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  1. [/font] Alright guys. Just give this a read and let me know what you think. You can use this if you're too lazy to type up your own you might have to change a few things but here it is :3 Well, where do I start? I'm just a normal guy but with a great interest for weapons. I used to go down to the range every day with my friends and shoot targets, no harm. Then it came to my 15th birthday and I got my first M16 assault rifle. I fell in love with this. I was down at the range day after day after day. My skills improved so much and I knew the range so well I could take out every target blindfolded with one hand. Impressive right? After a little while time passed on and my skills have dropped a little but I wouldn't be needing them at the end of the day, right? All this aside it finally came up to my 18th birthday and we went to a small country just outside Russia for my celebration. Me and friend, Matt Downside, were doing crazy things there, swimming with sharks, having drinking competitions and starting riots in bars. Then one day we went skydiving over Russia... that's when it all went wrong. We obviously had a great time diving out of a plane but when we landed there was just nobody around... nothing. We waited for a few hours and nobody came to pick us up so we decided to go out and try to get some communication with the locals. We headed into the city of Elektro and saw nothing but these strange, mutated... things. I call them zombies. They chased after us and we ran into a fire station where they seemed to forget everything about us and leave us alone. However, there were some weapons inside the fire station, my beloved M16 and a DMR that Matt took. I killed the zombies and we headed out, grabbed food, antibiotics and lots of gear. So here we are, me and Matt, day 52, September 10th 2013, surviving.