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"You're beginning to damage my calm..."

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  1. groovy ToeZies

    • groovy ToeZies
    • Samaritan

    Boy you're coming to Dominik's Exercise Extravaganza.


    1. Samaritan


      You going to turn Isaacs into a big brave bear 😉?

      IRL I'm already one 🙂 or so I have been told...until you get to know me of course then I'm a big friendly teddy bear (most of the time).

    2. groovy ToeZies

      groovy ToeZies

      I'm gonna turn you into a Big Foreign bear, lots of training! 

      Dominik will find someone to do food prep.

      Seriously though how have I never ran into you in game, we've been fighting eachother on the forum games for about 3 years >_> 

    3. Samaritan


      Probably because when SA came out I didn't really play it much. As you can see I only have 45hrs on my play time on DayZRP (SA version) but for some unknown reason I've got the motivation to get back in game and I am enjoying playing as Isaacs so hopefully we will bump into one another soon enough.

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