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  1. as per tradition sir


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  3. Well done on the promotion matey!

  4. Congratulations Inferno!! ❤️

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  6. Because anyone can come across that note and either get taken out of the RP or depending what it says have a big issue with it. As stated before if you scroll up this thread, the notes are meant for RP not memes. REMEMBER EVERYONE, THE NOTE MOD IS A PRIVLEGGE WE HAVE, NOT SOMETHING FROM THE BASE GAME
  7. In west Chernarussia born and raised, in the streets is where he spent most of his days. Jiri wasn't an open minded individual, treating people as if some were better than others. One of these qualifiers was if an individual was a Chernarussian or not. He wasn't a full on believer in "If you're not from here you're my enemy." like his father. Jiri would still speak and listen to people different than him, but held them to a lower standard. Only way for them to be given respect was to earn it, either doing something to prove yourself to him or showing you respect and honor his way. Jiri wasn't always like this however, this personality only came around after the civil war, where his father served with the CDF. When that war begun, his own father pushed Jiri to join and serve since he was 18 years old by then. The loss of the war at first was only terrible in his father's mind, but slowly corrupted Jiri due to always seeing and almost mimicking his dad's behavior. It wasn't until the outbreaks begun that the idea got driven to him, making the "new" government of Chernarus seen weak. He thought to himself that the country would have lasted and survived if the previous republic and CDF still ruled. The whispers of the CLF and actions they took encouraged Jiri to do things himself, and with the sickness only getting worse and worse he saw this as an opportunity to do so.
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  9. I gotta say no on this fam, all the mod does is allow eyesores and AOGM to be more common. Last time the mod was in you were able to see tents poking through walls, and fences placed in the most weirdest ways possible. I get the reason for wanting the mod but please don't let it return. While base building is nice to have it isn't everything. People shouldn't rely on it as if it is the only thing we got.
  10. Because we don't have anything in our tools that allow us to flip. It's either yeet or keep with them.
  11. Greetings there, A separate portion of the staff team have took a look at this fine appeal of yours and came to the final conclusion to DENY IT. On the radio forum section, you are allowed to be hostile. The only difference between an accepted hostile post and yours is the way it is written. The world may be an apocalypses and your character may not agree with what someone is trying to set up, yet you still need to be mindful of the way you post your radio broadcasts. We'll quote the 2nd half of your post where you say, "Me and the boys will shoot that place up if people show up" is just a way to radio warrior. Replies like that break the radio rules as found here if you need a quick re-read. Next time you want to be hostile in a radio post, try to add something other than mocking, insults, or belittling, put something in there that can push RP. With that being said, APPEAL DENIED Signed by: @Inferno, @Bryan, & @Rover
  12. Congrats on the WL, hope you enjoy your time here
  13. Since @Cole Neilson has not responded in multiple days, we will be closing this report. Any chance for him to play on the servers will require him to make an appeal and post his POV there. Sorry for any inconvenience this report caused to anyone. Closed by: @Inferno & @Rover
  14. Hello there, The team has took a look at your appeal, thank you for responding back about the situation so everything can be dealt with. You will be changed from a temp ban to a 7 Day ban, 10 warning points, and a character inventory reset for Invalid Kill (On Sight) and Combat Logging as punishment for the rulebreaks that happened in the report. Never should anyone blast an individual in anger without initiating to give them the opportunity to surrender. Also, as the logs show in the report you may have been under a minute left but rules are rules and a full 30 min must be waited. For the future, set a timer that is more than half an hour to make sure you waited the time needed and for the Invalid Killing, initiate on them. We hold role play over gun play on this server. With that being said, PUNISHMENT CHANGED, 7 Day ban, 10 warning points, and a character inventory reset Signed by: @Inferno, @Rover, & @Duplessis
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