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  1. It's been 24 hours since the report was made and people were called in, @Nacho Niller & @Tobias123115 will be temp banned for not giving their POV until they do so.
  2. how




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      cow dancing GIF

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      This what I wanna do to your video background


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      @Inferno this is worse then the toilet, please tell me why you have a dancing cows

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      @Inferno Nice cows bro

  3. All of the same rules towards staff in dealing with reports and other such things are still in effect as when you were in staff. Edit: @Elmo You are free to send any questions into my DMs at anytime so we don't clutter this thread.
  4. The QZ was made by a group to push RP in a certain direction. Players have all the chance and freedom to walk away from it if they have issues in that area. Myself I tend to keep away from cities with large amount of people because my frames just decide to do a die whenever I get to the outskirts. Only a few times do I actually enter those hotspots. The only thing forcing you to be in that zone is the RP, for example the Russians telling everyone to get into the zone or there will be consequences. All of that is IC, and you'll have to deal with whatever happens IC.
  5. There was a lore wipe that happened on the first of June. Everything got reset to day 0. There were also some smaller wipes here and there when Expansion was added to the server.
  6. Unless you want to get hit for an Invalid Kill then I wouldn't really advise blasting a troll even if it's completely obvious. Like others say above me, DM a GM+ and just ignore the individual, let staff deal with the person while they still act trollish and they'll get what's coming to them.
  7. Greetings, hope ya pass and enjoy the place.
  8. image0.png.19cf0b4a6a235bec476afc4c882f6e86.png

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      I agree.

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      Yeah okay credit to chewy for finding the video BRO

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      Meanwhile in KraCOW

  10. The staff team has looked over the report and agreed to honor the OP's request for a closing. Before we do, we have something to say. When raiding a person's place, never dig up the area around their place to ruin the landscape. That action is not accidental and is a clear sign of griefing since you are purposely destroying the land. Due to logs not showing who did the mess, this doesn't mean anyone can do it and get away scot free. If someone is found doing this on purpose just because logs don't show they WILL be punished heavily for thinking they won't be caught. With that being said, /CLOSED Signed by: @Inferno, @Eddie, & @Duke
  11. Good luck on the whitelist and hope you enjoy the place fam
  12. Nah, I expected that. I'd RDM @Stagsview for his IC bullying and mental fuckery last lore
  13. Verdict @Bonzo - Griefing - Guilty Rulebreaks As clear cut as it looks, you raided and left whole lota stuff on the ground. While raiding people is allowed, you are not allowed to leave items on the ground for them to despawn even if you did it on accident. Just because something has happened to you in the past doesn’t mean it’s allowed, two wrongs don’t make a right. Hope you learn from your mistakes and take the proper steps when raiding a base. Outcomes @Bonzo - Griefing - Guilty - 5 Day Ban, 10 Warning Points, & Character reset Signed by: @Inferno, @Duke, @Eddie
  14. Calling the following people for their full POV and any unedited videos they might have @TryFaceOn - Raymond Daniels @apaliics - Tech Kapkush @TearsFallSilent - Brian Peterson Connection Logs Position Logs Building Logs
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