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  1. Epoch issues

    Much appreciated Mush! Thank you for the advice!
  2. Epoch issues

    Whenever I log into the Epoch server I seem to spawn in the same place whether I've died or not. I also slowly lose blood and there's nothing around me at all as far as trees brush or buildings go. I've seen a few dead bodies which leads me to believe I'm not the only one having these issues.
  3. Change S3 to Regular Dayz *POLL*

    I really like the Panthera map. Maybe instead of Epoch offer normal DayZ on a different map?
  4. What theme music would your character have...

    Stas was a ER doctor working in a Chernarus hospital before the outbreak. I feel like this works for him:
  5. Show your humanity.

    I'm O+ so I also donate blood. My university holds blood drives and I'm always there!
  6. I wanna see zombie clans!
  7. Picture time

    Gotta grasp on to what happy memories you can, my friend!
  8. Picture time

    L85 SUSAT. I was the russian going by the name Stas! =D
  9. Picture time

    I met these two gentlemen in game and they asked me to take their picture. I kindly obliged. Here it is guys, I told you I'd post it on the message boards in Chernogorsk!
  10. SVU/SVD Ammo is rare, and you tend to get robbed quick if someone even smells that you own one. I've found several and I always trade them away ASAP.
  11. Hey Everyone :)

    Welcome! Here's a complementary fruit basket, the bathrooms are down the hall and to the right. Enjoy your stay in the DayZRP insane asylum
  12. Leaving DayZRP

    I would never consider the community bad. I don't understand your reasoning. Sure some people are assholes, and sure some abuse the rules or are just out for pvp without KOS, but those are a few in the sea of thousands. You also can't expect the staff team to be at your beck-and-call constantly. If you actually feel this way, but you're just leaving instead of trying to provide real help, then I said GG.
  13. A new Player :)

    Welcome! Have your weapon licenses out and please proceed to Chernarus.
  14. Alt chracter Banditry

    I pretty often switch between my characters, but neither of them are bandits. I switch because my characters know different people in game and sometimes I just want to RP with a certain person.