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  1. Arne was born at Kotka, Finland, on 9th of august, 1993. His parents were middle-class workers, both working at seaport of Kotka. His mother were secretary on customs and father welded ships for international company. During their summer breaks, whole family headed at seas, on Finland's archipelago. Arne got familiar with ships and sailing at early age. Arne had pretty normal Finnish upbringing, attended to primary school, and went to vocational school, specializing on metal working. Arne's dreams were to follow his fathers footsteps, due to current work situation at hometown. After Arne graduated, there were no need for metal workers at local ports, and Arne started to look work in International level. After a while, he found work for welder at St. Petersburg, Russia. Company that was hiring was based on Russia, but was operating on international level. Company had pretty shady reputation, due some of the money backing company business was coming from Kremlin and from local oligarchs. Company maintained and fixed ships and sea vessels at 7 different port on Europe. Arne moved into St. Petersburg, and started his work at local port, that was specialized on cargo ships. Most colleagues were from western countries, due higher educational standards, so for the communication they used English. After 2 years of working Arne moved to different port, located at Estonia. From there, it was easier to go back to home and see his family. Life was good for a long time. After a while, company asked if Arne was willing to move on different port, on southern part of the Russia, Sevastopol at the black sea. Arne heard that there was some kind of trouble over there. Foremen said that accepting this offer will be pretty big boost on Arnes career. Arne was willing to move out, and after few weeks, he and his few colleagues boarded cargo vessel, heading Istanbul, Turkey. There, Arne and his colleagues had to wait for few days for instructions from company. After 5 days, workers received instructions to go and board company owned speedboat. They boarded this speedboat, and with them was three Russian men. This felt pretty odd, since these people didn't communicate at all with workers, and were checking their phones all the time. After 2 hours, one of the Russian men said to metal workers in russian that they're close to the ship that needs to be fixed asap. None of the workers were fluent with russian language, and they tried to tell that they didn't fully understand. Then one of the Russians, pulled badge from his pocket. FSB, Russian federal intelligence agency. With poor English, Agent said that they need to fix Coast Guards vessel that was beached on shallow water, on hostile territory. After long boat ride, they arrived near coastline, which can been seen with naked eye on the distance. Boat started to go at lowest possible speed towards shallow water. Group reaches Vessel that was beached,and it is badly damaged, beyond any fixing. Metalworkers said that they cannot fix this vessel at water level, and that they need reinforcing steel to even make temporary solutions. After a long argue, one of the FSB agents, pulls pistol from his jacket, and starts pointing pistol at workers. Workers agrees to work on the ship. Arne and his colleagues boards military Vessel, and Arnes friends start to plan some type of escape plan. Arne doesn't agree on this and says that they just should try to look like they tried their best. Other workers tells Arne to grow a spine, that they will die if they don't escape. Arne agrees on some degree, but feels like that he must play along with Russians, who are anchored next to military vessel. Arne tells to his co-workers that he goes asses damages from outside, and descends to speedboat, and asks them to move next to vessels damaged side, so he can have a look at the hull. While he's taking a closer look with flashlight, he hears that some of his colleagues are counting down from 3. Arne tries to rise up, but on of the agents grabbed him by his jackets hood, which chocked Arne. Rest of the workers tries to throw heavy objects and tools at agents, who returns fire from weaponry they had. Agent who got Arne on chocke hold, smacks Arne back of his head. Arne fell unconscious and falls off from speedboat. While Arne was knocked out, unknown assault boat and its crew spotted FSB people and workers having their scuffle. Assault boat closed in and told people to surrender and lower their weapons. FSB and workers complied. Few minutes pass, and Arne gains consciousness. Arne looks back at the situation and is very confused. Arne submerges, and tries to dive as far as he can. No one saw that he made some distance between him and the ships. Arne starts swimming towards shore, feeling immense pain on his neck and head. Arne doesn't even know where his heading, and swimming fatigue starts to feel on his legs and arms. Water is very frigid, and signs of hypothermia starts to show up. Nothing else is on Arnes head right now, but "Survive, Survive, Survive..." While hes repeating those words for himself, everything goes black. Arne had luck on his side, since morning was breaking in, and waters tide lowered. After waking up, Arne feels like he's on brink of death, but he just keep saying himself "Survive, Survive, Survive..." whilst he is crawling towards inland.
  2. I was the person who ran towards the red house, so this seems to be @Dusty's POV: i was running towards a gun fire? that's not it. I just logged back to server (i was lagging badly before this), and tried to catch up @H1ber and @jonkeli, and they was in that point inside the red house. When i was closing the red house, as seen from Dusty's video, i was getting shot by Dusty. He missed me, and my friends fired at him. I did try to open red houses door, but then i got shot from another direction. I tried to ran behind the house, and i got shot to legs, and managed to survive.
  3. @Speedster i was recording, but whole video is black, sadly (bad settings). and my settings seemed to record sound from wrong sound card... sorry
  4. @Mexi if you mean me by the person that still had weapon drawn, i had ak-74 on my back and akm on my hands. I didn't know that you was behind me, after i heard shots and got hit, i was pretty sure i was getting killed by you. as i said before, i was heading towards to office building, you shot me, leg fractured, got inside small room on offices, got stuck there, and waited my time. And my friends shot towards @Dusty, because he was firing towards to me, as seen in video.
  5. Anton Borisov's POV: Like @H1ber stated before, we were coming from Tisy military base, and was heading east due the main road. We started looting houses next to main road, west side of Novaya Petrovka, and during looting, no gunshots was heard. We headed towards to east, and i started lagging, so i did go inside the green house next to main road (left side of the road, when looking to east.) When i logged in, i heard suppressed gunshots, and started to look for @H1ber and @jonkeli. When i was running on road, i heard gunshots quite far away, and did go front of the red house, where @H1ber & @jonkeli was hiding. then i noticed somebody tried to shot me, and i received gunshot towards me from north too. i ran behind the house and tried to go towards to office building on west from my position and try to get away. Then i received bullet to my legs from behind, by unknown player, but i think they were wearing red/orange armbands. I used VOIP to tell them that we are not involved, and we are trying to get away. Unknown player said to me to get out of here, and i did go to office building, and started bandage myself. When i finished bandaging, i tried to head out, but there was 2-3 players running towards the office building. i hid in one of the smaller rooms, and they came inside to lobby i think. they started firing, and i though, if i move out, i will definitely get killed by them. I waited 50 minutes to gunfights end, on small room. After waiting, i sneaked to near tree cluster, and started making splint, used it, and headed out. i shot zero shot back there, and none of us had no intentions to join to Gunfight OR tried to get involved into it by any means.
  6. @Shane HUGE Thanks, this worked out for me!
  7. After 7 hours, still had same issue. I was still able to join S2, no problems. I reinstalled Dayz again, run it firewall off, and anti virus off. i verified game cache and still same problem. I am running out of ideas at this point.
  8. Update: So, i waited up till scheduled server restart at 00:00 GMT. Tried to join to S1, still stuck on "loading game...", but again, i was able to join S2, and any other servers too. Well, i guess i wait till tomorrow and see if this issue goes off by itself.
  9. @Boston My firewall allows Steam and Dayz to go through. My Anti-Virus does scans on "idle hours" (mainly on morning). @Shadows Yeah, i'll wait for next scheduled server restart, and see how it goes. Thanks to everyone to try solve this issue!
  10. it is possible that server restart might fix my problem? would be nice if i could play tonight.
  11. @Mathematics Restarting PC & router didn't fix the issue. Neither did reinstalling the game. I was still able to join S2, but not to S1.
  12. @Mathematics I try to restart my PC and router also. If that doesn't work out, i'll reinstall then.
  13. @Mathematics Ping is between 60-110 all the time.
  14. Update: Defragging disc didn't help. I was still able to join S2, but unable to join S1.
  15. @Shanedoes that wipe my character information?
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