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  1. Bring back profile views counter?

    Hope this helps regarding the reason they were taken away.
  2. [GAME] Name Mixup

  3. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Loving that pink.
  4. Top gun, and why it's the best movie ever made.

    All I'll say is...
  5. Gets kicked when i join.

    No worries, I'm just glad it got sorted out. I'll mark this as solved, any other questions do not hesitate to ask. Samaritan.
  6. Gets kicked when i join.

    Is your character set as active and is the name on the DayZ menu screen the exactly the same as your character name?
  7. Gets kicked when i join.

    Hello Therex7777, You have to create a character page. Click on the create characer button and fill in the informtion. You then need to change your name to your character name on the DayZ game menu. To get an idea of a characer page just scroll down on the same page of the link I have you or click on my character under my username on the left. Samaritan.
  8. Should Donators Have More Variety Options When It Comes To Their Backgrounds?

    I'm all for individual customization so this is a get suggestion. Nice to see it getting implemented, just a shame I cannot use it at the moment .
  9. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    That is a very long journey, 22,000 Light Years away I believe (even at 50ly jump range that is 440 jumps). I hope you made a packed lunch. I would love to make that journey but still trying to make some CR's in the bubble. The grind is real.
  10. What do you collect?

    Hello all, After a recent discussion I was curious about what people in this community collect (as a hobby). I collect watches, unusual ones. My collection is by no means extensive but I have about 20 which includes a 125yr old pocket watch that still works perfectly. Samaritan.
  11. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for a recent name change.
  12. [Game] GIF Response

  13. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Great new addition to staff, works hard.
    • Samaritan
    • Gaylaxy

    A bit late I know, but welcome back.

    1. Gaylaxy


      Much love Samaritan <3

  14. [GAME] Name Mixup