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  1. Samaritan


    OOC stuff involved in this post - So my character (Isaacs) has just made a radio thread and stated that I have been watching the camp at Tisy for a couple of days. Just to admit I have actually been watching the camp for a couple of days (2 in game session), at times doing some scavenging etc as well and briefly bumping into a couple of people but I have spent a good couple of hours sitting on a rock watching through my binoculars (I don't think anyone noticed me). I think I might be taking this immersion thing too far but I am enjoying it.

    1. Rover


      If you were doing this last night, sometime around a lot of gunfire, you were 100% noticed.


      But I love that you are doing that! I've done the same thing before, its awesome.

    2. ToeZies


      The fact that you've got the motivation and enthusiasm to keep at that. The imagination and enjoyment to keep it IC, you're a man after my own heart. ❤️ 

    3. Samaritan


      @Rover no that wasn't me as I didn't hear lots of gunfire while I was 'watching'. If Isaacs heard lots of gun fire he would be on his toes out of there.

      @ToeZOG don't get me wrong it can be a little boring at times but I'm trying to be very honest to my character (he is extremely cautious through the things he has seen) and I think that's why I'm enjoying it, strangely. I have gone scavenging a few times to allay the boredom. I have actually come across a couple of tents on my travels and had a little look in them and have taken a few minor items (food, drink) but left plenty. Isaacs would have no idea on how to use a sniper rifle or machine gun etc. that I have seen in the tents. Isaacs has been using his trusty shovel to kill zombies but he does have a shotgun to use as a last resort, he has done some clay pigeon shooting in his past so knows how to use one but would he really use it on a person? We'll have to wait and see.

    4. JimRP


      I swear this is why I love you @Samaritan.

    5. FireDude


      Yeah man we have been havinf some incorrect imitations and have taken shots from the hills. Ive seen you before I think, we constantly get people to look up to that hill in case we get shot at again. 

      Also, Yeah its dope. It can be interesting to watch what's happening and try to connect the dots and guess whats going on. 

    6. Samaritan


      @FireDude I'm sure you know this but just to reassure you I have not been taking shots at the camp. Also if you're talking about the big hill to the East of the camp that isn't where I've been sitting. It's definitely been interesting watching, maybe Isaacs will venture closer to the camp and make contact at some point. Maybe he has already been close with no one noticing...maybe 😜.

    7. FireDude


      Oooooo creepy. Lets hope hes just scared and not,some creepy guy. 

    8. Samaritan


      Haha, I hope he isn't creepy...no to be honest he isn't or scared/creepy he is just overly cautious with a sprinkling of nervousness. It quite interesting trying to portrait him as I think he should be, it's not my usual kind of character that I'd RP as. I think it's being out of my 'comfort zone' in regards to portraying a character is what's making me be motivated to play him and keeping me interested. I actual care about how his story progresses. It's definitely a marathon and not a sprint in term of Isaacs development. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

    9. FireDude


      Well let's *Hope* our camp can be apart of it...

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