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  1. *Alesky presses the PTT*In tipple anarchy fashion, you changed the truth to have people believe you and forgot to mention that gun barrel behind their heads. Not to mention that the CDF were only asking that civilian for their name and that ambush you set up could've gotten an innocent civilian killed. This fighting you are starting isn't wanted by us, but if needed to we will fight back against your form of oppression. Next time you see a person from the CDF, grow a pair of balls and meet them eye to eye. *He releases the button and reloads his gun*
  2. *He looks at his radio and leans against a tree by his campfire. He pushes the PTT button.* I heard my name called out, you wanna know why I'm on that list? I joined this group of CDF men as a civilian militiamen. I joined to help those in need. I remember before all of this where people would love each other. Where everyone would be friends, where everyone would just live life with those they love. Now, everything went to shit everyone is doing whatever to survive. *He pauses for a second before opening his mouth* I was your everyday person living in Gorka before the infection. All I want to do is help those in need, that's it. I don't want any rewards, any reputation. All I want is to help those who need it. If you wish to execute those who want and even try to help the surviving population... *He stops, thinking of what to say. Shaking a bit with fear.* ... Then you are no better then any oppressive government. You say you hate and want to get ride of the oppressive government who betrayed you, but by doing this, by killing and stopping those who try to the people you are being what you want to destroy. If anyone other our two sides here this on the radio, know that this group of anarchists have this much power because of fear. To give them credit right now I am afraid right now, who wouldn't be? But I stand by my belief to the end. So if you wish to find us and stop our goal to save the population, let the hunt begin. Alesky Bara out. *He let's go of the button, letting out a big sigh."
  3. So I watched this video and read some articles. I don't really know what to say except they better get this done. This new change could really improve and bring people back to DayZ. The developers said that base building WILL be brought in on launch day. If this is true, the rp groups will have a way to make a base or home for themselves. What's your opinion on this?
  4. Alesky Bara was born in Chernarus back in 1988. He grew up in the village of Gorka with his Parents. His father was a police officer who worked in Berezino, and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. They lived in a small house in the center of the village. At the age of eight, his mother would die from a fever. This caused Alesky to go into a state of state of depression. Luckily, his father was there to cheer him up. His father would take him hunting every week. At first, Alesky hated anything that would remind him of death. However, once time has gone, hunting was starting to become his favorite pass time. Later on, Alesky's father would make the hunting trips more common. To Alesky, he saw these trips as a way to get rid of his anger that he did not want to bring out on people he loved and cared about. While hunting, Alesky would train himself how to be patient, and calm minded. His father taught him the basics of how to live in the wilderness, for example how to create a fire and a small shelter. At the age of seventeen, he has obtained his first job in Berezino. Alesky worked as a cashier in one of the markets in the town. This allowed him to meet different type of people through out his work. The civil conflict did change his life. Alesky's father was on of he many people who died in the conflict. Alesky still doesn't know the exact way his father died, but all he knows is that it his father was responding to a call a week after the war started. During the time of the conflict, Alesky moved east, to get rid of any bad memories from his childhood home. At the age of twenty six, the outbreak was starting. Now living in Vybor, he lived as a carpenter and still hunting on his mean time. While working one day, he heard news on the radio that people in both Myshkino and Zelenogorsk, citizens were getting sick from a flu-like disease. He thought to himself that it was just another case of the flu seeing it is almost winter. However, a few days later Alesky saw on the news that both towns were entirely infected from this, and it was spreading fast. Alesky decided to pack as much as he could and move north.
  5. So I tried to join the server and kept on getting kicked because of "You have No Active Character." Does anyone know what that means?
  6. Alesky Bara: I was just outside the compound once the "battle" started. I had no alliance to either side and was only a bistander. I did have time to get out of there but decided to stay because both me and my ic character thought of getting some information about what's happening before leaving. I am gonna say that I'm not upset about my death since I had an opportunity to get out of their and knew my consequences of being there during the fight.
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): It's for a whitelist apeal Why the verdict is not fair: This verdict is fair and completely understandable. All I wish for you another chance. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I just miss read the rules about the forum and what to do about non-roleplay situations. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: All I wish to get is another chance. What could you have done better?: Focus on reading the rules harder and paying attention to them more. Steam Account Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/muthasqun/