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"Used to be relevant, That was 5 years ago."

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  1. o/ 

    1. Hofer


      I remember you

  2. Jesus, I joined DayZRP 5 years ago...

    Rolle, I still love you.

    1. Dan



  3. Honey, I'm home. 

    1. Jamie


      Ooof, hello

  4. Banned for a weird avatar. Honey, I'm back! ;D
  5. Papa <3

    1. Roland


      Hello Ginger.

    2. Undead


      Bring big poppa back tbh kill the inner web. Aiko corrupting to many people 

  6. That guy who plays secretly and never posts on the forums then goes away for a bit before coming back.
  7. Out of game, I got a new job today! From eSports to a Support Worker. Lets go!
  8. 699... Shhh, they won't notice. Jesus, we're never doing this are we? 5...
  9. FUCK! - Can we have this title changed to Count to 50 before an admin please? 1...
  10. Thanks for all of the Warm Welcomes, appreciate it and glad to see some old faces still around here, even after all of this time! <3
  11. Was, but then moved into eSports (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and an organisation by the name of "E-Frag" who I then became Assistant Project Manager of for a period of time before stepping down not too long ago to go into different areas of eSports, which I'm currently looking for now whilst also working in a job out of eSports too.
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