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  1. Ainsley Johnson is a typical British bloke that is always in the mood for a good time, he is always thinking positive and is generally a great guy to get to know. In his spare time, he loves to watch a game of football or just hang around in the bar with the lads. He moved to Chernarus from England simply to get away from everything. He wanted to start fresh, somewhere different and somewhere where he could relax and get on with life. He moved to Zelenogorsk in the Summer of 2013 with his wife, Samantha. Date: 9th October 2014 Ainsley gets back from work after a very long 14-hour shift. The time is 11 pm and he can hear a very loud banging noise coming from his and Samantha's bedroom. Initially, Ainsley believed it to be her panicking about the recent infection that has been spreading and is now in both Zelenogorsk and Myshkino. He went up to check on her, he opened the door only to find Samantha getting ripped apart by one of the infected. He straight away slammed shut the door, ran down to the living room cabinet and took his Winchester with all its ammo, opened the back door and ran to the surrounding forest. Ainsley is now surviving in the Myshkino forest with only a few magazines and some items that he stole from the nearby military base.