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    Welcome to the community man, hope you enjoy it here.
  2. However you state in your POV: I say nothing, but begin walking toward the gate. Noah then states his intention to rob me, telling me to drop the weapon on my back when I reach the gate. I tell him, "I'm not dropping my gun." I'm fidgeting with the gate, trying to get the UI prompt, when he states that if I don't drop my gun he'll shoot me. I turn around and look at him, then he shoots me dead. You confirm that he gave you an order to drop your weapon and you actively disregard his demand showing non-compliance. As you say in message responding to Job, you pulled out your weapon and you turn around towards him after you tell Masonn that you're not going to drop your weapon. That action can be seen as a hostile act especially when he already initiated on you and is pointing a weapon.
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  4. Get yo bob sounding ass back to Duquesne

  5. Running Man Reaction GIF by moodman  😉

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      😂 thats another way to interpret this.

  6. Welcome to the community man, hope you enjoy it here man.
  7. We give out a memo to the community when we either add or remove mods from out current list so the players know what to have active and when the mods are either added or taken away.
  8. It's a really small map of 5x5. If we have a full 80 map server for this you'll be running into people every 5 minutes and it'll turn into a death match once someone starts shooting. I personally don't see it a long running map. At most it'll live for a week.
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    Ya'll hear about this cool thing called NLR?

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      No, because i forgot the events that led up to my death. Refresh my memory? 

  10. NLR Bans ARE NOT done by a computer. We have a system where it informs us who has broke the NLR rule by letting us know who is in a certain range of their death. We then have the GM team personally review the logs shown and match what was shown on Izurvive as well as the server logs we use for reports in order to see if the NLR break is real.
  11. Calling in the following people for their full POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have. @Cormac01 - Frank McDuffy - OP @Lucas - Lucas Joyce Connection Logs Hit Logs
  12. Verdict @kranen - Invalid Kill (On Sight) - Guilty Summary @kranen was fighting off some infected while @Nihoolious ran up to the accused and tried to engage in some conversation. However, that conversation was cut short due to @kranen immediately shooting down @Nihoolious due to him misidentifying the OP as one of the hostile parties from before. Rule Breaks Invalid Kill (On Sight) This is a clear cut invalid kill (On Sight). You shoot down an individual at first glace because of your misidentification. This is a clear cut rule break and we have rules like this for a reason in our community. Suggestions @kranen, Next time you think someone that held you up is in front of you make sure you confirm they are your enemy. Talk with the individual so you know who the person you meet is, this is a game and many people have the same exact look. Never assume someone is a specific person, if in doubt initiate on the person to keep yourself from KOSing. Outcomes @kranen - Invalid Kill (On Sight) - 7 day ban, 10 warning points + Character reset Signed by: @Inferno, & @Conor
  13. The staff team has looked over the report and has decided to honor the OP's request for a closure. It's always great to see both sides talking out a situation and coming to an understanding with one another. However before we close the report we would like to add the following note, @IvarTheNarrator when engaging a hostile party, make sure you identify who is a combatant and who isn't. @Nic Sterba had no weapon out and as said in his POV was still technically a hostage due to being needed to translate for a mute. We hope you'll learn to properly identify your targets next time so no rule breaks occur in the future. With that being said, /CLOSED Closed by: @Inferno & @APositivePara
  14. The staff team has looked over the report and has decided to honor the OP's request for a closure. However, before we do so we would like to add a little note. @Rutkiy, as you say so yourself, you misidentify the target and invalidly kill the OP. We appreciate that accidents occur but we would like to make it clear that you should always identify the person you're about to kill before you go in and take the shot. We're glad to see the two parties come together, talk the situation out and to see the the accused side understand the mistakes that were made. With that being said, /CLOSED Closed by: @Inferno, & @JobScholten
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