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  1. *In an old church south of Zelenogorsk you find a notebook, the damp has gotten to the sorry item and many of the pages are illegible or worn transparent from wear.* *Flicking through the pages on the damp hardback leather notebook you find a small binder of photographs all with scratchy pen on the back and time stamps in the top left on the images* -A photo of a grinning man in his late twenties is shown, He is wearing a mountain backpack, hiking boots and a pair of summer camo trowsers all caked in mud. In the background displays a wonderfull view of a snowy mountain with a small log cabin at its base- April 27th 2017 Mount Bazardüzü Such an amazing view here on mt Bazardüzü, shame i could not bring you along with me, the view is simply breathtaking. But dont worry my dear, i should be back by the end of the month, the only place i need to head to now is Devil Castle in Chernarus. Getting there should not be much trouble. I managed to haggle my way for a flight to the north west airfield and il be there in no time. -A photo of a man beaming man standing atop what seems to be a ruin of some sort and a large battlement is seen in the background- 1st may 2017 Devills Castle I made it my dear, devills castle! The view is just as they said it would be, i cant wait to get back home to you, but first i need to go check on Susie in Zelenogorsk as there might be a bit of trouble getting a flight back home. -A photo of a man wearing a medieval helmet holding a long-sword in both his hands (Clearly struggling to lift) is shown in a creased image- may 4th 2017 Devills castle Would you believe they let me use the sword! This thing is so cool. I might try and see if i can get the helmet back home as a souveneer. ~update~ They would not let me bring the helmet home and threatened to call the police. -A photo of a Chernarus police car is shown, The photo is rather blurry- may 5 2017 Devills castle WELL THEN, they certainly were not joking about that, I think they will be taking me to Zelenogorsk police station, well on the bright side atleast i will not need to walk here. -A photo of a old looking man in a police cap is shown, it seems he was taken by suprise when taking the image, perhaps is was taken by mistake?- May 8th 2017 Zelenogorsk police station -the image has no writing on the back- -A photo is shown of the Original man whom is not wearing a backpack anymore and is sitting in some kind of cell, he has a worried expression- may 7th 2017 Zelenogorsk police station They gave me my camera back some time ago, but i dont think there is anybody in this police station anymore, there has not been for ages. -A photo of a man being forcibly thrown into the cell is shown- may 19th 2017 Zelenogorsk police station A guy seems to have been tossed in here with me he says his name is Ben Yoro *A crude smiley face is drawn on the man getting thrown in the cell* -A photo of Ben and the photographer is shown lying under the beds in the police cell with paniced expressions on thier faces- june 11th 2017 Zelenogorsk police station *Scribbly writing* GUNFIRE EVERYWHERE OH GOD HELP ME. -Photo of a small pile of used cans is shown- June 12th 2017 Zelenogorsk police station Our little cell is starting to run out of food and water, the provisions we were left with has forced us to resort to our last 8 cans of beans, but i have strong hopes that we will be rescued soon enough, sorry im taking so long dear. -A photo of a police officer is shown, clearly infected but the two men seem to be approaching him and trying to grab him through the bars of the cell- June 13th 2017 Zelenogorsk police station *Messy almost unintelligible handwriting* It seems to grabbed the keys of the officer, however he keeps moaning and trying to grab us through the bars of the cell, please leave us alone *the line please leave us alone is repeated several times over the back of the photo* -A photo of a hand is shown, however through the mass of blood the mans pinky finger is missing from his right hand- june 13th 2017 Zelenogorsk police station FUCK, he bit me. Shit Shit Shit. -A photo of the officer is laying dead of the ground with the cell keys driven through his eye, the cell door is also shown to be open- june 14th 2017 Zelenogorsk police station -No text is written on the back of the photo- -A photo of a man covered in equal amounts of blood and mud is shown lying in a ditch, Inlike many of the others, Ben is nowhere to be seen- june 16th 2017 NA Im going to try head north again to the airfield, i dont have much time to write at the moment... Not in the mood. -A photo of the first photo is at the end of the binder- *The timestamp is blurry, however the month February is illegible* NA Hello, my name is Elan Soff, I was born in England and am currently 28 Years of age. My dearest is currently in England and my hiking trip to Chernarus has gone horribly wrong. I have failed to return home and will spend my every breath trying to do so. I am leaving my last posessions, this journal and my camera in this church on the off chance that somebody finds this, Look for me. *Taped to the back of the photo, accompanying the text is a small pearl bracelet with a gold wedding ring threaded into it*