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  1. Wasn't called in but I was involved. Yegor Yemelin POV : My group members tell me there's a situation going on in Stary so I get in my V3S and drive to there. I arrive and we talk to Nikolai with Louie, things get heated quickly so Louie initiates and we take him to a house. We take his radio, I stay and talk with the hostage while Louie goes to negotiate. His friends refuse, so Louie tells them that he will shoot the hostage if they won't. They still won't negotiate so we kill the hostage.
  2. I'll apply for BPR as an ally, will be using my own character : Yegor Yemelin
  3. Yegor Yemelin POV: We were chilling in Stary and we see a guy running around being all weird and stuff, so one our guys goes up to talk to him and suddenly he starts to run away. We chase him a bit around Stary, @Infamous runs next to him and asks him why is he running and he just turns around and guns Louie down. After that we kill the guy and his friend shows up, takes a shot at us so we kill him as well.
  4. Nooa Halme POV : After initiating on the guy at tisy, I started running ahead towards Stary Yar to clear the way, making sure that there is nobody going to be surprising us on the way. Anyway there was nobody, so we get into town, I go overwatch for a while, then the shooting starts so we start pushing into town and clearing the houses. I clear piano house and stay there until the server restarts. After the server restarts Sam Browne logs in, we initiate on him and take him to piano house. Again I stay there to make sure they can RP without any interferes. We end up executing him for lying and shortly after leave the town.
  5. Boris Barkov POV: So we initiate on some guys between VMC and Stary, 1 of them complies and then shots start flying everywhere. After the fight was over we had 2 of them as hostage, so we proceed to move them to a house near Stary. We RP with them for a good while then let them go. Then our friend gets initiated nearby so we went to help him.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It was an ongoing fire fight with multiple shots flying around everywhere. I've seen similar cases like this and the person who shot only got a caution or nothing. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: We were being sniped from the direction where he was coming from, and he had his gun out. We had people in front of the house getting ready to push into the house, so there was really nothing I could have done better to identify if he was an enemy. It was an obvious firefight. It just looked like he's joining the other people to push into the house. Also I would like to add that this is my first ban ever, I have never even received a warning or anything. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban and points removed, a caution added instead. What could you have done better?: Could have tried to identify that he was an enemy, but I couldn't really do that, since I think he wasn't even in VOIP range when I started to shoot at him.
  7. H1ber

    KOS 10.50 GMT

    Boris Barlov POV: So we were in Kabanino in a firefight situation. I was inside double green with @lukzo2024 next to the church and there were people outside the house and pushing into the house aswell all the time so we were pinned. There was sniper shots coming towards us from pretty much every direction. As you can see from the logs it was a huge fight that lasted for quite a long time. The house was pretty much surrounded at all times, so when I saw you walking towards the house from the back I was sure u were an enemy and I killed you. No video evidence from my side.
  8. 19:32:51 | Player "Boris Barkov" is connected about 30 minutes from that I guess.
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