea why but I find exercise helps, going the gym, martial arts, long walks etc. always make me feel better. I try to get my mind in a good place at the start of the day and try to stay positive. I try my best to not worry about things that I have no control over and go with the flow. It's very weird those low/dark times in my mood, they're rare occurrences and don't seem to have a specific cause but they can last a while. The longest one was about 2 weeks long which was about 6 months ago. It kind of pisses me off that there is no apparent reason for them. A very strange place is the human brain...
  5. Samaritan

    Juggs here!

    Been a long time, I have image in my head of you driving and ATV around and around the Ravens Nest shouting "weeeeeeeeeeeeeee". Juggz was a very unique character. Welcome back.
  6. Samaritan

    DayZ Mod Revival and such..

    We had a mod server and a Arma 3 Desolation server along with the SA server as recently as a month ago. Unfortunately no one really went on them. If the mod comes back, you'll play it for maybe two days then switch back to the SA server mainly because you'll be the only one playing the mod server. I was one of the biggest advocates of reinstating the mod server but now we're on the 5 try, maybe even I have consigned it to history as beautiful memory. It'd follow the same route, "lets have the mod back, the mod days were awesome", then the server is reinstated then on day 2 the population of the server is 0. I think the focus needs to be building up the SA server and making it more of a DayZRP experience which in time the devs on staff will set up in time. They were amazing times during the mod, but the community is and quite rightly should move forward.
  7. Samaritan

    DayZ Mod Revival and such..

    I have very fond memories of the mod, they were great times. That's the major issue with SA, the damn time it takes for it to see it's progression and get those glorious updates. With tools finally arriving we can start to make SA more DayZRP'd and maybe, just maybe one day it'll be more original for the community. That's what made the mod last so long, it felt like ours so SA can only improve from this point (well fingers crossed). Some OG's have returned, groups from the mod are returning new and fresh for SA, things are looking up.
  8. Samaritan

    DayZ Mod Revival and such..

    The issue is: Anytime the mod got brought back (4/5 times now I believe) and after the nostalgia subsided (within a couple of days) the population dropped to nothing. We had a mod server as recently as about a month ago and the no one used it. With 0.63 dropping and some admin tools finally arriving I cannot see anyone using the mod if a server was reinstated. The nostalgia is strong for people who played the mod (me included) and they were great times but there is not enough support for it to be a success anymore. No developer would spend their time creating things for the mod when they now can for SA, I agree that they cannot do as much at this current time but it's enough to keep them interested. I cannot see a mod server coming back this time. I think it's time to move forward and focus on SA, you only have to look at the population of the server which regularly hits 70+ and it hit 100 last night. The mod was amazing, but I think it's time to put it to bed.
  9. Samaritan


    Sounds like they thought you were an enemy that didn't respond when told to do something. If they were counting they must have given you time to comply. However you not responding must have lead them to shoot you. If you think there is a rule break throw up a report, but it could be bad luck.
  10. Samaritan

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    @Osaka think about it as an act, your theory would suggest that a actors in films that play racist, homophobic, sexist people are therefore inherently racist etc. Which obvioisly isn't true. IC as long as it's done in a none trolly way or it's not done way too excessively then although uncomfortable to some I don't see it as an OOC issue when it's done while IC'ly. I know you're passionate in this issue but so are those IC'ly playing a certain character that is racist etc. It's an act not real life if it's in character. Your generalisation of people who play these characters is unfair. @Craig your point although valid should have been said in a better way than that. I get your passion but tone down the aggression.
  11. Samaritan


    500 characters for about yourself and 1000 characters for your backstory. Best of luck.
  12. Samaritan

    Vybor Trading Post?

    Vybor as a trading area, you must be brave or have a large amount of people to help you guard it. Due to the large amount of traffic in that area may I suggest setting it up in another area in the map to try and spread out the 'hubs'. Everything at the moment seems centre around Vybor, Stary and NWAF (aka the Vybor Triangle). It's just a suggestion to place it elsewhere on the map as trade posts are a good idea to promote RP, it just looks like there is a lot of RP already going on in that area. It would help to spread the love out a bit, maybe a small town near Electro or Cherno, the forgotten cities .
  13. Samaritan

    Afk for 4 years

    Welcome back to the community! 4 years Afk is a long time, must be plenty of dust on that keyboard.
  14. Samaritan

    I have returned

    Welcome back to the community.
  15. Samaritan

    Ummmm yeah... hi folks

    "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want but if you're looking for roleplay, I can tell you, you have come to the right place. I have a very particular set of skills. Skills that I have acquired over 5 long years in this community. Skills that make me welcome people like you. If you don't post in this section, that will be the end of it. However if you do I will look for you, I will find you...and I will welcome you to DayZRP." Hello Mobiletuna and welcome to the community, unique username you have right there. I hope you passed the whitelist? I know you have been here for a few days so if you haven't had a look around the forum as I always say knowledge is power. I'll drop some useful links here for you: FAQ's Rules Lore Guides Just in case Click here if you don't pass the whitelist on your first attempt. Any other questions that you might have either contact a member of staff or drop a question in this thread.
  16. Samaritan

    hi guys

    Long time, welcome back.
  17. Samaritan

    Staff Feedback: Samti

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Worked his little socks off trying to help me fix a mic issue. Came up with lots of good suggestions, persevered for quite some time in trying to help me. Thank you, I appreciated your time even though ultimately it was something I'd done (so we will not mention the fact that it was my fault for turning off something in the privacy setting which meant nothing on my pc could use my mic). Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  18. Samaritan

    What is everyone's favourite football team?

    I'm an Everton fan. I made this thread about a year ago but no one posted anything on it. (It saddened me greatly).
  19. Samaritan

    Amnesty Grace

    Malicious or mistaken rules breaks, that is the question. It'd be down to staff discretion to decide which something some community members don't trust in. It's simple really, don't break the rules which is entirely possible as there are many community members who RP as hostile characters that have been around for years and haven't got a single warning point. Those who came back via the amnesty knew what they signed up for and agreed to (final warning). Those using the amnesty need to prove they have returned for the right reasons and as we know actions speak louder than words which means being active and being a positive influence in game and on the forum. It might seem unfair but some of the returning players have had second chances, third chances etc. The amnesty was a great thing, I'm so happy to see people returning who I I had a lot of previous interactions with and some of my friends are back. The majority of returning players have been a credit to themselves but (even for those I call friends) as we all know it's easy to talk the talk, they also need to walk the walk. They might be walking on a thin line but that's the deal as it stands. If that means RP'ing slightly differently or second guessing yourself before you pull the trigger for three months then so be it, it's only three months which I think is a small price to pay to stay in the community. Is a possible rule break worth risking your place here or for three months being a bit more cautious? Yes it's not pleasant but it is what it is at the moment. @Hollows you make a great argument for a change, I hope that it furthers the discussion. I kind of agree with what your saying to a point but I think that is my heart rather than my head. At the moment a final is the agreement which makes sense to be honest for the majority of returning people, however I applaud your passion over wanting a change and opening the discussion about it.
  20. Samaritan

    Real S A D B O I Hours

    If anyone has seen Watership Down you'll understand. Those feels.
  21. Samaritan

    Teamspeak tagsss

    You are correct, the plan is to move to Discord only by the end of the year. TS will be phased out, which is a shame as I prefer it to Discord.
  22. Samaritan

    Introduction of a minimum Age requirement of 16/18+

    I have to agree with what you have said here. There should be something that states you must be 16+, even if it cannot be proven anymore as some situations could lead to a whole heap of issues in regards to age even if that is in an RP setting. I for one would feel uncomfortable (and I say that lightly) RP'ing with someone who is under 16 let alone under 18 to be honest. This needs careful consideration. Maybe (and I know this will not be popular) the age restriction should be 18+ because this then negates the GDPR issue as they are giving the Admins permission to see their 'proof' of age due to them being an adult or we look at banning certain types of RP (ERP) that could lead to possible ramifications. I do not want to stop peoples enjoyment but the introduction of GDPR opens the door for other potential issues.
  23. Samaritan

    One Group

    Thanks @Lewis scott, @caelo_vorago and @Ducky for mentioning The Gray Fangs... Was a privilege to be one of the leaders of this group, had some really fond memories from the mod days. Being apart of the Trinity of Heroes along with Cerberus and Task Force Whiskey, great times. I think during that time the interactions (mostly hostile) we had with SDS, B-17, SVR, Volki etc. were great fun. Mentions must go to Free Medics, 501st, DUTY, CLF, RSM, Imperial Dragons, BHM, The Watchers, Blackwood, The Family.
  24. Samaritan

    Introduction of a minimum Age requirement of 16/18+

    As long as there is a disclaimer that says you must be 16+ to join the community due to the mature content then the community should be covered. Ethically I think it's the least that can be done. Even if it cannot be proven due to legal reasons, we still should be stating it.
  25. Samaritan

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Woah, great to see this group! Nice one Staggs.