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  1. Larrys Radio Show!


    Cool Man! I remember having a radio show called Risky Radio awhile back. Cant wait to hear it!
  2. Ban Appeal SMFW

    Im just trying to get my RP on man haha
  3. Ban Appeal SMFW

    Like I said before, this took place many months ago I do not remember the specifics, treat me as guilty for the first charge, I am appealing a ban on failure to respond I'm just trying to RP on the servers again, I broke the rules in the past, I can admit, but how long is a ban on failure to respond because I've been gone a long time
  4. Ban Appeal SMFW

    This incident happened awhile ago, I remember taking shots at them for fun. I might've been aiming to kill, and if I was Im extremely sorry, this incident happened too long ago to remember the details DayzRP really is the only place to get good RP gameplay and I just want to be apart of the community again, I mean no harm and wouldnt be going through all of this to break the rules again And does the log record missed shots? I remember poping off a few
  5. Ban Appeal SMFW

    Correct, I was just being dumb taking pop shots It was an accident, I didnt mean to kill him
  6. Ban Appeal SMFW

    A couple of their guys came out from the barn, and one was ghilled up in the field
  7. Ban Appeal SMFW

    Because On my way through the area they must've recognized me and they chased me down till I was shot dead on my way back through the area, and might I add that I wasnt aiming to kill, just to stir trouble and I regret it
  8. Ban Appeal SMFW

    I cannot justify my actions involving the initial report. I can only apologize. I was in the tree line taking shots at a group of survivors who had formed a base in a farming compound, I may have accidentally shot one of their men because on my way back through the area I was hunted down. I take full responsibility for the incident, and hope that by being gone so long I can be re-whitelisted
  9. Ban Appeal SMFW

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Failure to respond to a report (Temporary Ban)(I was unrightfully shooting at a group of survivors) Why the verdict is not fair: I think that the verdict was fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I think that I have served my time away from the servers and have realized my wrong doing, and would never do it again because I have found that this the only true place for RP What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My ban to be lifted What could you have done better?: Respond to a report that involves me, and to never break the guidelines set by the creators
  10. FM 89.5 (Open) TRUCK FOR SALE

    *presses PTT while laughing to himself* Right on brother.... *releases PTT*
  11. FM 89.5 (Open) TRUCK FOR SALE

    *Presses PTT* Honestly, i wouldn't even say they were broken man, Im walking today, You're right I dont have have trucks, you got me on that one. I have 2 trucks, a sedan, an offroader and a Bus. But Im trying to let them go cause I dont need that many, you know what Im saying. Charlie is probably listening, he knows I made it out of the forest, and he knows Im coming for his head. By the way, who the fuck are you? Like how does any of this relate to you? Do you hate on everyone of just those who are more fortunate? Thanks bro this has been entertaining. *releases PTT*
  12. FM 89.5 (Open) TRUCK FOR SALE

    *presses PTT so hard he breaks the button* You don't even know what happened, let me explain *takes deep breath* I was on my way through the NW west airfield when Charlie over here decided it'd be a good idea to point a gun at my face and tell me to put my hands up, it had been a long day I wasn't having it. *sighs* I tried bartering my truck for my things back but they insisted that I take them too it or I die, so I did, I took them to some piece of shit I found the day earlier. I basically played the shit out of them so they broke my legs and left me in the forest. Little did they know my real truck, the running one was behind some trees not far from where they left me, so I crawled my ass over there, played doctor, and drove away. So keep your mouth shut, cause you don't know anything. *laughs* and I do have 5 believe it or not, so fuck off. Have fun walking, this is price of shit is broken. *Squatch throws the radio into the trees and all you can hear is the wind whipping around the forest*
  13. FM 89.5 (Open) TRUCK FOR SALE

    *presses PTT with shaking hands* You fool, I will survive, I'm Squach for Christ sake. Im not selling the Grey one I'm selling the Orange one I was telling you about, oh and to answer your question about my other vehicles. I have 5 Thanks for robbing me of my things and breaking my legs, you guys are some real gents. *realeses PTT, and throws radio into the forest*
  14. TRUCK FOR SALE, radio back for more details
  15. Showcase Your Rides