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  1. *Alex pushes down on the PTT* "I don't care who else is running around offering their services and claiming to be the best, just get your own broadcast out instead of showing your big dick energy on mine. As before, I am open to jobs as of this moment. Contact your initial request here and we'll talk in more detail on a private frequency." *He lets go of the PTT*
  2. *Alex takes out his radio and holds down on the PTT* "To the survivors of chernarus, I am once again open to take on contracts. My field of work is as follows; guard a location, person, or item; searching and collecting whatever you are in desperate need for and must be with in reason to obtain; escorting personnel; and obtaining information. There is a down payment of 20 rounds of either 5.56x45 or 7.62x39 once the contract is accepted in person, the actual price the job will be negotiated during the meeting and will be payed after the job has been completed. These jobs will be my focus and no questions asked on why the job is needed to get that. Those who need someone to get something done for them, I'm your man. This is Alesky Bara, signing off. *Alex releases the radio and attaches it back onto his vest*
  3. Inferno453


    Hello fellow gamer. hope ya have fun.
  4. *Alex takes the radio into his hands and holds down the PTT* "Attention all survivors looking for a man to get some work done for them, I’m currently on this radio broadcast to announce that my service is closed for the moment due to a contract being taken. I am however open for requests to be submitted on this channel. When I am open again to take another job after completing my current, I will let you all know of this channel as well as contact those who wish for me to get a job done. *He lets go and keeps moving*
  5. *He holds up the radio to his face* "We can discuses this on a private channel, just tell me if you want to." *He lets go*
  6. *He holds down the PTT* "I'm around the North West Airfeild, searching for some supplies. We can meet at the industrial section of it. Just notify me when you're on your way." *He lets go*
  7. *He takes up his radio* "Of course, how would you like to meet up?" *He lets go, waiting for an answer*
  8. *He sighs as he listens to the radio and then presses the PTT button* "Vic, I don't have to stay close to you 24/7. You choose to stay with the saviors and I choose to do other things. Also how am I a sellout? It's not like I owe you my life or anything else. If you want ammo then go find it instead of sticking to one place." *He lets go for a minute before holding down the button once more* "Mr. Holmes, I'm thankful for your transmission here and looking forward to hear what you want. And to the man who wanted me to find him five AKs in the span of three days, you said this is to prove myself to you because I wasn't dressed in a suit of Kevlar. I hope you'll be able to find those guns." *Alex releases the button and sticks the radio back to his vest*
  9. *Alex smiles holding the radio up to his face* "Yes, I am still available and ready to take on any job you need. However you'd like to contact just tell me and I will do so." *He pulls the radio back and waits*
  10. *He holds down the PTT button* "Of course sir, in the mean time to anyone else listening in, my services are still open until further notice. Whenever I have accepted a hire, I will respond of this radio frequency as well as whenever I am free again for a contract. This is Mr. Alesky Bara, and I hope you all stay safe." *The PTT is let go and put back into place*
  11. *Alex takes the radio back and holds the PTT button* "Of course sir, I'm currently around the Novy Sobor region, we can meet there or any other location of your choice." *He lets go, waiting for the response*
  12. *Alex takes his radio off his vest and looks around for a moment, then holds down the PTT button* "Good evening survivors of Chernarus. My name is Alesky Bara and I am here to offer my services to those who need it. I will do whatever kind of job you require a man for. Need someone to run with you as you're transporting goods? I'm your man. Need someone to stand guard for you? I'm your man. Even if you wanna build some walls around and don't want to do it alone, I'll do it with you. Any kid of job that requires another body I'll gladly fit your request, with no questions asked on what the job is for. My prices will vary on the type of job you want me to do, but the standard price is 20 rounds of either 5.56x45 or 7.62x39." *He lets go of the button and places it back onto his vest, continuing to move on.
  13. Casual stroll down Vybor
  14. Irish fight club anyone?
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