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  1. Yegor Yemelin

    Yegor was originally born in Russia, but when he was a child his parents gave him away to Finland. There he didn't really fit in so he learned how to be on his own, because of his parents he had a hard time trusting people. He was always good at reading people so he started playing poker at a young age. Yegor went to Chernarus to play a big tournament, but before it even got started, the infection hit the country. After the infection Yegor has been surviving on his own, avoiding other people and the infected.
  2. Gopnik

    1. H1ber


      wtf? snots?

  3. The Defiants Media thread

    • Idole
    • H1ber

    Why h1ber why? why did you kill yourself? :(

    1. H1ber


      Dominic killed me !!! 

    2. Galaxy


      I tried to save him with the dank ass KO

  4. Had some great hostage RP with @reesesaddict, best I've had in a while. Thank you!
  5. The Death Of John Moody. [Closed]

    *Andrei places his bottle of vodka down and picks up his radio, pressing down the PTT* I think it does.. I feel like things are about to change in this shitty country. *Andrei releases the PTT and goes back to drinking*
  6. The Mad King is dead! (Open Freq)

    *Andrei pressing his pistol against his head ready to shoot himself takes a radio from his pocket and presses down the PTT* The Prophet, NO this can't be happening. I'll have to follow you, it's what the lord would want. *Pauses for a while, mumbling about Lord Exodius* I see clearly now... This has to be done. THE PROPHET HAS SHOWN ME THE WAY. LORD GIVE ME POWER TO DO THIS. *A distant voice can be heard, "Andrei WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"* Lord Exodius TAKE ME, TAKE MY SOUL, IT'S FOR THE PROPHET AND YOU TO BE TAKEN. *A smack of a baseball bat can be heard as the radio falls down*
  7. @Methias Ty for the RP man that was some great stuff. Best I've had in a while. Was a bit tired though since it's like 5.30 AM here
  8. Thank you guys! and yeah had really fun, that was some good torturing
  9. To the people that care [Open]

    *Andrei puts down his bloody knife and takes his radio pressing down the PTT* Seems like you are all going now, huh? *Pauses for a while, remembering a story of a man called Frank Smith* Heard one of your guys got sliced up pretty badly by a friend of mine inside your own fucking clubhouse. *Laughs* My friends tried to get him to join our group, but that idiot wouldn't "abandon his brothers". Well, his loss I guess.. *Andrei releases the PTT, picks up his knife and wipes out the blood from it*
  10. Akrasia

    I was the last guy u saw , U scared the hell out of me. Didn't see you at all.
  11. Do you still have fun roleplaying?

    Yeah the "Hey sup?" is pretty common, but if you see someone who's like that try to come up with something that leads the RP further. People are willing to extend the RP but someone has to make a start.
  12. Akrasia

    Gotta love DayZ , fell down from the stairs and couldn't move...
  13. Changing Rule 5.7

    I think this would add more realism to the roleplaying, so +1
  14. Do you still have fun roleplaying?

    It's true that SA still has problems, but hopefully they will be fixed "soon" , Meanwhile I just try to focus on the RP and I think there is some pretty good RP'ers still here.