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  1. RP Ideas

    I've just started play RP again after a while away and I was trying to think of an interesting character to play. And I was curious what type of characters have you guys thought of before or would like to see around?
  2. DayZRP T-Shirts

    Drop weps 10 secs, run north <3
  3. GUID

    Thank you
  4. GUID

    I got a new computer not long ago but couldn't get into my steam account, so I have a new steam account but I have a new GUID, can I get my whitelisted GUID changed?
  5. failed again

    If you have dyslexia you can PM me a copy of your application and I can grammar check it if you like
  6. Side Effects of Being Bit

    Necrosis, I believe this is when your flesh starts to rot like you are dead, yet you are still alive.
  7. DayZ Spawns be like..

    Image doesn't work mate Embed it with this link
  8. What gear do you currently have?

    Flares, bandage and a radio.
  9. Can you link the thread? I wanna read it
  10. Erm.. Zombie attacks on Prud today

    Apache-horde? :trolldance: :sparrow: I dare you
  11. Erm.. Zombie attacks on Prud today

    The jets and Apaches will come next
  12. Donation rank ideas

    Wait, I've only just seen this, rainbow names ?!
  13. I keep getting kicked from the server with no error messages etc, is anyone else getting this or is it just me? It always seems to happen when I'm talking to people. Just found this thread, can someone close this please.
  14. SWAG

    I see a problem with this thread! It should be in the questions forum.