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  1. Welcome to the community man, hope ya enjoy it.
  2. Welp, got that first draft for a spicy looking CP. If anyone got recommendations lemme know.

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    1. ChewyLR


      I see how it is, just because I DIDNT ADD YOU INTO MY CP YET

  3. There is absolutely no need for a redo. People at the moment stopped playing because it's summer. I know the UK is a constant 30 C or around that, people don't want to sweat their balls off when instead they can go to the beach or relax somewhere else. As the person above says, when it cools down and summer ends people will come back. The community is in it's usual slow down because it's a time where people can spend their time away from their computer and around their friends and family.
  4. Born in the US, Thomas grew up in a standard household. He wasn't much of a people's person however still managed to find a way to talk to others. The only issue he had was keeping a conversation going if he was alone with someone. On his 18th birthday, to help pay for college Thomas joined the US National Guard. Signing up in the reserves, he saw this as a way to afford his studies meanwhile learning some useful skills in life. Being from Oregon, Thomas did spend time out hiking and camping. He completely enjoyed the outdoors and preferred to live outside then in. One day, his girlfriend was traveling home to Chernarus to see her brother's wedding. Thomas joined her on the trip however 2 days in their arrival into the country things began shutting down. He eventually lost track of her when they were going to an evacuation zone and began wondering around Chernarus to figure out what to do.
  5. Welcome to the community fam, hope you enjoy it here as everyone else does
  6. I have to say my most favorite thing about this community is how it allowed me to take a step and just open myself up. I came in here quiet and keeping to myself not really wanting to speak to people. Now I couldn’t care who approached me, I’ll gladly go ape mode if I feel like it around you. Gotta say the people I met and became close with are what keep me coming back. If it wasn’t for them I’ve probably be long gone by now. Here’s to more years to come and for some excitement to come into this place again cause we all know things are a bit stale atm.
  7. Verdict @SnakeyDakey - Attempted Invalid Kill - Inconclusive @Phelps69 - Invalid Kill (On Sight)x3 - Guilty Summary Everything starts when @Banshee and friends were driving and relaxing and encounter @SnakeyDakey and @Phelps69. After the two were given a ride, they were dropped off and left alone. While the truck was on the move away from the two individuals, one of them raises a weapon and fires off a shot hitting Banshee but not killing him. About 40 minutes later, as the group was driving down the highway they reencounter the same two individuals who shot Banshee and open fire when they get in range. When the firefight happens, 5 people go down. 2 are the men who were recognized and 3 are people who either got picked up on the drive or met moments before. Rulebreaks Invalid Kill (On Sight)x3 @Phelps69 - When you and your friend are shot at in the second situation, you fire at and killed the three people who were not involved or gained defender rights from the shot @SnakeyDakey made on @Banshee. Those three individuals were met up with after that situation as went down. Even if you had absolute valid kill rights on everyone inside of the vehicle when Banshee that does not mean you are allowed to shoot at anyone when gunshots come your way. You MUST always ID who is engaging you and then shoot back at those who are either hostile or just people caught in the middle of the situation. Kill rights are gained by either Defence Rights or Attacker Rights, in this situation the group in the car gained Dynamic Defence Rights on those who fired. People don’t automatically get added into defensive rights just by meeting people who already have these rights activated. They have to be present at the situation if they are not in an approved group with someone who gets initiated on. Inconclusive Reasoning With @SnakeyDakey saying he initiated on the vehicle but the people in the vehicle didn’t hear any initiation it is hard for the staff team to decide who’s in the right and choose a side. Without both sides confirming that there was or wasn’t an initiation or video evidence to show that the initiation was heard, this part of the report is a word-against-word situation. Outcomes @SnakeyDakey - Attempted Invalid Kill - No Action Taken @Phelps69 - Invalid Kill (On Sight)x3 - 7 Day Ban, 15 Warning Points, & Character reset Signed by: @Inferno, @Eddie, @Duke
  8. The situations are linked together, now if you can answer the question that would be lovely.
  9. I appreciate your input for that but the question isn't for you. I'm asking @Phelps69 if he also fired at the vehicle that @Banshee was sitting in with you or if he didn't open fire at the moving truck.
  10. Nice background you got there, very cool

  11. @Phelps69 as logs show, Banshee was hit by SnakeyDakey. During that moment did you also fire any shots but missed or did you keep yourself from firing at the vehicle?
  12. Calling in the following people for the full POV and any unedited video evidence they may have @DrBrain - Pietrov Cernyles -OP @Phelps69 - Kermath Okoro - POSTED @SnakeyDakey - Jelle Rooseboom - POSTED @Dan - Josiah Norman - POSTED @TheDeepOne - Samael Morningstar - POSTED @Drywipe - Lawrence Perry - POSTED @lunathecat - Emmily Fox - POSTED @Banshee - Eddie MacMurphy - POSTED Connection Logs Hit Logs Kill Logs
  13. Group archived on owner's request, message a mod+ for archival in the future /archived
  14. Greetings, We'd like first state that NLR bans are no longer appealable as it says in this post as well as in the warning message given to you with the points. If you have any questions or concerns about the NLR ban then go on to ask the staff member that issued said punishment. With that being said, APPEAL CLOSED Closed by: @Inferno, @Banshee, & @Duke
  15. Welcome to the community
  16. Welcome to the community man, hope you have fun
  17. Verdict @Mason - Invalid Kill (On Sight)/BadRP/Ruleplay - Not Guilty Summary @Nathaniel is traveling and spots a group of people in a Kamaz pulling over a UAZ, as he watches the people from a distance. When the group of people gets a distance from the vehicle Nathaniel springs into action and attempts to steal the vehicle from its owners. In that attempt, @Mason spots him and fires at the OP killing him. Not Guilty Reasoning @Nathaniel - You literally say in your own POV “seeing this as an opportunity to taker a vehicle under the there noses” meaning you fully knew who the vehicle belonged to as well as the fact that they were there to defend it in case anything was to happen. When you know that you are actively stealing someone else’s property that gives them active defender rights on you whether they know it or not. You also mention how this killing provided no roleplay, however if you did manage to survive no roleplay would have come from you stealing the car and escaping. Finally, we’d like to address your following post “If someone attempts to steal a vehicle in front of someone and this is classed as a hostile action which automatically grants said party defender rights, can this also be applied to catching someone raiding a base, If I catch someone raiding my home, Can I automatically kill said robbers because I have defender rights, with no verbal interaction?” As said above, if someone knowingly raids or steals from you then yes you can use your defender rights without verbal initiation. However, we always recommend for verbal contact with the opposing individual to encourage RP and ensure you have valid rights. @Mason - While you are not being found guilty of invalid kill due to having defender rights, you need to be absolutely positive that the person you are killing knew they were stealing your vehicle. If you weren't present at the vehicle when they attempted to steal it they may not be aware it belonged to someone. Please keep this mind in the future. Outcomes @Mason - Invalid Kill (On Sight)/BadRP/Ruleplay - No Action Taken Signed by: @Inferno, @Eddie, @Duke, & @Jade
  18. From what I witnessed personally, the only people who get held up and robbed are those who double carry huge backpacks full of weapons or those who caused something to happen for that robbery. As @Brayces says just carry what you need and you'll be fine. If you don't need to be a walking armory then don't carry a backpack full of automatics. IMO, if I see someone carrying the whole of NWA then they're just asking to be robbed.
  19. If you died in game and had to respawn then you forget what happened
  20. You can remember everything that happened as long as you didn't die. When you die you forget everything that went on as well as what lead up to your death.
  21. Oh shit, what up. More polish people for me to speak to (hopefully in voice). This will be fun, good luck with the group
  22. Sitting down next to a hostage your friends took
  23. I think you're mistaking a DayZRP developer who works to give this community content for one that codes and works on this beloved broken game we constantly play. To go onto the point of this thread, foreigners come in and starting occupying towns and run through military bases like they own the place. Makes sense for the natives to get pissy and angry at them.
  24. Archived on owner's request, message a Mod+ to unarchive later in the future.
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