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  1. Over my morning coffee I was thinking about my next steam purchase, any recommendations for a good WW2 game? I've had a look but nothing is jumping out at me.

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    2. Malet


      Are you more looking for a shooter or a strategy game?

    3. Samaritan


      Shooter mainly but I'll definitely take a look at a strategy game.

    4. Malet


      Post Scriptum is basically Squad reskined, what isnt necessary a bad thing but last time I checked it suffered severly from low player numbers and slight balance problems, especially Brits vs Germans. 

      Day of Infamy could be something for you maybe.

  2. No minimum age but there is a recommended age of 18 due to the mature themes that can occur while in a roleplay situation or in certain discussions on the forum.
  3. Wow, there is a name I have seen for a few years. I had some good times in the Ravens Nest. Nice to see it returning, RSM gave outstanding RP back in the mod days.
  4. I'm glad you took part in this, I enjoyed reading through it. I always assumed RP stood for role play as well.
  5. Good morning all. Need coffee!

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    2. Pontiff


      Morning sir, have a good one !

    3. Terra


      Good morning after nightshift 1/3. Coffe is good, coffee is what keeps me alive.

    4. Samaritan


      I may have had too much coffee. I feel like I'm on fast forward at the moment. Was goooood coffee.

  6. Someone mention my name? I played in the mod days when the rule was in place and I remember it was used correctly at first however over time people began to abuse it. Originally the majority of the time it was used to promote RP by saving someone from a hostile situation through interaction not by just shooting them but gradually it was was used just to shoot people. If people could use it as was originally added for then I'd be happy to see it back but unfortunately I just see being used for people to get a kill.
  7. Congrats on orange!

    1. Crim


      Oh no ?

    2. Mademoiselle


      ❤️ Thsnking you ❤️ 

  8. Congrats on orangw!

    1. Samaritan


      Oops I meant orange. Damn phone.

    2. Xavier


      thanks bb ?

  9. Congrats on orange!

  10. Samaritan

    The Kirby Council

    Hello esteemed council members, thank you for taking the time to hear my question. I have a conundrum that has plagued my mind for some time now, should I add the word 'The' to the front of my username to become 'The Samaritan' or should I leave it be?
  11. A balanced, varied diet is key for good health as far as I'm concerned. If you don't eat after 2 days (approx.) your body goes into starvation mode causing you to actually store fat which to me doesn't seem very healthy along with losing those precious nutrients that your body needs to function. I personally now eat 6 times a day, in theory speeds up your metabolism which in turn burns more fat. I changed my eating habits about 2 years ago and within a year I went from being borderline type 2 diabetic, raised blood pressure etc. to being normal levels for both issues. Eating better/smarter (not necessarily in smaller amounts), eating more often helped me lose 5 stone aka 32kg aka 70lbs. I feel healthier and my doctor says I am so this worked for me. This last year has been eating to ensure I have energy for those glorious trips to the gym and upping my overall physical activity etc. I have friends that do the 5 - 2 method, they eat for 5 days of the week and fast for 2 days of the week and say they feel better/healthier. There is research to suggest that intermittent fasting is actually good for you but not prolonged fasting for obvious reasons. I just like food too much to commit to fasting ?.
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