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  1. beefalo_master


    Me and my friends danced to this song in person for two hours once.
  2. Tonight was my first full bit of role-play after being gone for two years, it was astonishing. I wandered to the firehouse of Berenzino, where i met a man in the fire house tower. After our short introduction, the man's knee caps exploded! (he glitched in some lockers and broke his legs) I of course, ran around frantically trying to search for morphine. Two other survivors responded to my crys for help and assisted the man with his busted leg. Now, all 4 of us are together and decide that the fire house will be our new home. We cleared the area of "rotters" as they liked to call them and not long after we set up a fire and a tent, men clothed in green uniforms came in formation down road all with fully automatic weapons. They introduced themselves as the USAF and we invited them to our camp. Life was good, then the Volki showed up... A lone Volki member armed with a AK, walked past our fire house several times, with a aggressive disposition. He then went deeper into town and began unloading this rifle at buildings and such. As a civilian, me and my friend were told to remain indoors until the situation had been resolved. The USAF then began looking for the armed gunman and restrained him, brought him back to our camp, and "negotiated" until another volki member came to take the armed gunman home, and away from the situation. I would like to send my deepest thanks and gratitude for everyone that participated (especially the USAF and Volki members) . This was my first role play experience back and you guys all did a exceptional job helping me get back in the saddle! Thank you! I love you guys
  3. Hello there, i am glad you are enjoying the time that you are spending here, i am beefalo it is a pleasure.
  4. beefalo_master

    DayZRP 1.3.1 Bug Reports

    This happened to me, every time i restart the launcher it re downloads the "goosuksf.pbo" and i got kicked a few times, (i asume for that) however other than that, it was running good, and stuff and zombies were spawning.
  5. a single item i would take.... most gear i would choose would be part of a set... useless on its own... But if i was forced to take one single thing to help me survive.. It would have to be my sanity. My personality and state of mind would be very important, more valuable than any item.
  6. yup, im having the same issue. however server 1 is working fine
  7. i have only played the first half of the original Mass Effect game. I recall the Geth being machines programmed to kill / attack humanity , kind of like the droids in star wars. So i had no trouble killing them. But the video said they were united, until they split due to culture and religion, now what other race does this sound like to you? You've guessed it! human beings. Now i've noticed that in human nature that people will always disagree and find some excuse to hate each other. With that in mind, Brain washing would do no good as they would find another reason to disagree and fight. So my choice, burn them. burn them all.
  8. beefalo_master

    Week 42 news

    i agree 100% quality is better than quantity.
  9. HAHA i thought i was the only one
  10. he is a rather good person, funny, kind and nice!
  11. im not sure, but you can copy and paste a shortcut to your desktop and that will have the same effect, but im not sure how to manually place icons. sorry
  12. oh hello everybody hows the game going? oh i almost forgot, if anyone can beatbox/ Dubstep beatbox, im looking for a beatbox partner
  13. hey thanks! i don't think its going to happen though sadly /: there servers look full, ind im not going to give them any money until i play and like the server. but oh well. only time will tell
  14. im the beefalo, i am very excited to be here! this seems like a fun and thriving community. im honestly sick and tired of people killing me (bandit or not) for no reason, and this group seems to be the perfect solution to that! i need a reason to test out my creativity and role playing skill (also i think my voice acting will come into play here ) i look forward to making friends and killing zombies!