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  1. I have a Thrustmaster T-flight Hotas X. Not too expensive and works really well for Elite. You can also seperate the stick from the throttle control and put it either side of the keyboard.
  2. PsiSyndicate's "Finding Pandi" series back in 2013. I watched some of the episodes but didnt join straight away. Some months later in Sept 2013 I came across some of the vids again and decided to join. Had some great times here.
  3. Youngins don't remember the mod glory days.
  4. Always had a version of Samaritan since playing Delta Force 2 many, many, many years ago when I was a member of a squad. Kept it that way ever since. Originally it was th3samaritan when I first joined here in 2013 but the th3 part started to annoy me so I asked very nicely and a very kind Admin made th3 disappear. I am eternally grateful for that.
  5. Nope sorry. I need to get out more and meet new peeps in Discord.
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