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  1. Feels promoted man Slava Chernarus!
  2. Numerous in person and online tabletop RPG's over 15 years.
  3. I said in my experience, not that it was always true. If you felt attacked by my statement that's on you.
  4. In my experience as a DM, people who play racist characters generally use it as a free pass to be racist OOC as well. I blanket banned racism and homophobia at my table years ago. Your enjoyment doesn't override my own.
  5. To start I agree, but shouldn't using OOC information to log in so you can gank people be under the meta game rule in the first place? If your buds are online and get a quick radio before it's removed that's whatever, but getting supposed "radio chatter" to stop whatever it is outside the game you're doing and logging in should just be straight meta gaming.
  6. I hope they put Bicycles in the game. I like Standalone, but compared to the A2 mod it's a walking simulator 75% of the time.
  7. A puff of air is seen as Ashven exhales, it's a cold morning, coldest morning he's seen since the outbreak. Ashven pokes the small fire he managed to start with his combat knife, sighing heavily, "How many days has it been, since we've been stuck here? I want to go back to my bed, to my husband." He had been stationed out on one of the NATO bases, Ashven was a Second Lieutenant and was ordered to go to Serverograd where there had been reports of rabid soldiers attack civilians even after having been dismembered However on his way through Berenzino his vehicle was swarmed by these rabid civilians and soldiers. He was forced to order his men to drive through, but in the pile of bodies they managed to ruin their vehicles. Several of his men didn't make it, and those that were left were frightened. It was his job to lift morale and keep these men alive, but he couldn't do it, he wasn't set up for this task. Nobody taught him how to keep calm while his men were eaten alive. He ordered his group to make their way through Gorka, back to the airfield near Grishino, but it was a long trek, and they quickly found out moving through towns was dangerous as they were usually full of rabid people, he lost all but one of his men, Armin, learning this. The intense stress was building up, he had been hesitant to fire on the civilians, thinking they may just be sick, we may be able to cure them, but that thought process gave way to survival instinct. Fear and terror slowly gave way to military training as they arrived at the Grishino airfield to find it on fire, they heard fighters overhead and watched bombs get dropped on a mass of people... Ashven opens his eyes again, the sun is out on this cold, winter morning, the coldest winter he's experienced yet. He heard shots, somewhere off in the distance, from his best guess, south towards Elektro. He pulls his pack on to his shoulders, holsters his pistol that was sitting on the snow covered log next to him, and shoulders his rifle. He takes a second to look at his dog tags, he's wearing many, but he stares for a minute at one that reads "Armin Chekov", I'll protect the civilians for you, friend. I promised
  8. Graduated bottom of his class UCSF School of Medicine, Dr. Shulk is not incompetent, but he does buckle under stress. Kind of ironic considering he decided to specialize as a cardiovascular surgeon. He's been at the same hospital, in essentially the same position for 10 years at this point. He's never married, has no kids, lives alone in a studio apartment. Depression was really starting to kick in with work stress compounding, and very little social life Dr. Shulk nearly had a breakdown. He took off all the time he could for work, and decided to spend a week or two in Takistan, and Chernarus. He wanted to connect with people and see some sights in a growing metropolis. His vacation was unfortunately timed however, as a week into his Chernarus visit the Russian dispute happened. Everything was happening so fast, and he had almost no way to get out of the country.
  9. Ulthel

    Hey there

    Not really new, I'm a returning mod player, but the landscape has changed and wanted to say hello! I'll be playing a doctor character named Ernest Shulk, I hope we get to create and enjoy some good RP together.
  10. Much appreciated Mush! Thank you for the advice!
  11. Whenever I log into the Epoch server I seem to spawn in the same place whether I've died or not. I also slowly lose blood and there's nothing around me at all as far as trees brush or buildings go. I've seen a few dead bodies which leads me to believe I'm not the only one having these issues.
  12. I really like the Panthera map. Maybe instead of Epoch offer normal DayZ on a different map?
  13. Ulthel

    What theme music would your character have...

    Stas was a ER doctor working in a Chernarus hospital before the outbreak. I feel like this works for him:
  14. Ulthel

    Show your humanity.

    I'm O+ so I also donate blood. My university holds blood drives and I'm always there!
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