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  1. when you get deranked… ouchie mama time to join back
  2. Sapperton


    yeah, goarsk beer lol
  3. Sapperton


    can I has some beer for the SAFTB event? lol
  4. Sapperton


    is there any chance I can be blessed by the God Roly or something? I just want some beer for the event in Stary Sobor
  5. No you're actually lying and its absolutely hilarious. you said put your hands up and pointed your gun at me. I said "I can't I'm stuck" so you lowered your gun and then helped me out I then put my hands back up to RP a bit more. He went through the fence and put his gun back up for a second when asking to drop my guns, then had it lowered for the rest. This is actually infuriating because I out smarted you and you are lying about what happened. I'm sorry for replying without video evidence but this is just outrageous and I've had enough of this guy. I am not just gonna sit and watch me get banned when he is over there lying. Like it's not even gonna matter because they are wiping the server in a few days so just stop lying to yourself and these staff members. Thank you.
  6. I quite like the UN I have heard that they are being corrupt but when I seen them in Kabanino there was some great RP! They were doing their job and being overall just a good group to be around. Before that I seen them at Camp Eden and they were also great there letting us do our business with a trespasser and just more great RP. I wish I could bean a group because I would to the UN
  7. i used to use it alot but now i record with geforce experience and i just forgot to turn it on I know that plays tv records every bit of gameplay but Ill redownload in the future
  8. I do not. sadly all my footage is corrupt
  9. whoever was is at Camp Eden at 12:30 AM CST. Hilarious RP kudos to you guys
  10. you said drop your guns so i dropped my scorpion and my ij. and backed up and I said okay there. waited a few seconds you never said anything and then i shot you
  11. you told me to drop my guns not clothes and you never said "I want to see what you have on you"
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