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  1. Samaritan


    I remember the days when you bought a game and that was it, one payment and it was yours. No paying for a season pass or DLC's etc.

    It irks me.

    1. ToeZiesOG


      What do you mean, you don't want your $60 game to become a $100 game?! Are you mad? Think of the different colours you could have on your gun!

    2. Samaritan


      Oh yeah, damn I forgot about that. I retract my previous statement. Got to spend money on them skins.

    3. GMAK


      Games as a service is starting to become the norm and I think that's way better than what we used to have. I'll take free content and loot boxes over season passes any day. 

    4. Samaritan


      I can understand (to a point) of paying extra for a DLC that radically adds something to the game or is akin to buying a new game in terms of content for example Elite: Dangerous as the DLC for that is huge.

      However, some of the stuff you have to pay extra for should come as standard, new games are damn expensive at the moment but you can end up paying 2 or 3 times more than what you originally paid for and when you look at it closely it's not actually for much extra content.

      I get it that game companies need to squeeze the maximum amount of money out of each game they make but please don't take the piss. Some of it feels forced and those optional extras end up being essential to enable you to play the game fully.

      Sometimes it actually prevents me from buying a game when I see all the 'extra' stuff you can purchase.

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