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  1. @Nacho Niller Your two appeals have been merged into one due to they are about the same exact situation. Follow the template found in this thread to have your appeal looked at. If this isn't done within 24 hours your appeal will be closed.
  2. Thanks for the compliment, however we were more really inspired by @Phoenyxx and the wolf pack compound made from the last lore. Personally had some good memories from that place.
  3. Greetings gamer, We've taken a look at your appeal and came to the conclusion to DENY it. To put it short, when someone is driving a car that is going at a high speed of around 80 to 91km/h it is pretty hard to calculate an initiation that came out of no where and bring the car to a full top all within a 4 second timeframe. Next time in the future either give the individual a longer period or initiate at some kind of roadblock where the driver is forced to slow down to pass through. With that being said, APPEAL DENIED Signed by: @Inferno & @Basko
  4. Greetings, The admin team has decided to ACCEPT your appeal. With this done, we'll give you another shot to go through the whitelist and take away your blacklist. Goodluck. APPEAL ACCEPTED Signed by: @Inferno & @Hofer
  5. Hey there, We honor all VAC bans up to 365 days. If your ban is less than that time you'll have to wait until a year has passed to re-apply/appeal the blacklist ban via the appeals forums here at DayzRP. Your blacklist is fair since it falls under that year mark. /CLOSED
  6. Personally not a fan of the walls and entrances. Makes a very easy kill zone and puts a vibe for defensive pvp fight than RP spot. That’s the only thing for me tho, everything else is fine
  7. Born on March 8th 1995 along with his twin brother Sava, both were raised in a wealthy family. While his brother excelled and went on to join clubs and other such things in school, Pavel decided to more just focus on his school work. The only extra thing he did was join his school's soccer team. His whole family were supporters of of pre-civil war government, and once the RAC was formed and the government changed their life turned. Their money and status was being taken away from them by the new Lopotev government. With the rise of the CLF movement, a cell was formed in the city of Miroslavl.
  8. We need to drastically lower the spawn rate of 308 weaponry. Literally every 8th person I run into has a scar on their back with a drum mag, which also adds to the reason why they need to be lowered. The 50 round drum mag ruined the specialty of the fal/scar. Everyone knows 308 can one shot a person and the fact that you only had 20 rounds a mag made it so you'd need to watch your spray if you aren't a god gamer. As much as I see the appeal of the mag, it ruined the meta for those who take part in firefights and for those who get dragged into them. The best thing to do is like suggested a
  9. Initiations be like

    1. Knight


      we aint ready for the new patch

    2. Watchman



    3. Whitename


      epic post

    4. Wbtrex


      I remember the one guy from AJ Line that got held up by four of us at the Airfield, and decided to start his non-comply with "You dunno who you're messing with", and died.

      I love whitenames.

  10. I'd personally keep em the way they are now, DayZ is a good buggy broken game where you can die in 3 seconds of driving. Especially if you start lagging cause your PC ain't that good. - 1
  11. Very poggers group , I do enjoy the RP and the aftermath of today
  12. *A crackling fireplace would be heard in the background as Jiri pushes down the PTT and speaks in his Chernarussian accent* Greetings people of this wasteland, I'm so glad to hear the truth was finally revealed to you all. That me and my fellow freedom fighters tried to tell you about the fascist CLF. You've all defended and bled for them while we tried to expose their true intentions, only for your blind hatred for me and my fellow anarchists to keep you from realizing the truth. I knew in time after we left South Zagoria to spread our vision that you will all realize the truth. Like I s
  13. Greetings @Hofer, You got a few members in your group that haven't played in some time now, you should message them and get them settled.
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