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  1. Just how there is a staff guidelines for all staff members to follow, there is also ones for loremasters that are a bit more specific on what they can and can't do. Group leading is one of those elements, LMs are meant to be here for the community to provide events, lore (as their name suggests) and other community wide story driving elements. While a group can fall under that category, that is something anyone in the community can easily do. For a LM to run a group this could harm and even cause them to lack in some of their duties that they were expected to follow when joining the team. Hope
  2. Simple answer, just play the game. Don't worry about whatever is gonna happen in the future, just enjoy the server and enjoy the game. When the day of map finally comes, then you start from there.
  3. To win against @Hofer & @Bryan: Keep my beans above @DukeLR and i'll leak.
  4. Everyone give @Jackfish some love for making the teaser
  5. Yea, just get MVP, VIP, or Titanium and you can get a content creator prefab
  6. You might have not experienced crashes but others have including myself. I can't play on the server for an hour without crashing at least once or twice, this was especially the case during the BR event where I crashed a total of 7 times, both while participating and attempting to help staff with the loot spawning after I died. Yea, Squad is a good mod but apparently our server just doesn't seem to like having it. I'd rather find a replacement for squad than keep crashing every 20 minutes.
  7. Nice prof pic fam

    1. Elmo Cringe

      Elmo Cringe

      its the sexiest man in britain 2011-2014

  8. *Charles once again pushes down the radio* "Ey fella, how much you charging for either info on the talking big boy or just for him in cuffs delivered to you? I can easily tell you and C-Block ain't wanna deal with his mumbo jumbo anymore. So if I do ever come across the lad I wanna know how much I can get out of him for a simple delivery." *He lets go off the button*
  9. *Charles yawns into the radio and sound of a chip bag crinkles around* ”Is today radio fighting Friday? I honestly through it was a Saturday or something. Jesus those who get angy and shout into your radios need to not only calm ya tits but man up and face those you got issues with face to face. And if that person got more people than you? Find more to out number! Go make friends and pimp slap the SHIT out of em in a face to face. Honestly every single other day I hear some dude acting all tuff and shit over a radio, should seriously grow a pair and see em face to face.” *A handful o
  10. But without the rain how will be keep the plants and grass growing? Water is essential for plant life to thrive and make the world look green and amazing. We need the rain, rain is good. Besides if the audio is the issue for you just put in earplugs and make it quiet.
  11. Slava @FredLR & @ImCharcoal!!!!!!!

    1. FredLR


      Yo is this PVP gaming?

    2. Final Krullix

      Final Krullix


    3. DingoLR


      Happy Cry GIF by memecandy

    4. EddieLR


      Slava the boys ehhhhhh

  12. Have ya'll considered joining the media team? This amazing best film Oscar nomination film makers deserve this honor. Such a exquisite film, made me laugh made me cry such a masterpiece of art.
  13. I miss the old MW2 lobbies

    1. KermitTheFrog


      Gotta love that 16-bit communication


    2. Duplessis


      never played multiplayer mw2

    3. Elrod



  14. Always looking for new staff members, send your app if interested.
  15. Very nice page you got, interesting design. Good luck with it I know there's some good RPers in here.
  16. 👀

    1. DukeLR



    2. Imation11



  17. Maybe the overlay? I don't know personally I feel like it could done a bit differently I just wouldn't know how but in the end it's your make. Like I said it's a good mod you going there.
  18. This is actually a pretty cool lookin thing, could of course use some buffin here and there imo but all in all really nice thing you got made.
  19. Welcome to the community, hope ya enjoy the place like others do.
  20. No, like everyone else said this is a great way to get yourself sick. I don't think I've meet a person yet who doesn't turn off motion blur the second they open a new game. It's better to have things clean and clear than cinematic like this.
  21. Greetings, Sorry for the wait, a separate portion of the staff team took a look at your appeal and came to the conclusion to DENY it. You don't have to directly mention a certain thing in order to reference or promote that choice, you can do that lowkey or with slight hints of what you're on about. Your post was made after a report was solved which included multiple people getting angry/annoyed at the outcome having them leave. You saying "Goodbye Chernarus, hello exclusion zone was seen apart of that wave mentioning another well known RP server which is based on the Stalker lore. In your
  22. No, last time we had that mod people made super forts and placed stuff where it either levitated or was half way through a wall. I understand the want but no, ain’t gonna agree for it if people keep doing that
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