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      Nostalgia is a bitch especially when you want to rectify wrongs....but things just don't go that way. Enjoy your much needed vacation Inferno. Miss the CS GO games and dumb shit in discord with everyone.

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  6. Greetings there lads, and group leader @Knight While doing an activity, we've noticed that there are some people in the group that are either in need of a talking to or removal. Please get the sorted and dealt with accordingly.
  7. Think of that as an incentive to make friends, allies, and other people who you get the liking into and have them join you in that base. If a person tries to solo maintain a base, then the limitations and disadvantages put them in a real tough spot. However if that individual gets a crew and they all try to defend their in game home that's where things change. That then allows a person to be on the server and at the base to shield it and even notify the other members when they are being raided. People should use the fact that we don't have rules against offline raiding to find like minded people and work together for a common goal, the defense of a base.
  8. -1 I'll always see offline raiding as a price people have to pay for having a base. If you make one, you make it on your own accord meaning you should understand both benefits AND disadvantages to having one. if you wanna have an RP area/hub, sure go ahead and make it. Those don't need 24/7 patrols and watch because it's a place for people to roleplay at as the name intends. If you wanna have a base and store gear/items in then be prepared to defend it with whatever you have. IMO about.... 7/10 times(?) people who talk about offline raiding rules do it because of gear lost due to the offline raiding. As mentioned by @CutieBenji just make stashes around map for that gear you wanna keep, or be a true gamer and stay nomadic and keep all that gear on you
  9. Just gotta find them around the map, industrial locations, sheds, and other such buildings are usually where they can be found.
  10. Greetings Members of Sobaki, I think it's finally time for us to take a step in and mention a few things. The only actual feedback that we can even remotely give you is flat out negative. As a group, you generally have a pretty negative reputation. This carries over from feedback previously provided on many groups prior to this one. We had hoped that, given this background, you would attempt to clearly show how you had changed for the better much like how members like @mike and @mason claim you will. There is constant negative feedback about the same repeating behaviors being posted on your page with your own members promising change and apologizing for those actions only to once again rinse and repeat. All we're seeing from your responses are false promises and catering to the masses to push away the feedback given at that moment. The vast majority of your members are veterans of the community and roleplay here, some I even played with in the past in groups. As the staff team we have to address the vast warning history found in this group. The large amount of you, as was said before, have played here for years and should be familiar with what is considered as poor quality or a rulebreak. However, we're finding situations that go like this: As you can see in the first video the situation resulted in a very poor quality of robbery which lasted for more or less 2 minutes. The initiations, as usual, are rushed for efficiency. The demands made not only limit the RP options available, but indicate to us that you are trying to kill hostages as quickly as possible whilst narrowing potential RP avenues. As seen, "one more word and you're dead" is iterated numerous times, a clear indication of no interest to actually roleplay out a detailed hostile scenario. Then we move on to the end, wherein you have held this man up for little-to-no reason, only to send him away from the city under the threat of death effectively sending him away from a large potential roleplay source. We find ourselves asking what the actual point of this was? You hold someone up quickly in what could easily be considered a BadRP ban for many members involved. You prevent him from doing anything, you almost kill him for "non-compliance" even though he displays no indication of being a threat to you whilst a hostage. Then at the end you kill him. This example only cements the long-lasting perception that many of the members in this group care only for PvP. This group, as a whole, has a pretty extensive history of involvement in the report section, especially being the suspected rulebreakers and even more so when relating to cases of invalid kills. Since its inception, Sobaki has also been involved in the vast majority of the latest reports posted, being one of the only groups to actually be reported for misconduct. As well as this, the group has also been informally reported to the GM / Administrator team for regular trolling behavior at events provided by the event team. With this substantial negative perception that you are very kill-hungry, PvP focused and that you care little for the quality of the RP you provide, we question why on earth you are so quick to kill yet another hostage? Eventually, the staff team has to step in to address the long-lasting concerns of the community. On another note, we would also like to address the out of character conduct of some of the members involved in this group when other community members post official reports. What we will not be tolerating is the harassment of other community members who report in an attempt to poke holes in their reasoning to report. This manipulative approach, in an attempt to dissuade someone from carrying out a report against this group, will no longer fly. If you are reported, address it in the report and leave it there or talk things out in an official chat. Nothing more. The behaviors displayed by this group are an active deterrent to newcomers wanting to join the community. They also alienate the existing members and cause their interests to move elsewhere. This will no longer be tolerated and this feedback can be considered the final warning before we start being very heavy-handed towards this group. Not to forget, you'll be staying unapproved until we see a clear and permanent change in mentality towards the right direction. Other reports, feedbacks, and videos used as evidence for this feedback
  11. Have you tried taking a look at this guide and following it's steps? 9.9 times of out 10 this is how a discord issue people are having is fixed, it should work for you.
  12. I know something was said about an admin megaphone but can't remember for the life of me if it's spawnable/in game for staff to use. It's basically just a renamed regular megaphone that can be heard throughout the whole map when spoken into it. At the end of the day though we have our tools where we can send a text message for whole server to see which can be more useable than a vocal way imo.
  13. Might be me but I don't really see bombers flying around bombing the hell out of places 70 years into the apocalypse (I swear if you bring fallout into this...). Now if this was at the start like when we had RAC, CLF, and RF then yea could be used. Or if the map was stuck in a literal warzone between 2 places which had the capability of this but like I said 70 years into the death of humanity ehhhh...
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