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  1. A separate portion of the staff team has looked over your appeal and came to the conclusion to DENY it. You were hit for badRP because of what you wrote in the chat. We have an expectation of people to hold themselves to a level of maturity and seriousness in the community. If you want to OOCly joke around with characters then you are free to do so IN THE DISCORD CALL and outside of the game and it's text. The moment you step into the server everything in game is seen and meant to be In Character. Your new punishment instead is being changed from the usual 5 day, 10 warning points to a 7 day, 15 warning points. This is an alteration from the original BadRP to Trolling, it is not in anyway meant to be an aggravation. This alteration is being done because anyone could have came across you and your friends while you typed that out. To add in depending on which voice level you had it set to, when set to yelling the game makes the radius to see the messages even larger. The "message" you and your friends joked around with is seen as trolling ERP which is a combo we definitely don't tolerate in the community. Not to mention this was grossly obscene and completely unnecessary to even put into the chat. Let this upgrade show you and your friends how to behave in both voice and chat in game, on forums, or in our discord. With that being said, APPEAL DENIED, Punishment changed to 7 Day Ban & 15 Warning Points. Signed by @Inferno, @Peril & @Eddie
  2. If the scope is actually fixed, then yes bring it back. The gun's a nice one but if the scope is still the broken shit it was then better leave it out until it ain't.
  3. Verdict @K2U - Griefing - Not Guilty Summary @K2U was out looking for supplies while she stumbled upon a base. She cut the locks off the base and started to look around for any supplies. After grabbing what she needed, @K2U put a lock onto the gates to come back for a later time and left the base. Not Guilty Reasoning We don’t see what @K2U did as griefing because of their intention for putting the lock on the gate. If they placed the lock onto the gate to troll or purposely lock out the OP then that would constitute as a grief as they are doing it for malicious reasons. Instead, here they placed the lock and planned on coming back later on to grab whatever else they required. Outcomes @K2U - Griefing - No Punishment Given Signed by: @Inferno & @Hofer
  4. A separate team of staff has reviewed your appeal and came to the decision to DENY it. Regardless of the comments made towards your friend or how you felt during the situation taking place it doesn't excuse you from following the rules. Any post that you take an issue with and or you feel breaks forum rules can be reported, if you had an issue with how some members of the staff team were handling the comments made you should have submitted a support ticket detailing your issues with what happened and it would have been dealt with accordingly. Responding in the manner that you did is always going to be counter productive. That being said, Appeal denied, points remain Signed by, @Inferno & @Eagles
  5. Verdict @Lucas - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - Guilty @Challenger - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - Not Guilty Summary @Eagle and companions are just vibing and driving down the street where a bullet comes at them. They are ordered to stop the car which they do. When pulled over, @Lucas stated “I said stop the car next time you little fuck.” where @Eagle responded with “We did you fucking retard.” and got blasted. Later the newly found hostages were told if anyone was to shoot at their captors they would be executed. Not long after that was said, @Squillium then shot at @Challenger's group while being apart of the 5.0.3 which allowed @Challenger to follow up with his threat. Rule Breaks Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) @Lucas, There was no need to execute @Eagle the way you did. His small outburst gave no cause for the kill. He was no threat to your life at all due to him being in the vehicle and instead of being trigger happy you should have warned him not to do something like that again. If he did go off like that again a few more times after multiple demands then he would become a non-complying hostage as rule 4.6 says (Hostages do not comply with your demands after repeated requests or try to escape.) Not Guilty Reasoning -The hostages were warned and told to transmit the threat given to them to the rest of the 5.0.3. As per the following rule: 4.6 … In any other circumstances, hostages may only be executed in the following scenarios: Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage-takers. As @DieselTheSnowMan was willfully rolling with 503 for some time, he formed a dynamic group with the 503 meaning they are effectively his allies. With @Squillium being apart of the approved group and @DieselTheSnowMan willfully rolling with them and being an ally of the 5.0.3, the demand that receiving shots will result in executions of the hostages is valid. The poorly-planned rescue attempt had a consequence, explained through the radio negotiations and the hostages were executed as a result of failure to comply with this demand. If you wish to successfully rescue your hostages, especially when you know they will be killed as a result of your actions, we recommend you form a more coordinated strategy than to have one person open fire, or we suggest you attempt to negotiate for their freedom. With the explanation above in mind, we see no reason to find the kill on either hostage invalid. Outcomes @Lucas - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - 3 Day ban, 10 Warning points, & Character reset @Challenger - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - No Punishment Signed by: @Inferno, @Eddie & @Para
  6. Calling in the following people for their full POV and any unedited video evidence they may have. @Ellyador - Urko Dimitrov - OP @CJ - Tyrone Cotton - POSTED @Arhkan - Rafael Dimitrov - POSTED @Replaceful - Garrett Loyd - POSTED Connection Logs Hit Logs Kill Logs
  7. Verdict @Snuggly Boi - Combat Logging - Guilty @RiZ - BadRP - Guilty @Earl & @Retro - BadRP - Guilty Summary @RiZ and @Unii are chillin' out maxin', relaxin' all cool, as @Eagle and friends show up. A conversation happens before the two are initiated on. They are stripped of weapons and then taken away from the location in a car. After a pit stop to confirm they are harmless, they are once again moved to a different location. During this transport, they stop for a server restart and are told to sit in the back of an old beat-up truck. Once everyone is back in, they set out on the road and end up in the forest. Some RP happens, which involves @RiZ getting knocked out. When finally coming back to reality @RiZ gets a bag placed over his head, and then another car ride ensues. They arrive at the edge of the map where @Caraham asks for permission to permascar @RiZ which is declined. After a final batch of RP, he is let go. Rule Breaks Combat Logging @Snuggly Boi, you asked for permission to log out right after you initiated and were denied. You claim that you couldn’t reconnect after the restart due to your internet connection and you notified your group about this. Now, this would have been understandable IF you had notified the staff team instead of your allies. You committed a hostile act and then noticed that you had to go off right after the hostages complied with your demands. If you knew you had to get off then you shouldn’t have participated in the encounter to begin with, and should have simply just excused yourself from the situation. Now, before we continue with this verdict, there is something that we would like to address. During the entire situation, there were multiple parts where both sides contributed to a drop in the RP. In these moments of silence, things could have been said or done to reinstate the flow of the roleplay. This is not in any way to say that none of you tried but there was definitely something on both sides that could have been done better. BadRP - @RiZ During your whole stream, you are constantly interacting more with your viewers than the people next to you that were attempting to roleplay as can be seen in SOME of the following timestamps from... In the following link at: 19:51 - You say “I’m just going to sit here and not say anything until they talk to me.” 24:40 - You jokingly say to your stream “Should I hit them with a //perms to log?” showing your interest in the situation. 29:30 - You ask your stream to fill your chat up with the “resident sleeper” emote. 01:00:08 - You beg for the person who is aiming his gun at you to “misclick” so the situation ends for you. 01:06:48 - You state to the man while turning off your music “I actually can’t hear a fucking thing cause you put this thing on my head. I apologize. I guess we’re going to have to stay silent the entire ride.” Then after you say that, you turn the music back on. 1:07:36 - You tell your chat “I hope we go to fucking space, we might get to join the chernarus space program today uh that might be fun and uh also I might go play overwatch right now.” It can be seen that as the situation went on, you rapidly lost interest in the roleplay and just gave up. Take a minute to think; if you were on the other side of the situation would you have enjoyed or been able to engage with a stone wall hostage. RP is a two-way street you shouldn’t expect your hostage-takers to do all the work, you are just as capable as creating an interesting conversation and engaging with them. BadRP - @Earl & @Retro To say the RP from you two during the car ride up to the forest was lackluster would be an understatement. During the entire situation, the only person that provided a decent amount of RP to the hostages was @Eagle. The rest of you that were present seemed to have no idea what was happening or how to RP with either of them, @Unii received almost no RP during the situation except for in the truck when @Retro came to feed the hostages and in the woods when @Eagle pulled her aside to question her. @RiZ did try to get some RP going with @Retro in the forest when asking if his character was Chernarussian but was immediately shut down. Even though it was clearly seen that @RiZ didn’t care about the situation anymore later on, you still could have pressed things onto your hostage to engage with him. As mentioned above, RP is a two-way street. You can’t expect one of your friends to do all the work or expect the hostage to lead the RP all the time. You chose to capture him but once that was completed and he was in your custody it seemed you had no idea what to do. Always make sure you are aware of what is happening so you can better the RP and create interesting experiences for not only your hostages but others around you. Outcomes @Snuggly Boi - Combat Logging - 3 Day ban, 10 warning points, & Character reset @RiZ - BadRP - 5 Day ban, 10 warning points, & Character reset @Earl - BadRP - 5 Day ban, 10 warning points, & Character reset @Retro - BadRP - 5 Day ban, 10 warning points, Player will be removed from the community due to accumulating 30 warning points. Signed by: @Inferno & @Para
  8. Welcome to the community man, hope you enjoy it here.
  9. Welcome back man, hope you have fun here.
  10. Welcome man, hope ya have fun here.
  11. Inferno


    Welcome to the community.
  12. Calling in the following people for their full POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have. @Eagle - Ramon Pushkin @Husky. - Joe Collins @Lucas - Lucas Joyce @Challenger - Patrick Joyce @DieselTheSnowMan- Eli Knox @Squillium - Miller Thompson Connection Logs Hit Logs Kill Logs
  13. Verdict @Mason26 - Invalid Kill (On Sight), Attempted Invalid Kill, & NVFL - Guilty Summary @FaeRP and friends go to corporation base and raid it. During this @Mason26 logs in and spots two people in the base who aren’t apart of his group. He waits for the two to go away from the rest of the raiding party and opens fire without letting himself be known. He manages to kill one person but the second gets the upper hand and kills him. Rule Breaks @Mason26, your kill on @FaeRP is seen as invalid. When your base is being raided, you must let your presence be known to the raiders before you go and defend your home. You need to let the people know that you are the owner of the base and that they are intruding. If they don’t comply then you are allowed to stand your ground and defend your property. Your attempted kill on @speirs is also seen as invalid for the same reasons as above, you would have had rights if you let them know of what was said above however you failed to do so and didn’t gain those rights. Finally, you knew you were outnumbered and outgunned but still decided to open fire on the raiders and ended up dying in the encounter. You shown not to value your character’s life because of it. Outcomes @Mason26 - Invalid Kill (On Sight), Attempted Invalid Kill, & NVFL - 7 Day Ban, 10 Warning points, & Character permanently killed Signed by: @Inferno, & @Rover
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