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"Once more into the fray..."

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  1. Look who it is. Welcome back fella. Some old wolves are still around.
  2. How did I wind up here again...Hello folks, just passing through. I hope all is good!

    1. Terra




    2. Samaritan


      Hey @Terra good to see you are still here. Nice to see a friendly face.

  3. Old timer here. Oh the memories and feels. I hope other old timers that are still around are all doing well.
  4. Long time since I have seen that Jamie. I wonder how many members got that from me back in the day. Good to see you fella.
  5. I have just dusted off DayZ and re-installed it after not playing it for over a year. Those feels came flooding back after playing on a pub server for a few hours tonight so this old wolf might just find his way back onto DayZRP.
  6. If their trainers are as good as their brownies then yes. Damn, their chocolate brownies are good.
  7. Afternoon all, I hope all is good. Stay safe people.

    1. Whitename


      don’t tell me what to do

  8. Congrats on the approval, was it ever in doutb with that roster. Nice one!
  9. Just passing through. I hope you're all good, take care people.

  10. Congrats on Purple!

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