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  1. Much appreciated Mush! Thank you for the advice!
  2. Whenever I log into the Epoch server I seem to spawn in the same place whether I've died or not. I also slowly lose blood and there's nothing around me at all as far as trees brush or buildings go. I've seen a few dead bodies which leads me to believe I'm not the only one having these issues.
  3. I really like the Panthera map. Maybe instead of Epoch offer normal DayZ on a different map?
  4. Ulthel

    What theme music would your character have...

    Stas was a ER doctor working in a Chernarus hospital before the outbreak. I feel like this works for him:
  5. I'm O+ so I also donate blood. My university holds blood drives and I'm always there!
  6. Ulthel

    Picture time

    Gotta grasp on to what happy memories you can, my friend!
  7. Ulthel

    Picture time

    L85 SUSAT. I was the russian going by the name Stas! =D
  8. Ulthel

    Picture time

    I met these two gentlemen in game and they asked me to take their picture. I kindly obliged. Here it is guys, I told you I'd post it on the message boards in Chernogorsk!
  9. SVU/SVD Ammo is rare, and you tend to get robbed quick if someone even smells that you own one. I've found several and I always trade them away ASAP.
  10. Welcome! Here's a complementary fruit basket, the bathrooms are down the hall and to the right. Enjoy your stay in the DayZRP insane asylum
  11. I would never consider the community bad. I don't understand your reasoning. Sure some people are assholes, and sure some abuse the rules or are just out for pvp without KOS, but those are a few in the sea of thousands. You also can't expect the staff team to be at your beck-and-call constantly. If you actually feel this way, but you're just leaving instead of trying to provide real help, then I said GG.
  12. Welcome! Have your weapon licenses out and please proceed to Chernarus.
  13. I pretty often switch between my characters, but neither of them are bandits. I switch because my characters know different people in game and sometimes I just want to RP with a certain person.