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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2250764298&searchtext=dayZ+editor Use this mod and make sure the server mods are also on for maximum building. Then save and send to an admin (rolle is the one who puts stuff in but might better to send to another red boy at first) so they can review it. Final step is wait patiently for either a yes or no on the base. If I remember correctly the group settlement thread is just as viable for the personal bases too.
  2. Since when tf are you a mod?

    1. Fae


      Since 3 hours ago 😄


    2. Realize


      I blame @Hofer

    3. Inferno


      @RealizeShould have made her a support 🙃

    4. Hofer


      @Realize made the call

    5. Fae


      @Hofer is so excited to have me back I just know it 😛


  3. Is your steam visibility set to public for everything? Including for everyone to see your game hours too? Your settings need to look like this especially that little box gotta be unchecked.
  4. Join staff again.

    Family Guy Dolphin GIF It wasn't a question.

    1. Chewy


      Don't you dare touch my son.

    2. Whitename


      staff is cringe though

  5. Wh.... oh god.. oh no...















    for legal reasons that was a joke
    good luck as an orange boi ❤️

    1. Niller


      Cheers Inferno

  6. Me in the morning:
    "Ah I can just not do this assignment and still pass the class, I'll just take the 0"

    Me at work around 4ish hours before assignment's due:
    "You know.... maybe I shouldn't have done that..."

    Me around half an hour before assignment's due after getting home from work:
    Bullshits on the assignment like his life depends on it while blasting hardbass into his ears 





    1. Duplessis


      Sometimes it do be like that

  7. Welcome to being orange

    1. Bapple


      help me father im scared

      ty ❤️

  8. Congrats man, enjoy the red and what it brings. Both fun and annoying.


  9. Hello community member CutieNiller.

    I have stopped by your profile at this fine hour, to spread only the most positive of vibes and appreciation.

    I personally have always enjoyed the roleplay you have provided for myself and the people around me, both back when i didn't know you and when i at last got to know you. Throughout everything that has happened on DayZRP.com, outside of DayZRP.com and IRL you still seem to put smiles on other peoples faces, though i believe you sometime forget your own.

    You deserve not only a great amount of respect and appreciation, but you like everyone else deserve to wake up and be happy with yourself, because though you might not believe it there is alot of people both on and off DayZRP.com that geniuenly care about you and how you are doing.

    Feel free to always send me a DM (Direct Message) if you are ever feeling down, and we can write a song and make some music.

    Most sincerely


    1. Niller


      Oh God Reaction GIF


  10. RF - RAC meme times were fun, do kinda miss em.
  11. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1240440/Halo_Infinite/

    If ya'll MFs don't play that Halo Infinite multiplayer i'm bouta clap ya'll cheeks

    Aiming Antonio Banderas GIF by University of Alaska Fairbanks

    1. Zanaan


      Oooh... free multiplayer. Yum

  12. interesting KD, very nice. However @Maybelele show this dude a real flex
  13. Very interesting group and interesting character system ya'll got enforced on yourself. I just hope people don't abuse it on you and kill every character you make. Definitely best of luck to you all though.
  14. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1782210/Crab_Game/

    Ight fellas, here's the deal. I hereby challenge 30 people in a game. Rules are you must use the shitty mic quality of this game and it has to be pure chaos. Fight me cowards and lets make an absolute shitpost out of this game.


    1. Fred


      I accept your challenge

  15. You’re back? Guess I have to now also

    1. Bryan


      Yes. Addictions are bad.

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