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  1. Born and raised in Poland, he grew up in a large and poor household. Here Konrad had to fight and argue with his own family to get what he wanted. By the time he was 18, Konrad's father died in a bar fight that got worse. With his family getting no steady income, Konrad's only way to survive is to join the Polish Military. About a few days into the outbreak, the infection came to Poland. Konrad's unit got overrun quickly when they were sent out to help a local town evacuate. With everyone he knew gone, he decided to just survive on his own with the survival knowledge he had.
  2. Inferno


    That feeling when a 10mb patch breaks the whole game 

    michael jordan lol GIF

    1. Scarlett


      real housewives of new york city sonja morgan GIF

    2. GunRunnee02


      just imagine updating the game to fix a problem only to cause more problems #BohemiaBackAtItAgain 🤣

  3. Inferno

    To the people at Skalisty

    *Charles takes his radio and lets out a deep sigh* "Alright then, to start out how are all of you fine gentlemen this fine day? Myself, I am one of the Island leaders and if anyone here wants to talk then what's up I'm here. The only thing I care about right now is having a home that I can rest at for the upcoming winter as well as giving the people who are living with my group on this island the same. To that UN man as well as that Ivan guy from the other little radio call, if you two wanna talk then contact me on my private frequency because as of the very moment I am currently unavailable for a in person talk. Sounds good? *He lets go of the PTT and opens up a bottle of vodka*
  4. Inferno

    The Runners Media Thread

    Welcome to The Runners, time to get your shit kicked in in a mosh pit
  5. Inferno


    I feel like this would of been more appropriate because it was a siege and if it was lost then RIP coalition.
  6. Inferno

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    Goal complete, next step: coup
  7. Inferno

    A question about some of the currently implemented rules intended to spark discussion.

    In my opinion, the type of lie would matter in how the situation escalates. For a very basic example, say Im part of a known group and at the time am just walking around and I stumble onto a group that I know in character who are hostile against mine. Before they approach me I’m talking with my group on the radio and they get close enough to grab me and begin questioning me in things like “Where are your friends?” or “Where’s the rest of your group?” Here I can lie and say that either not sure or that I give them a fake location. From there the takers can either think I’m lying or telling the truth depending on how I answer. Now let’s say that instead of me just mindlessly walking around I’m part of an attack and my group and I begin running off. I then managed to get stopped by a few people from the group I attacked who weren’t at the situation but they heard over their radio that people fitting this description were seen and I’m wearing that certain look. Here they will have a reasonable suspicion of me lying if I tell them that I’m just passing through or that I don’t know anyone even though they were not there to see personally see the people who attacked. In both situations I lied to protect my group but both situations had different circumstances to have the questioning but the second situation gives more of a reason to give an execution if it somehow decided. In my own eyes the current state of this is confusing and will probably need to be looked after again to clarify to those who don’t fully understand it.
  8. Inferno

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Duquesne, @Scarlett, @Imation11, @GunRunnee02, @maybelele, @Hegedraagen, @G_Date, @Eifa, and whoever else I missed. This was the best night I had in a while, and I missed the relaxing and banter RP that we haven’t been able to have on some time. I hope this idea of ours pulls through and becomes something good.
  9. Inferno

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    What is up my boi, Welcome to our cool kids club @Cartman
  10. Inferno

    The Runners, The Messengers, Legacy, 503

    *He chuckles as the PTT is pressed down* ”Ey for real? Yo I got my own homemade sauce, family recipe shit. Maybe you and your boys can come over to Miroslav and stay for a looooong time. Got a lot of room on the couch.” *The PTT is let go*
  11. Inferno

    The Runners, The Messengers, Legacy, 503

    *He would listen to everyone going at each and eventually push down the button* ”Fae, that you? Damn never thought you would be rolling with these guys, I really hope Jet or Robby aren’t there too I really liked you three.” *He let’s go of the PTT, listening for a response*
  12. Inferno

    The Runners, The Messengers, Legacy, 503

    *He pushes the PTT once again* ”Ok fellas, so after we deal with this fool who’s up to hit up a bar for some drinks? First round on me.” *A chuckle is heard coming through before the transmission goes out.*
  13. Inferno

    The Runners, The Messengers, Legacy, 503

    *Charles pushes the PTT button before sighing into the radio.* ”Are ya done? Honestly, you finished or you gotta keep trying to be tuff to impress your friends?” *He let’s go of the PTT after letting out a disappointing sigh*
  14. Inferno

    BeanZ WAR

  15. Inferno

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    Some good shit
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