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  1. FM 89.5 (Open) TRUCK FOR SALE

    *presses PTT while laughing to himself* Right on brother.... *releases PTT*
  2. FM 89.5 (Open) TRUCK FOR SALE

    *Presses PTT* Honestly, i wouldn't even say they were broken man, Im walking today, You're right I dont have have trucks, you got me on that one. I have 2 trucks, a sedan, an offroader and a Bus. But Im trying to let them go cause I dont need that many, you know what Im saying. Charlie is probably listening, he knows I made it out of the forest, and he knows Im coming for his head. By the way, who the fuck are you? Like how does any of this relate to you? Do you hate on everyone of just those who are more fortunate? Thanks bro this has been entertaining. *releases PTT*
  3. FM 89.5 (Open) TRUCK FOR SALE

    *presses PTT so hard he breaks the button* You don't even know what happened, let me explain *takes deep breath* I was on my way through the NW west airfield when Charlie over here decided it'd be a good idea to point a gun at my face and tell me to put my hands up, it had been a long day I wasn't having it. *sighs* I tried bartering my truck for my things back but they insisted that I take them too it or I die, so I did, I took them to some piece of shit I found the day earlier. I basically played the shit out of them so they broke my legs and left me in the forest. Little did they know my real truck, the running one was behind some trees not far from where they left me, so I crawled my ass over there, played doctor, and drove away. So keep your mouth shut, cause you don't know anything. *laughs* and I do have 5 believe it or not, so fuck off. Have fun walking, this is price of shit is broken. *Squatch throws the radio into the trees and all you can hear is the wind whipping around the forest*
  4. FM 89.5 (Open) TRUCK FOR SALE

    *presses PTT with shaking hands* You fool, I will survive, I'm Squach for Christ sake. Im not selling the Grey one I'm selling the Orange one I was telling you about, oh and to answer your question about my other vehicles. I have 5 Thanks for robbing me of my things and breaking my legs, you guys are some real gents. *realeses PTT, and throws radio into the forest*
  5. TRUCK FOR SALE, radio back for more details
  6. Showcase Your Rides

  7. Showcase Your Rides

    Clean ?? Blue Chevrolegs?!? Niiiiice??
  8. Showcase Your Rides

    Nice. Some call it luck but I .... well I call it luck too. I have no Idea how I've come across so many cars already, I would have a bus too but when I started it for the first time it spun into a fence and house. RIP my extra truck battery and glow plug, and potential bus. Check out the newest addition though
  9. Not a bad day, picked up these two today, they're in the works, but running.
  10. Cars

    Just found an Offroader today!
  11. CD Radio (Open Frequency)

    *Mark steps out of his tent as the cool rain cuts through the tall pines and the distant sound of thunder rattles the air, he presses the PTT* Hello friends, this is Mark again Just wanted to update those who follow this channel, even though for all I know I could be talking to myself. Anyways, I will be at Tisy Military Base recruiting for the next few hours so, if you wanted to talk about enlisting feel free to come by, I won't be hard to find. *Mark releases the PTT and starts walking to the tents at Tisy*
  12. *Mark sits in an empty room as he takes a deep breath as he presses the PTT and reads out loud what he has written down* Good Morning Friends. And thanks for tuning into Chernarus Defense Radio, we are broadcasting out of Tisy Military Base home of the Chernarus Defense Forces. I understand that many of you have probably heard of the CDF (Chernaruissan Defense Forces) but todays world is a bit different from when the original CDF walked our lands, thus today's CDF is different but We are connected to our roots and committed to the excellence and fair treatment of all. Listen carefully to the following message as it might change your life forever. The CDF is recruiting 5 recruit patrolmen, for its upcoming ventures. There are however some requirements, so listen carefully. First off, recruits can be affiliated with another group or faction upon enlistment, as long as that group or faction has a good standing with the CDF Secondly, recruits must be able to efficiently use a standard issue M4A1 Third, Recruits must be able to complete recruit training and lastly, recruits must prove their support and loyalty to the CDF And if you've listened this long than you must hear about the benefits that the CDF will provide it's enlisted members First, each recruit will receive an M4A1 rifle, ammunition and training with their firearm Secondly, each recruit will receive a standard issue Uniform, including helmet, shirt, pants, and backpack Third, recruits will have the opportunity to achieve higher rank while completing their enlistment. So as you can see their are many benefits from enlisting in the CDF If you have questions or comments about the CDF feel free to radio in at anytime, this is an open channel. *Mark lets out a sigh of relief as he releases the PTT*
  13. Risky Radio: Bandit Reports

    *PTT pressed, as an unknown voice comes over the radio* Mike Risky has been found, he pulled a gun on me in Stary as I tried to rob him He was killed Mike Risky and Risky Radio is no more *releases PTT*
  14. Risky Radio: Bandit Reports

    Risky Radio will be broadcasting in 45 minutes or so, keep your ears to 87.8FM
  15. Risky Radio: Bandit Reports

    *presses PTT* If you and your band of men aren't bandits then don't worry about it I don't have a problem with you friend, innocent until proven guilty There is a difference between gunshots, and a trap, although the two can be confused, it's better safe than sorry. I just let my listeners know when there are fights of some sort going on so they will stay away from that area, most of the time there are fire fights near the NW airfield, just thieves casting their bait. If you're not a bandit you don't need to worry about me friend Good luck, and stay safe