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  1. Samaritan


    Anyone play Pulsar: Last Colony? Or Hellion? Do I get both, one or none?

    1. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      I have played Pulsar: Lost Colony (Which I think is what you meant to type.)
      I can say it is a great game to play, but you need friends to play it with. Mainly due to the entirely cooperative and crew based gameplay. There are hidden stories on near every planet, asteroid or moon you can land on. Those stories are alongside the clearly laid out ones that can be found. 

      As I say that however, I last played it a decent while ago. Since that time the game has been updated and many things have changed. From what I can see, it has all been for the better.

    2. Samaritan


      Thanks for the reply bud. It does look good but I'm not sure that I have enough people on my Steam that would be playing it. Shame, I'll have a think about it though.

    3. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      If you ever end up with it, I am around with little to no life. ?

    4. Samaritan


      Just bought Hellion, difficult but fun so far. I'll look at Pulsar on YouTube and make a decision.

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