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  1. Samaritan

    • Samaritan
    • Masulii

    I see you...

  2. Samaritan

    Introduction of a minimum Age requirement of 16/18+

    I have to agree with what you have said here. There should be something that states you must be 16+, even if it cannot be proven anymore as some situations could lead to a whole heap of issues in regards to age even if that is in an RP setting. I for one would feel uncomfortable (and I say that lightly) RP'ing with someone who is under 16 let alone under 18 to be honest. This needs careful consideration. Maybe (and I know this will not be popular) the age restriction should be 18+ because this then negates the GDPR issue as they are giving the Admins permission to see their 'proof' of age due to them being an adult or we look at banning certain types of RP (ERP) that could lead to possible ramifications. I do not want to stop peoples enjoyment but the introduction of GDPR opens the door for other potential issues.
  3. Samaritan

    One Group

    Thanks @Lewis scott, @caelo_vorago and @Ducky for mentioning The Gray Fangs... Was a privilege to be one of the leaders of this group, had some really fond memories from the mod days. Being apart of the Trinity of Heroes along with Cerberus and Task Force Whiskey, great times. I think during that time the interactions (mostly hostile) we had with SDS, B-17, SVR, Volki etc. were great fun. Mentions must go to Free Medics, 501st, DUTY, CLF, RSM, Imperial Dragons, BHM, The Watchers, Blackwood, The Family.
  4. Samaritan

    • Samaritan
    • Roland

    Nice choice with the 'Emergency Destruct Sequence' on your profile. From Alien I believe.

    1. Roland


      Believe it or not, it's my morning wake up alarm 😁

    2. Samaritan


      I'd hate to wake up to that, I have birds tweeting and the wind blowing that gradually gets louder like a calm morning setting...

    3. Falk


      If I'm being honest I thought it was how many people banned for a period of time.

    4. Samaritan


      If this was my alarm wake up I'd act the same way as Ripley does when she sets it off, running around like a crazy person wondering where I was...


  5. Samaritan

    Introduction of a minimum Age requirement of 16/18+

    As long as there is a disclaimer that says you must be 16+ to join the community due to the mature content then the community should be covered. Ethically I think it's the least that can be done. Even if it cannot be proven due to legal reasons, we still should be stating it.
  6. Samaritan


    @Samti @SketchParker @JackZRP well done on getting staff!

  7. Samaritan

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Woah, great to see this group! Nice one Staggs.
  8. Samaritan

    new to rp

    Welcome back. Long time fella.
  9. Samaritan

    Whats up peeps :>

    "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want but if you're looking for roleplay, I can tell you, you have come to the right place. I have a very particular set of skills. Skills that I have acquired over 5 long years in this community. Skills that make me welcome people like you. If you don't post in this section, that will be the end of it. However if you do I will look for you, I will find you...and I will welcome you to DayZRP." Hello lighterteff and welcome to the community. I wish you the very best of luck with your whitelist application. While you're waiting, knowledge is power so have a look around the forum. I'll drop some useful links here for you: FAQ's Rules Lore Guides Just in case Click here if you don't pass the whitelist on your first attempt. Any other questions that you might have either contact a member of staff or drop a question in this thread.
  10. Samaritan

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Staff need to prepare themselves...Psi-wave incoming. In all seriousness more exposure of DayZRP cannot be a bad thing to be honest.
  11. Samaritan

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    Has to be the AA-12 with a drum mag.
  12. Samaritan

    • Samaritan
    • OskuRP

    Well done on getting green.

    1. OskuRP



  13. Samaritan


    80+ players on a Wednesday...like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

    Related image

    It's great to see.

  14. Samaritan

    • Samaritan
    • Jm Von Cat

    I see you...

    1. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      Guess I am a little rusty at hiding. 

  15. Samaritan

    • Samaritan
    • Zanaan

    Congrats on green!