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    Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy it here as much as everyone else does.
  2. Inferno

    Top of the evening? To ya.

    Welcome, hope ya enjoy your stay here.
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    Hello There.

    welcome mi boi, hope you enjoy it here.
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    Failure to provide POV

    Greetings Collin1398, A separate portion of the GM team has looked over your appeal and has decided to accept it. For the future, please keep an eye out on the forum for any other time you might be called into a report for your POV or any other questions that the staff team might have for you regarding situations you were involved in. That being said, ACCEPTED Signed by: @Inferno & @Fae
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    Welcome back, hope you enjoy it here as much as everyone else does.
  6. Inferno

    Hey everyone

    Welcome, hope you enjoy it here as much as everyone else does.
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    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome back man, hope you enjoy it here.
  8. Inferno

    NVFL & Meta Gaming

    Verdict NVFL - @Mademoiselle - NOT GUILTY Metagaming - @Mademoiselle - GUILTY BadRP (Rule 4.4) - @ImNovaaa - GUILTY Summary @ImNovaaa went off away from the main part of where everyone was around to go speak on the radio, after finishing him and his allies initiate on everyone inside the town. @Mademoiselle immediately complies and gets taken by @ImNovaaa to a garage. She's ordered to drop her vest due to having a grenade on it which she does. After making sure that the hostage is ok on food and water @ImNovaaa tells her to stay in the garage and he runs out of the garage. During her time alone there, multiple people either open the door to look inside or quickly come inside with her. One of these individuals walk in and begin to ask her some questions before leaving her alone as well. After about 25+ minutes of being left alone by @ImNovaaa, she is saved and given a weapon by @HeartlssRP and then is told to run and hide. After this moment, this report happens. Rule Breaks Metagaming @Mademoiselle, you give out IC information while still holding up a hand. As rule 3.6 states, when in the F1 animation you are not allowed to use the radio to give out IC information due to you surrendering. While we understand you don't remember the rule changing, when this rule was added everyone had to accept the new rules to be able to play on the servers as was said here. BadRP (Rule 4.4) @ImNovaaa, you leave @Mademoiselle alone in the garage as a hostage after you take her captive. When you have a hostage it is your priority to not only keep them alive but also RP with them and interact them while they are in your custody. You are not allowed to ignore the victims and you must give them some kind of RP until they leave your custody one way or another. You were in a firefight so you had staying alive as the prime focus however no matter the situation at hand, role play is always a first. Not Guilty Reasoning NVFL We came to the conclusion that @Mademoiselle did not violate the NVFL rules due to her being rescued by a multiple armed allies. At the time stamp of 4:20 in the full situation video provided by @Mademoiselle, @ImNovaaa you tell her that "You'll take good measures to handle it" if she runs away. However, due to you not being there to keep the hostage where you want them you have lost control of your hostage and therefore giving them the chance to reasonably value their live and run away when an ally arrived to rescue them. Suggestions Metagaming - @Mademoiselle, While sitting in the garage you could have put your arms down due to not having anyone in there with you to keep watch and radioed in whatever information you heard over to your allies. BadRP - @ImNovaaa, when you took @Mademoiselle hostage you could of either stayed in that garage with her and watched the doorway or took her into another building where not only you could of had cover to protect yourself with but also engaged with your hostage and give them RP. Outcome @Mademoiselle - NVFL - No Punishment @Mademoiselle - Metagaming - 3 day ban, 10 warning points @ImNovaaa - BadRP (Rule 4.4) - 10 warning points, User will be permanently removed from the community Signed by: @Inferno, @Scarlett, & @Fae
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    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Nice look, could use more of an visual go tho 8/10
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    Hello All!!!

    Welcome to the community man, hope you enjoy it here as everyone else does.
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    Oh, Hello.

    Welcome mi boi, hope you enjoy it here.
  12. Inferno

    Chernarus: ATC at NWAF, invalid kill

    Verdict Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - @FalkRP - Inconclusive Invalid Kill (Firefight) - @A Foul Goblin - Guilty Combat Logging - @A Foul Goblin & @Undead - Guilty BadRP (Hostage Neglect) - Accused - Not Guilty Summery @C-J, & @Husky. take @Meraoul has a hostage when they find him in the bathroom while @miss_natcula cleans some toilets. When they have him, @FalkRP enter the building and join in for the questioning that goes down on @Meraoul. A few moments later @Undead and @A Foul Goblin come towards the ATC and initiate on everyone inside. A little firefight goes down where @Meraoul gets gunned down in the crossfire. @FalkRP, and @Husky. retreat up the stairway to where @miss_natcula was already at to change her outfit after some time of toilet scrubbing. @miss_natcula gets herself hidden away behind a gate as well as a room and then @FalkRP initiates on @Husky., during this initiation @Husky. gets shot and killed on the stairway and the hostile party then takes @miss_natcula captive. After some RP and confiscation of her equipment, they move her towards the east end of the airfield and let her run off. Rule Breaks Invalid Kill (Firefight) @A Foul Goblin during the firefight, you shot and killed the hostage that @C-J and friends had hold on. @Meraoul was tied up and had no way to defend himself or hide anywhere to keep himself safe when the bullets flew. You have mis-id the people inside the building and killed the wrong individual that had no affiliations to those you came to get. Combat Logging @Undead & @A Foul Goblin both of you disconnected before the necessary 30 minute wait time. At 00:09:00 you were still at presence of @miss_natcula and you both logged a few minutes short of the timer if the timer was to begin there at the earliest. From that time, you would both of had to waited until 00:39:00 to log. Not Guilty Reasoning BadRP (Hostage Neglect) @miss_natcula was left with enough items to use in order to survive the aftermaths of the encounter. You were given a zucchini for food and thirst as well as a knife to defend yourself. In the video from your stream, you were cold and freezing but you knew about the crafting of a hand-drill for a fire so you would be able to that to create a fire to warm yourself up. Inconclusive Reasoning With what was provided, the staff team has determined that even though we have a hearing of the situation without any visual evidence of how the stairway situation went down it would be hard to pinpoint. The POVs state that @Husky. was watching the stairs while @FalkRP was either around the side or behind @Husky. which leads into the staff not knowing if @Husky. turned towards @FalkRP while showing any danger to @FalkRP's life. Without knowing the exact position of you two to each other we can't make any decision on whether or not there was a rule break. Suggestions Invalid Kill (Fire Fight) - @A Foul Goblin, whenever you initiate on somebody always make sure you ID your target before you shoot at them. This would be the best way to prevent an invalid kill during a fire fight. Combat Logging - @A Foul Goblin & @Undead, always wait out the 30 minute timer or ask the victim party for rights to log off if you need to leave before the timer runs out. In future case, if you think that the timer has concluded give it another 5 to 10 minutes before logging out if no log rights were handed to you as a safety net or turn on a timer after you break line of sight from the victim party. Hostage Neglect Accusations - Even though this has been ruled as not guilty, we are in agreement that there could of been something better done. The state that @miss_natcula was left in was survivable for a person who knows the game mechanics a good amount, however if the same was done to a newcomer this would of been a different story. The let go hostage showed in the video that they knew other ways to start a fire to warm themselves up, however a brand new player would of not thought of this due to not knowing about these game mechanics. In the future, when letting a hostage go especially when you hear them shiver next to you before you make them run make sure that you know they will survive out there. If there is any of the smallest doubt in your mind that what you gave them might not be enough for survival, give them as much as you think you should to confirm that they will. You can also always ask the hostage if they'll survive. If @miss_natcula was to die after being let go, then you could of been found guilty of hostage neglect. Outcome @FalkRP - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - Inconclusive @Undead - Combat Logging - 3 Day Ban, 10 Warning Points @A Foul Goblin - Combat Logging & Invalid Kill (Fire Fight) - 3 Day Ban, 10 Warning Points @FalkRP, @Undead, @A Foul Goblin - BadRP (Hostage Neglect) - Not Guilty Signed by: @Inferno & @Rover
  13. Inferno

    Interview With A Community Member: Trijim

    Nice read, also your screaming still haunts me in my dreams @Trijim.
  14. Inferno

    Redwood Radio - Music back on the airwaves! (open frequency)

    *Charles pushes down the PTT* ”Damn, Redwood still going? Ya’ll went real silent after the Skalisty thing fell apart and we all split from there. Nice to hear you back tho, put out that good music again and lighten up this land. Could definitely use it for the end of the winter season.” *He let’s go of the radio and smiles as the person sleeping next to him*
  15. Inferno

    Just a newcomer saying hello

    Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself, welcome to the community and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  16. Inferno

    S1 Griefing of Base: Black Lake

    Verdict @wvanhook, @UnboundJew, & @Gebediah - Greifing - NOT GUILTY Summary The trio come across a base at black lake which they decided to break into and loot. After going through the whole base, the group took what they needed and took off with their score. Non-Guilty Reasoning The staff team has looked over this report and has came to the conclusive that there was no foul play in this raid. The raiding party dismantled a reasonable portion of a wall in order to get in and out and when items were taken nothing was left on the ground with the intent to let it despawn. We would like to mention to the OP that you told us you had a box truck with all wheels missing to prevent it being stolen. With the way the timer works on our server, when wheels are taken off vehicles the are prone to despawn quicker then a car with all parts still on it. Outcome @wvanhook, @UnboundJew, & @Gebediah - Greifing - No Punishment Given Signed by: @Inferno, @Rover & @Conor
  17. Inferno

    Vanguard - [Livonia & Chernarus]

    I approve of the approval /Approved also congrats on approval
  18. Inferno

    Hello! Zdrast! Privet!

    Greetings comrade, the motherland is glad to welcome you here to fight for our glorious immortal El Presidente!
  19. Inferno

    Just saying hi

    What's up man, hope you enjoy it here.
  20. Inferno

    hello rp Peeps

    Welcome to the community mi boi, hope you enjoy it here once you pass the WL
  21. Inferno

    S2 - Livonia - RDM / Invalid kill or/and Ruleplay - 06/01/2020

    The staff team has looked over this report and has decided to honor the OP's request for it to be closed. We're glad to hear that the two parties has managed to talk out this situation and came to an understanding with each other. Just to add a note about the situation at hand, even if you have rights to shoot someone don't gun them down immediately when you see them. Always prioritize role play first if you can, use combat as a last resort. With that being said, /CLOSED Closed by: @Inferno, & @Fae
  22. Inferno

    hi my name is

    Welcome mi boi, hope you enjoy it here.
  23. Inferno

    The Samaritans [Open Recruitment]

    Congrats on approval fellas
  24. Inferno

    Citizens of Gieraltow

    At times yea, only really said that cause at times I actually get asked to help my friends pronounce things in polish. Either names, places, a certain word or even how to curse at people in the language.
  25. Inferno

    Citizens of Gieraltow

    Good luck pronouncing them in polish then lmao. But if you want something easy and I guess meaning you can use Rodzina meaning family.
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